01 zx2 spits spunners and did not run well at anything over one third throttle trouble code po102 Replaced MAF and same problems?

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you more than likely have a vaccum leak or you have a bad fuel pressure regulating valve. Could be one or more good luck.
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Where is the MAF sensor on 1999 ford zx2?

The MAF sensor is always located in the air duct between the air filter and the throttle body. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with th

96 Intrepid shifting problems no speedo Gives trouble code 66 Replaced input and output sensors also both the tcm and pcm still not working Somedays car runs fine mostly in rainy weatherany ideas?

Sounds like the TCM /PCM or wiring to them is having issues. Code 66 relate to no input From the TCM & PCM. I would check the wiring, plugs & harness and the TCM & PCM also as

Got code 43 replaced esc module same problem?

Try the knock sensor. i changed that also also fuel pump and plugs wires etc still sets code 43 and drops to almost no power turn key off wait 1 min and go again just fine for
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Where is the maf on a Ford Escort zx2?

I was looking at the 2000 Ford Escort owners manual and the MAF sensor is between the engine air filter housing and the big engine air intake tube . It is INSIDE the plastic
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Where is the MAF on a ford escort zx2 sport?

It would be between the engine air filter and the big engine air intake tube ( you don't say what year , but it may be INSIDE a plastic housing , you will see where the wires