02 Mazda pro 5 e brake cable loose?

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How do you replace the emergency brake cable on a 95 Toyota pickup 5 speed if the cable broke in the handle near the 'S' shape of the cable?

The Toyota handbrake cable is attached to the botton of your handbrak with a barrel crimp. if you look at the bottom of the handbrake shaft inside the tube it runs in you will see a white teflon slide, just bellow this if you twist the pistol grip you will see the barrel end. I assume the roller nee (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of cable television?

Answer . \nI hope this might help, I have dish network and before I asked the same thing too. My dad has cable, I have dish, so who is better? Well we both get basically the same channels in a day to day basis, but there is a better plan difference. I have dish, DSL, Phone through Sprint. Mmmmm. (MORE)

In dash brake light and epc light stays on had to pull the factory stereo out to install satellite radio and now the dash lights stays on did somewhere a cable get pulled loose?

Brake Warning Light on super beetle . I am rewiring a 71 super beetle. So far I have connected one of those half as wide connectors on a red wire to the K lug on that little light.. Black power wire coming from a green wire on the emergency flasher pin #15 should connecto to the little #15 lug. (MORE)

How do you put brakes on a Mazda mx6?

take off the tire remove the caliper replace the brake disc if necessary and replace brake pads on the calipers reassemble do this for every tire to wish to change at that time

Why does Mazda Protege shimmy when braking?

Answer . Odds are it's probably not just your Mazda. Most vehicles do that when the rotor is shot or warp\ped. The rotor is the big disc (or cd) that the disc brakes apply pressure to when you push your breaks. When the surface is warped or shot, the surface is no longer smooth, causing what (MORE)

Where is the 1990 Mazda b2200 speedodmeter cable?

With the hood up look at the firewall on the driver side and there will be a black cable aproximately 3/8 inch thick that will go down and be fastened to the firewall with clips and and run along the left hand side frame rail and go to the transmission and connect to it on the left hand side with a (MORE)

What is a cable actuated disc brake?

Parking/emergency brake? It's just what it sounds like Avid makes these; they go on the left side of the frame--where the derailleur is not. Avid also makes hydraulic ones. I haven't heard it called exactly CABLE ACTUATED but disc brakes come in either hydraulic or mechanical styles. Hydrauli (MORE)

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 2002 Mazda Protege 5?

Answer . First make that service brakes are adjusted properly Adjuster should either be at the junction of the cables under vehicle or at the handle (may have to remove trim for access) itself. Set brake to 3 clicks and tighten adjuster nut so wheels are locked at this point

How do you replace brakes and rotors on a 2003 Mazda Protege 5?

On these cares its pretty simple... - remove wheel - remove two bolts that hold the caliper -the pads could be removed then - then there are two bolts that hold the bracket that holds the caliper, remove those. -once removed the rotor should be loose so you just slide it off, if not hit it wit a h (MORE)

Want to know about e brakes on a Mazda rx7 1985?

Well what do you want to know about them? You probably have rear discs. With a properly hooked up, and working system you should easily be able to lock up the rear wheels with the flick of the wrist. There are 4 adjustment points, one on each wheel cylinder, one below the shifter under the car, and (MORE)

Coaxial cabling pros and cons?

The use of coaxial cables makes it hard to hide wiring becausethey are usually not color coded to match paint colors. There isalso a chance for breakage within the cable itself that will takehours to determine and fix. A pro to coaxial cabling is the factthat there is no chance for interference with (MORE)

How do you replace back brakes on 02 Oldsmobile?

It's just a typical pad change, , except the pistons SCREW IN, rather than push in. You need a special driver tool that can be purchased at any auto parts store. Screw the pistons in CLOCKWISE on both sides of the car to make clearance for the new pads. Hope this helps. Tom. It's just a typical pad (MORE)

Disconnecting emergency brake cable?

The emergency brake cable is held in place with swivel nuts on eachend of the cable. Turn the swivel nuts to the left. The emergencybrake cable will come off.

Tighten e brake cable?

go underneath the vehicle with two wrenches. tighten up the adjust ment nut, it might be on a turnbuckle, or right off the e brake handle

Replace emergency brake cable?

This is never an easy job and should only be done after checking the particular vehicle manual. There are many different types of emergency or parking brake cables and many are even in 2 or 3 parts. I would urge you to get a manual for the car you have and do repairs as it shows. I have been an exp (MORE)

How do you replace parking brake cable on 2001 Mazda Tribute?

check first how the cable system is assembled. Usually it is contains front,right and left cables.You will need to take of your wheels(rear) and drums. Then you'll see everything else. Simple with some rusty fight. With regards, Anton Pinkhassov.

How do you get more cable for your bmx brakes?

You buy bicycle brake cables, either from a bicycle store, or from an internet source. If you need to be told this you probably need to be told how to install them as well, so go look at www.bicycletutor.com, www.parktool.com or www.sheldonbrown.com

How do you adjust hand brake cable escort mk 5 LX?

1. If this is a drum braked solution, then first make sure that the shoes have been cleaned centred and that the auto -adjuster has taken them as far as they need to be adjusted. . 2. Under the car, below the handbrake, where the handbrake cable comes to a half-moon shaped balancing plate, you will (MORE)

Why would a telephone cable be loose?

When materials heat up they expand. \nWhen they cool down they contract.\n \n \nIf the telephone cable was made tight on a hot day, then they would get very very tight on a cold day, and would stretch (thus making them loose), or perhaps break. Repeated heating and cooling cycles would undoubtedly (MORE)

How do you change the brake light bulb on a 2006 Mazda 5?

Be sure to purchase the correct bulbs first before executing this repair. See sources and related links below for bulb information. Open up the rear hatch. On the very innermost edge of the taillight assembly that was under the closed hatch you will notice that there are two black, oval shaped co (MORE)

Will a loose battery cable kill the battery?

A loose battery cable can cause the battery to not be able to receive a charge from the alternator. This can run the battery down. Will it kill the battery? Yes and no. Draining the battery once will do very little harm but it will do some. Run it down a few times and you can ruin the battery. Auto (MORE)

How do you adjust cables in brake drum?

You don't normally adjust in the brake drum. There is usually an adjuster about halfway to the back, under the driver side. This is an oblong metal frame where the front cable joins the cable to the rear splitter. You tighten a nut in this box to adjust length of cable.

What does loose battery cables cause?

Hard starting, corrosion at terminals, eventually cause a weak charge on the battery from cranking too much, will not start at all, can cause your carburetor to flood.

How do you tighten brake cable so brake lights work?

Id re-submit your question and include the make, model, year and type of vehicle you're asking about. Here is a generic answer however: Its probably a fuse or burnt out bulb situation rather than anything else. If the vehicle is a car or truck and you identify its a bulb issue, see sources and rela (MORE)

How do I replace the rear brake light on a Mazda 5 sport?

Since no model year was given for the Mazda 5, here is the general procedure for brake light bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement brake light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement brake light bulb information. Then consult (MORE)

How do you replace gear cables on Mazda 6?

Doing this right now, very difficult,following manual instructions.Basically Dash to be removed to gain access to heater box nuts.Requires removal of centre consoul, Glove box,Steering column andAir bags which i have done. I stopped at the suggestion ofdegassing the Aircon, and successfully removed (MORE)

How do you hook the e brake cable to the shoe?

all you do is you dismantle the whole thing and then put it back together, but disconnect the e-brake cable and connect it to the front brakes and automatically it will apply to the back wheels when pressing the foot brake. hope that helped

What is a Cable operated disc brakes?

A disc brake is type of brake there a rotating disc (AKA rotor) is pinched between two brake pads mounted in a caliper to make the wheel stop turning. There are two ways to make the brake pads pinch the rotor; hydraulic and mechanic/cable operated. With mechanical/cable operated brakes the cable ba (MORE)