02 Hyundia centra auto trans stuck in third speed?

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02 Hyundai sentry auto trans stuck in 3rd
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Where is the speed sensor on a 93 Trans Am?

the speed sensor is on the transmission i aso know you can adjust the speed reading according to tire/rim size or different rear-end gears with a hypertech power programmer.

Where can one find more info on converting a '91 Prelude Si auto transmission to a 5 speed manual trans?

http:/wwwzperiodzhondazhyphenztechzperiodzcom I have some information for you. Do not attempt it. This is a very envolved job requiring many expensive parts. Unless you have a donor car to rob parts from, it would be very expensive. And even then it is a daunting task. Sell the one you have and buy ( Full Answer )

What would be the cause of a three speed auto in a 92 tracker to fluxuate in rpms in third gear?

\n. \n Answer \ni have a 92 tracker automatic and found out the wrong vaccum regulator valve on the transmission was installed. this was causing my tracker to feel like it was slipping. they are adjustable for different vaccum pressures that sets your shift points. when oreillys auto parts tol ( Full Answer )

How can you find out how many 02 sensors and where are they located you have a 1996 f-150 reg cab auto trans 4x4 351 ci you've been told by some there are two and some say four thank you?


2005 auto 4 speed rx 8 will jerk when accelerating at 4 th gear of speed of 40miles and above Car starts to jerk while picking up speed slowly plug and trans oil change but still the same?

Answer . \nThis has happened to me and it was as simple as a plugged catalytic converter, the resonator is too weak in these prototype cars have shown this problem after a few years of beta test. So take off your cat and clean it out with a long rod, i have replaced mine and suggest the same as ( Full Answer )

93 grand am 2.3 quad 4 auto trans the key is stuck in the steer column car will start and turn off took off steer wheel and ignition switch but cant get key and lock cylinder out of steer column?

Look under the steering column and see if there is a little rectangular shaped piece. If so, pop the piece out by inserting something into the small space provided. Feel inside this compartment--you should feel and see a black piece that you can push downward if you place your finger inside. Whil ( Full Answer )

Auto trans wont stay in park?

Check the transmission linkage to make sure that it is adjustedproperly. Some vehicles have an indention or catch in the vehiclewhere the shifter handle is. Make sure that it is working properly.

Is a 1988 jeep auto trans computerised?

If its a 4.0L 6cylinder, then yes. It is an AW4 model transmission. The computer is located behind the dash panel on the passenger side right below the cubby hole. You should also have a Comfort/Power switch to the right of your steering wheel.

How much does it cost to convert auto trans to manual trans?

You would definitely need to swap out the transmission, flywheel, clutch linkages, clutch hydraulics, clutch pedal assembly, shifter cables, and shifter. You'd have to replace the computer with one for a manual trans car. You might have to swap the entire firewall as well as fabricating brackets for ( Full Answer )

How to get to the flywheel in a 1999 neon auto trans?

I am doing this now on my 1996 automatic. Get your hands on a Haynes repair manual. jack up the engine and support with a jack stand. remove all the mounting bolts. remove the drivers side axle completely. remove the passangers side axle from the wheel hub. remove the starter and remove the bolts fr ( Full Answer )

What is the trans clunk from your 02 Tacoma?

A clunking sound on shifting gears and while driving can beindicative of failed transmission mount. If the condition is alwaysoccurring regardless of shift and driving on level surfaces aninternal automatic transmission mechanical condition is possiblealso.

How do you check auto trans oil on 02 altima 2.5?

There is an automatic transmission dipstick in the enginecompartment. The dipstick will have a yellow handle. Check thetransmission fluid the same way you would check the motor oil.

How do you check trans fluid on an 02 sportster?

remove clutch cover on left side of primary cover " hold in on cover while unbolting" as to not let the spring fall or move and keeping rubber gasket in place, "bike must be standing level - not on kickstand" oil should cover bottom of clutch basket! oil should be replaced every 10,000 miles. clutch ( Full Answer )

Is there a filter on a 1999 Isuzu auto trans?

No dip stick. On the trans oil pan there is two drain plugs, one high one low, fill thru the upper plug. I use a hand pump oil squirt can with a hose to on it to insert into the hole. I pump full with the engine running till excess comes out then I shut off engine and allow to stop dripping and put ( Full Answer )

Sliding on Pontiac trans sport door is stuck how do you get it opened?

if both the inside and outside door handles work then the cable that opens the door automaticlyis jamed in the moter. Replace the auto open moter or like I did cut the cable and use the door manuly.the cable and auto moter is located under the trim on the passenger side in the rear hatch area

95 wrangler and the manual trans is stuck in third any advice?

on the end of the shifting rod there are 2 bushing. the bushing on the very end of the rod 8 out of 10 times is always good. but inside the shift rod housing is another bushing. this bushing is spring loaded. it keeps pressure on the shift rod ball. when this bushing goes bad the spring doesn't have ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a 2003 Trans Am?

there is no such thing as a 2003 trans am they quit making them in 2002 those were limited to 165 but if the limiter is removed then they can go faster

Why dont the Speedometer work on a 02 hyundia xg350?

Had same problem with mine. Also abs,tcs and e-brake light would come on when speedometer stopped working. Turned out alternator was putting out 16v. Replaced alternator and battery. Solved problem. Replaced both speed sensors first did not help. Good luck

What auto trans is in 2003 mustang?

According to motorcraft . com the ( 4R70W ) automatic transmission is used with the. 3.8 L - V6 engine in a 2003 Ford Mustang

What is centra client?

checking my add/remove programmes I notice centra client and not sure what this is, whether to remove it or not

94 sunbird man trans stuck in 1st gear?

This is a fairly common problem on these cars. More than likely it's a shifter cable problem. There are two cables that operate the transmission. One is for when you move the shifter from left to right. The other is for front to back. First go out and open the hood. Look down on the driver side...to ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your stuck on a level on Grand Theft Auto?

It is often a good idea to get advice from game forums, like GameSpot, or GTA.wiki or GTA forums. Because they are used by thousands and thousands of GTA players, they are able to give the benefit of their experience in playing the various missions.

Why is the automatic stuck in third gear?

IF it's possible,then it would have to be an extremely shot tranny,and or stuck valves in valve body,and or faulty bands,and or sensors/computer malfunctioning---PENDING on what year/make/model:good luck!

When to check auto trans fluid?

It is best to check your Automatic Transmission Fluid every time you check your engine oil level. As a time frame, I check all my fluids every two weeks or so. If your transmission isn't pulling properly it could because it is low and could need a fluid and filter change. It will cost around $80 to ( Full Answer )

Where is the dipstick for the auto trans on a 2008 tundra?

I am not expert but on the Sequioa, there isn't a dipstick because they use a special tranny oil that you don't change. It is a sealed system that you only change if you notice slippage. Called WS oil.