01 zx2 spits spunners and did not run well at anything over one third throttle trouble code po102 Replaced MAF and same problems?

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you more than likely have a vaccum leak or you have a bad fuel pressure regulating valve. Could be one or more good luck.
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How do you replace the daytime running light bulbs on 01 Suburban?

This is the method I used on my 2001 Suburban. It should work onsimilar suburban designs (2000-2006, but I have not verified that.) Open the hood, then remove the headlight. To remove the headlight,there are 2 "L" shaped brackets, one on the left, one on the right.Rotate them both toward the front ( Full Answer )

What would cause your 1998 Chevy astro van 4.3 to only start by using starter fluid without the starter fluid van will only turn over only code was for MAF changed that and same thing getting fuel?

Answer . The most common reason is the fuel pump is getting weak and starting to go out.. I'm new to this Wiki page but was looking for an answer to the exact problem with my 98 Astro. A co-worker of my husband's said spray carb cleaner on the the throttle intake sensor by the air filter. He als ( Full Answer )

Where is the MAF sensor on 1999 ford zx2?

The MAF sensor is always located in the air duct between the air filter and the throttle body. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool a It is that square shaped part with the electrical connector righ ( Full Answer )

01 Yamaha raptor 660 runs at idle pops when throttled?

Check your parking brake, it will do this if your brake is set. Otherwise, check your air filter, change the spark plug, and clean the carburetors one at a time if the problem still persists.does the machine have a throttle override? I know Yamaha has them on many models. it was meant to retard the ( Full Answer )

What is trouble code p1120 - p0120 and the Throttle Position Sensor - TPS - Windstar?

Answer . The trouble code #P1120 means:Throttle motor position sensor 1-Circuit malfunction. Answer . Major auto parts chain told me my TSP (Throttle position sensor) was bad due to the Check Engine Llight (CEL) being lit up - a P1120 DTC. $40 and 10 minutes to replace - ((_#*&$ light came ( Full Answer )

What if your 92 grand prix will start but not stay running when the throttle is pressed Is this a fuel problem?

Answer . I have a 1995 Grand Prix, and it was doing that same thing. I checked all I could think of , Wires Plugs, Vaccum Leaks, PVC Valve, Fuel Filter, and at last I checked Battery Volts and it was weak to say the least,so I knew the Battery was old so I put in a new one,and that was it. Car ha ( Full Answer )

How to replace ford zx2 stereo?

When pulling out radio and it gets hard to pull, dont force it out, the problem is the heat/a.c temp. control wire is really short. by the gas pedal you have to disconnect the knob so you can pull the radio out. Hope it helps . Answer . you have to remove the whole stereo panel. this includes t ( Full Answer )

If you are a man and your father had trouble conceiving are you more likely to have problems as well and is the daughter of a woman who had problem conceiving more likely to have trouble conceiving?

Answer . yes, genetics plays a part in conception. Alot of women in their twenties are having fertility issues due to drugs their grandmothers took when they were pregnant with their mothers like DES. Additionally, sometimes the uterus is tilted and the wall of the vagina can form a natural ( Full Answer )

1994 Geo Prizm Idol Problem. Any Suggestions Car dies when idol or AC pump is on. Replaced-o2 sensor ICSmapp sensor fuel reg fuel pump tried different throttle positions. Running out of ideas?

I Think it could be the oxigen sensor,air filter,PVC valve,spark plugs,and wiring,check the heat,in the meter,if is normal,fuel pump,belt tension,I would check all this and replace all this parts if you haven't change them,you also have to consider the milage,the motor it self,the rings in the and p ( Full Answer )

Why would spanner light and traction light come on Opel Zafira car looses power and limp mode takes over Throttle valve replaced but not resolving intermittent problem?

The traction light is on becasue there is no communication between the traction control and the ABS. You will need to check the ABS sensor which is probably damaged or need cleaning. The spanner light normally means go to workshop as there are some problems with the engine electric. The spanner ligh ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the MAF Sensor?

The replacement of a MAF sensor will be different for vehiclemodels and brands. The MAF sensor bolts onto most engines, and iseasy to change.

How do you clean an MAF sensor on a 2001 escort zx2?

I'm trying to figure that out myself. I do know you need a can of maf cleaner, about $7. You have to be careful not to damage the maf or a new one is $125. Spray a few inches away, I would think. Like I said, trying to find out myself.

You have 1979 trans am 403 olds car idles perfect great throttle response at idle put it drive no power spits and sputters what is the problem carburetor has been rebuilt?

first who rebuilt your carb? there is not many people that know how to rebuild an q-jet ( assuming you have the original carb) second you might have a vacum leak. with it running spray some carb cleaner around the base and around the hoses that connect to the carb ( make sure you have the shaker hoo ( Full Answer )

96 Intrepid shifting problems no speedo Gives trouble code 66 Replaced input and output sensors also both the tcm and pcm still not working Somedays car runs fine mostly in rainy weatherany ideas?

Sounds like the TCM /PCM or wiring to them is having issues. Code 66 relate to no input From the TCM & PCM. I would check the wiring, plugs & harness and the TCM & PCM also as moisture apears to be the variable and that could very well be causing a wiring problem. Also if the BCM doesn't power up fo ( Full Answer )

I seem to be having trouble with Virtual Family Kingdom. My trouble is whenever I walk into a room no one is there. Is anyone else having this same problem If so please tell me if you know why?

It's just a glitch that they have. Remember, Virtual Family Kingdom is still in Beta, so they'll be working that out. Glitches like this are part of the reason they have Beta tests.. It's just a glitch that they have. Remember, Virtual Family Kingdom is still in Beta, so they'll be working that out ( Full Answer )

Got code 43 replaced esc module same problem?

Try the knock sensor. i changed that also also fuel pump and plugs wires etc still sets code 43 and drops to almost no power turn key off wait 1 min and go again just fine for 3 or 4 miles

How do you replace maf on 1994 300zx?

Take off the front plate that usually says Nissan on it (the plastic piece between the headlights) it takes 2x 12mm bolts, and lifts off take a small flathead screwdriver and pry the clip off that holds the plug on. DO NOT LOSE THE CLIP!! the plastic harness will then slide out loosen th ( Full Answer )

Alt code for one third?

The Unicode for 1 / 3 is 0x2153 so with Microsoft Windwos you can enter it as ALT+2153 . There is no "alt code" for one third, but there is still a way to type it. Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Character Map On the Character Map: Group By >> Unicode Subrange ( Full Answer )

What fractions are the same as one third?

2/6, 3/9, 4/12, 5/15, 6/18, 7/21, 8/24... There are loadss. Take any number, for example, 10, and times it by three which is 30. So it would be 10/30. [;

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Are you talking about in the U.S.? If you are, it's the FPTP electoral system. Because there are single member districts in the United States where the winner takes all, two major parties are likely to occur because many people are looking for a more moderate or centrist party. If proportional repre ( Full Answer )

Where is the maf on a Ford Escort zx2?

I was looking at the 2000 Ford Escort owners manual and the MAF sensor is between the engine air filter housing and the big engine air intake tube . It is INSIDE the plastic housing where the wire connection enters

Where is the MAF on a ford escort zx2 sport?

It would be between the engine air filter and the big engine air intake tube ( you don't say what year , but it may be INSIDE a plastic housing , you will see where the wires go inside the housing to connect to it )