01 explorer will not stay running without a foot on the gas?

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If you recently had to jump start the car or replace the battery the computer will need to relearnthe settings. To do this just drive for about 5 milesmaking some stops and change speeds and that will reset computer
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Why might a 1995 Eagle Talon not stay running without your foot on the gas?

%DETAILS%. Answer . The idle control solonoid is not functioning properly. Take it off and clean it and where it attaches to the throtle body, GoodluckJoe\n. \n. \nAnother possibility is that you are low or out of oil. This happened to my 96 ESi when I had a major oil leak from the oil pres ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you run out of gas push the fuel reset and your 1998 Ford Explorer still does not start?

Answer . U check 2 C if U have 12 Volts @ the fuel Pump & hope the pump hasn't burnt up from running out of fuel.Then U check 2 c if U have fuel pressure @ the FUEL Rail with a correct fuel pressure Tester.IF U press the schrader valve U COULD get fuel in your eyes.SOMETIMES U will pick-up ALL th ( Full Answer )

Why won't your 1983 S-10 28 stay running unless you pump the gas?

Answer . \nI had the same problem with my civic, my distributor had gone bad. It wasnt lubricating properly, and eventually it died and I got a new one.. Answer . \nThere may be a break in one of the vacuum lines or rubber tubes that come off the rochester 2se carburetor or one of the many o ( Full Answer )

Why does your 91 Chevy Lumina 31 start but not stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas pedal?

Answer . \nOn my 90 Olds Cutlass Supreme with a 3.1 V6 I had that problem. I think it was because the computer went out. The dash was digital and nothing showed up and when I left my foot off the gas it stalled.. Answer . \nMy 91 Lumina acted like that right before the fuel pump went. If I ( Full Answer )

How do you find the problem with a 97 grand Cherokee that will not stay running once your foot is off the gas?

Turn the idle up on the throttle body Do not adjust the throttle body as this will cause other issues. the most common cause is a bad battery. Although the battery may still start the engine the voltage drops too low and the power train control module loses the closed limit of the IAC motor. Also us ( Full Answer )

Why does the ford explorer sport only run on the premimum octance gas?

If your owner's manual recommends premium, it is only a recommendation. It will run on 87 octane as well. If the owner's manual says 87 is ok, and you are having a spark knock unless you run premium, then something is probably wrong. The manufacturer makes fuel recommendations based on PCM calibrati ( Full Answer )

How do you change the fuel sensor on a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT due to running out of gas?

Answer . I'm not a mechanic but I don't understand why you would have to. change your fuel sensor because you ran out of gas. Did your. gas gauge stop working ?. I can see possibly having to reset the fuel pump inertia switch, located. in your right front passenger area, on the right foot kic ( Full Answer )

How do you get a 1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition to stay running in cold weather?

Answer . You might have a blown head gasket. You might have some condensation or antifreeze mixing a little in your engine and it will run ruff for a few minutes. The colder it gets outside the worse it will get. I have a 99 exploder and it does the same thing in the winter time. When I start it, ( Full Answer )

How do you start after running out of gas 2004 Explorer?

Answer . \nRunning out of gas is a much more serious problem than it used to be, because most vehicles are now fuel injected. This means that fuel is injected into the cylinders at high pressure through very small openings, which can be clogged by sediment in the fuel tank if the fuel level get ( Full Answer )

Why does my 1996 explorer running lights stay on?

Answer . If you are referring to the daytime running lamps (DRL) on Canadian. Explorers not turning off when the parking brake is engaged, I. believe that is a defective DRL module.

1989 Oldsmobile cultlass ciera..Why does the tachometer read high when driving on HIGHWAY. will run 30 mile a hour without putting foot on gas pedal?

Try checking the TPS (throttle position sensor) usually they raise the Rpm on Idle like that or on Drive .That be the first thing I do . Then check your Tachometer it may have a short bad connection etc. Also clean or replace the IAC (Idle air control Valve) as needed . Hope this gives you an Idea o ( Full Answer )

Pontiac Montana won't stay running without foot on gas pedal just started now that it is getting clod. Once I keep my foot on the pedal for a good minute or so it will stay running any help?

Answer . More than one thing can cause this. The most recent one i repaired was the coolant temp. sensor for the computer. You will need a scanner to check its output to the computer.If it does not show a cool enough temp.,the computer will not send extra fuel to serve as a choke and it will die ( Full Answer )

What happens if you run a natural gas furnace on propane without a converter?

Hi,. Good question you have there and I for one am glad you asked it.. Your system will burn way way rich air fuel ratio mixture as that LP gas requires much smaller jetting simply because its heat output per given volume is roughly 3 times that of natural gas.. Be careful with any kind of fuel i ( Full Answer )

1999 ford explorer wont stay running it died after you stepped on the gas hard and now turns over but wont idle or run It sputters and dies after a few seconds?

If there's no check engine light then it's just junky gas. You need higher quality like Sunoco or use Lucas injector cleaner. There's also a chance that the air filter is extremely dirty. Yep, that's your only options. It definitely couldn't be your fuel filter, fuel pump, MAF(mass air flow) sensor ( Full Answer )

My 01 Silverado wont idle and stay running Changed the fuel filter what next?

Need to remove the air intake hose where it hooks to the engine. look up into the throttle body at the throttle plate. It should be real shiney and clean on both sides. You will have to push gas pedal down all the way to see other side and up in it. If it is dirty, clean it with a tooth brush, ( Full Answer )

Need gas or liquid that stays cold and can be sealed without expanding when it gets hot?

Good Luck!!!!!!\n\nI'm not sure what you mean by "stays cold".\n\nA good vacuum will have low expansion/contraction, and is a relatively good insulator.\n\nGasses will conform to the Ideal Gas Law,\n\nPV=nRT\n\nIf you keep everything constant except temperature and pressure, then the pressure of all ( Full Answer )

98 mercury sable Engine starts but will only stay running if you keep your foot on the gas?

Fuel starvation - filter, low fuel pressure from the pump . Poor spark - plugs, wires and/or coil . Vacuum leaks. The first two are well covered by the "Related Questions" below. Vacuum leaks - do a detailed inspection of the red and green vacuum hoses going from the back of the intak ( Full Answer )

1997 Dodge van 2500 3.9 stalls out in passing gear or when passing. Install new fuel pump no more problem. In the morning it will not stay running until it's warmed up-you have to keep foot on gas?

You have 2 problems- 1 was the fuel pump which you have already fixed, number 2 is the crank sensor located under the engine cover on the passenger side where the transmission and the rear of the engine meet, there will be two wires going to it-and two bolts - you can use an Allen wrench or a half-i ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with a gas weedeater when it won't stay running after ot starts?

I experienced this problem first hand, my error was that i used the wrong type of gasoline in the machine which caused it to shut off after several seconds while idling. Another thing to check is the spark plug because there can be significant carbon build up on it. I have a 4 stroke Makita weed eat ( Full Answer )