02 Cadillac DTS Wipers will not turn off and the washer fluid pump runs all the time as well If you turn the key off it will stop but as soon as you turn the key on it all comes back on?

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The windshield washer button on the wiper lever is sticking (just barely). It probably looks fine. Also it will take 30 seconds or so for the wipers to stop once you get it unstuck. I am search for new button and return spring as we speak.
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Turn key to start 98 voyager dies after few secs fuel pump shuts off after 4 trys then will not start at all no clicks or anything come back next day will start as if nothing happened?

Answer . Oh my...I just happened to me 6 times in the last 6 months...same vechicle. My van is getting fixed for the 6th time@##0# 1998 with 124K perfect condition...well

Why would a 2002 Chevy trailblazers remote unlock stop working not the battery The radio to shut off as soon as the key is turned off and the rear windshield wiper to stop working all at once?

Mine has a similar issue when the rear window hatch releases (for no reason it will just pop open). In order to shut off the interior lights while I'm driving there is an "ove

98 Ford Expedition starter stays on even if you turn off the key you have to take off battery connection to make it stop Doesn't do it all the time Any ideas?

Sounds like you probably need a new starter. when you take the starter off the steering wheel it may ge tricky and you may break a clip taking it apart so you might want to fi

Turn off sticky keys?

To turn Sticky Keys on or off... go to: Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access > Change how your Keyboard works > click the tick box next to 'Turn on sticky keys' > click 'App

Why won't' my 1998 BMW Z3 stop running when I turn the key off?

My 1998 BMW Z3 is having the same problem and now the ignition seems to be locked and the key won't turn. The car died when I let the clutch out. The car now seems to be stuck
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Why does an engine run on after turning off key?

I had the same problem with my 1967 impala. It was the ignition. There where melted wires. so it would not shut off. That would be the cheapest and first place I would look at