02 Cadillac DTS Wipers will not turn off and the washer fluid pump runs all the time as well If you turn the key off it will stop but as soon as you turn the key on it all comes back on?

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The windshield washer button on the wiper lever is sticking (just barely). It probably looks fine. Also it will take 30 seconds or so for the wipers to stop once you get it unstuck. I am search for new button and return spring as we speak.
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How do you get the keys out of a 97 Grand Am GT ignition when it does not turn of all the way off?

I'll I have to do on my 96 grand am is put the steering wheel all the way down (tilt steering) before putting it into park. its all oabut hearing the click after the keys r all the way back slowly turn forward and try to pull them out ull here a click and they well slide right out this used to happ ( Full Answer )

Why will your cars power turn off when you turn the key?

I think your battery might not be having enough power to crank the car as well as the supply the power to do all the things that it runs . Things to do; check battery wires, clean wires and battery terminal (you can use baking soda, bleach, or some kinda of soda (base) to clean off the acid). Good L ( Full Answer )

You have a 1972 Monte Carlo car will start while key is turned but as soon as you stop cranking the starter the car turns off?

I had the same problem with a Honda Accord. The car would start, however, as soon as I let go of the key the car would die. My problem turned out to be a bad ignition switch (you know, where the key goes in). I replaced the switch and all has been fine ever since. Try this. Start the car and instead ( Full Answer )

How do you get the key to turn to the off position when it is stuck and won't turn?

Answer . Most cars have a steering wheel lock that is connected to the key--try wiggling the wheel back and forth while turning the key all the way back to 'off' and pulling it ou. Also, some cars (Nissans, for sure) have a button near the key that you need to push in while you pull the key out. ( Full Answer )

Turn key to start 98 voyager dies after few secs fuel pump shuts off after 4 trys then will not start at all no clicks or anything come back next day will start as if nothing happened?

Answer . Oh my...I just happened to me 6 times in the last 6 months...same vechicle. My van is getting fixed for the 6th time@##0# 1998 with 124K perfect condition...well Ok not quite perfect but pretty close.. This time the dealer might??? have found the answer. There is a short in the instrum ( Full Answer )

Why does your truck start by key but not turn off?

Answer . \nThis can happen in the older GM trucks and cars (the ones with 2 different keys, square for ignition and round for the door). There are a couple of different ways this can happen. Either the gear at the back of the lock has broken (or come loose) or there is a part further down in the ( Full Answer )

Why would a 2002 Chevy trailblazers remote unlock stop working not the battery The radio to shut off as soon as the key is turned off and the rear windshield wiper to stop working all at once?

Mine has a similar issue when the rear window hatch releases (for no reason it will just pop open). In order to shut off the interior lights while I'm driving there is an "override" button to the left of the steering wheel on the dash. If I hit that then I get all the same symptoms you described, th ( Full Answer )

98 Ford Expedition starter stays on even if you turn off the key you have to take off battery connection to make it stop Doesn't do it all the time Any ideas?

Sounds like you probably need a new starter. when you take the starter off the steering wheel it may ge tricky and you may break a clip taking it apart so you might want to find out how to remove it. most americna car starters on the steering colum are fairly simple to r&r once the cover is removed. ( Full Answer )

What are the shortcut keys for turning off the computer?

Use Alt+F4 to close any programs running already (one press to close one program) NOTE: does not close minimised programs! When all the programs are closed, another press of ALT+F4 will ask if you want to Shut Down, Restart, Or set to Stand By mode. Then press U for Shut Down, R for Restart or S for ( Full Answer )

What cause 2008 diesel windshield wipers automatically turn on and off when they turn on-off the washer fluid squirts and this occurs four times in a row the dealer can't find any problem?

From the way that question sounds, there is nothing wrong. When you spray washer fluid on the windshield, the wipers are supposed to automatically come on for probably 3 or 4 swipes, then turn back off - it's a convienience thing when you need to clean your windshield. If your wipers are coming on a ( Full Answer )

Why does my 2000 voyager fan run after the key is turned off?

\nThe fan can run after you shut the engine down because the engine had overheated. If it stops after a few minutes this is what is happening. If it runs continuously, then the thermal relay is stuck, replace it.

Turn off the Fn key on a laptop?

Try pressing the 'Number Lock' key once to turn if off and see if it helps. Tapping the 'Fn' key five times may also work, however the first option worked for me.

Why does the starter continue to run even when the key is turned off?

\nSounds like the starter solenoid is sticking, could be faulty. You might have to pull it out and bench test it. First put a multimeter or test light on the starter solenoid wire (without it being connected to the starter) and check that it stops supplying power when you switch the key off to make ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off the function key on laptap?

This question depends on your computer. Some computers have a configuration tool to edit the function key's settings. Your best bet for a solution is to contact the technical support for your computer and ask them. If you don't have that option and cannot find the configuration tool, there is a gene ( Full Answer )

What causes your 78 mgb to run on when the key is turned off?

Perhaps a problem with the anti-run on valve. With the engine running, put you finger over the opening og th hose that comes from the bottom of the valve. If the motor dies, the valve is working. If not, you may have found your answer. Also, post a question on the MG Experience web site. Best s ( Full Answer )

Turn off sticky keys?

To turn Sticky Keys on or off... go to: Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access > Change how your Keyboard works > click the tick box next to 'Turn on sticky keys' > click 'Apply' > click OK, and you're done. Repeat the process if you want the sticky keys back on.

What is the reason for the warning chimes to come on in your 1997 Saturn sl1 if the key is out the ignition and all lamps are turned off?

It"s the Ignition switch costs about $150.00 to replace. It is a common occurrence in Saturn's. ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE On the other hand, try spraying some graphite into the lock mechanism. It USUALLY won't work, but it does occasionally and if you can get by without replacing the switch it will b ( Full Answer )

Vista Turn off sticky keys?

IF you pressed CTRL 5 times, then press both CTRL. The same goes for SHIFT, ALT etc.

How do you turn off the function key on a laptop?

Maybe your key is stuck or has something stuck underneath it. Try tapping it to loosen it, or if all else fails, pop the key out (if you think you can pop it back in, that is) and clean under it.

Why do Wipers come on intermittently when turned off?

It is decently possible that it is an electrical short making it register the mist setting instead. A test of this would be to turn it to the mist setting to see if it turns off, as shorts can cause triggers to switch.

Turn key off engine keeps running?

The ignition switch is broken you should have a mechanic check it out because the bottom rod could be broken then you would need to buy the whole steering wheel.

Why does your 87 camaro keep running when you turn the key off?

in most cases the term keeps running means it spits sputters and pings till it complete shuts down. this is a symptom of the timing be retarded to much. i would suggest checking you timing remember to disconnect the computer control to the distributer before checking the timing, not the power wire t ( Full Answer )

Why won't' my 1998 BMW Z3 stop running when I turn the key off?

My 1998 BMW Z3 is having the same problem and now the ignition seems to be locked and the key won't turn. The car died when I let the clutch out. The car now seems to be stuck in aux. mode. The key is out but the dash lights remain on and you can use all of the electronic options. Did you ever figur ( Full Answer )

Engine continues to run after key is turned off?

Dieseling is a condition which can occur in spark plug, gasoline powered internal combustion engines whereby the engine keeps running for a short period after being turned off, due to fuel igniting without a spark. This condition can occur for a multitude of reasons: Built-up carbon in the igni ( Full Answer )

Why does an engine run on after turning off key?

I had the same problem with my 1967 impala. It was the ignition. There where melted wires. so it would not shut off. That would be the cheapest and first place I would look at. it would start but not shut off.

Why when you turn off the key power is still on?

That's just how the car is. My old 2005 GMC Sierra would do the same thing. I would turn the key off, and the radio would stay on, you just have to open the door to turn everything off, correct?

Why When you turn your key on all the lights come on but the car wont turn over?

Could be that the battery is still too week to turn the starter. beyond that, it is probably a starter issue. If the wiring is not loose at the starter. More than likely it is a bad solenoid or starter. One little trick is to give the starter a couple of light taps (don't try to kill it) with a hamm ( Full Answer )

How do turn off sticky keys?

press shift five times fast and a box should come up asking if you want to turn sticky keys on, click no

Why does your well pump keep turning on and off when you run water?

Because the pressure tank is "waterlogged" . This means the necessary air has evacuated from the pressure tank and it is now full of water. It should have about 28 psi of air in it. You will need to re-pressurise it. This tank where the water enters from the pump is a critical part of your system ( Full Answer )

What does turning the key on off on off on off on do?

Depends rather on what the particular key is designed to do. Switch some equipment, car, torch etc on and off. Some equipment may not like this, because of a power surge each time it is switched on, so it might break down (fail).