02 Monte Carlo turn signals not working but fuse is ok?

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Turn the emergency flashers on and make sure that they are flashing at a normal rate of speed. Then turn your emergency flashers off and try one of your turn signals and it should work.
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How do you change the turn signal flasher unit in a 2000 Monte Carlo?

The Monte uses a single flasher unit that integrates turn signal and flasher functions. It is mounted in a junction block that is attached to the firewall just to the left of the steering column under the instrument panel. To get at it you have to remove the the sound insulation panel that is attach ( Full Answer )

Why would the turn signals not work on a 1989 Chrysler Le Baron if the fuses are ok and the emergency flashers and other electric components work?

Did you check the turn signal relay? I'm not sure if when you say "other electric components", that this includes the turn signal relay. It sounds like that is what needs replacing. when you turn signal on ,do you hear a click in steering column ? There is a lumen or circular device inside the steer ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the turn signal switch located on a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

disconect battery & pull fuse that controls air bag & wait 15 minutes (this will disable the airbag There are two torx screws on the back of the steering wheel, turn your wheel to access them & remove. Pull off horn/airbag,easy does it. Disconect the wires on back & place in safe place Remove nut ho ( Full Answer )

If the fuses and bulbs are good what could be wrong if the brake lights do not work but the turn signals and tail lights are OK?

the brake light switch on the brake peda is by far the most likely cause ---but it would be nice to know which vehicle your talking about A Bad or Broken Brake light switch would be my first guess. Most brake light switches are mounted under the dash to the brake pedal however some cars have anoth ( Full Answer )

Why is it that the hazard lights work but turn signals do not in a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Believe it or not, it may be as simple as spraying a little WD40 into the directional (where it enters the steering column). Sometimes the switches get gummed up and don't create a proper ground. Work the lever up and down after spraying it in. This will also work down the flasher switch hole of the ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 99 Monte Carlo?

Answer . THE FLASHER ON THE MONTE IS UNDER THE DASH ON THE DRIVER'S SIDE. IT WILL BE NEAR THE CENTER, BUT STILL ON THE DRIVERS SIDE.. Answer . \nunder the dash on the drivers side. just left of the steering colum. Its a little black box with white lettering on it. Its about a 1"x1" box.

Why would the rear turn signals and rear window brake light work but the rear corner brake lights not work on a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo when the bulbs and fuses are good?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nin my 1999 its all routed through the signal flasher inside the steering column. with the brake pedal pressed, try wiggling the turn signal lever back and forth or in circles and have someone behind the car see if the brake lights flicker.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \ ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher for a 2000 cheverlot Monte Carlo ss?

Answer . \nSame place as the hazard flasher, the button for your hazard lights! You will have to take off the plastic dashboard cover (around the instrument panel, stereo, air vents, etc...it's all 1 piece but is pretty easy to do, the screws are all along the bottom of it -plus 1 in the glove b ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo ss?

Answer . The flasher is an integrated module for both turn signals and emerg. flashers.\nIt is located in a junction block that is mounted on the firewall to the left of the steering column under the instrument panel. You have to remove the sound insulator panel and the lower steering column cov ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Monte Carlo?

Answer . \nThe turn signal flasher on a 2001 Monte Carlo is behind the hazard button on the instrument panel. You have to take out the instrument panel bezel to access it. I found this out through a Haynes repair manual for that car. I have to replace mine and did some research. The turn sign ( Full Answer )

Where's the turn signal flasher on 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

It's on the same plug as the hazard flasher, so you have to take off the dash panel, which isn't hard to do. My signals and flashers werent working so I had to take off the panel and put in some conductive gel into the plug contacts to get them working again.

How do you put in a turn signal switch on 99 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Answer . \ndisconect battery & pull fuse that controls air bag & wait 15 minutes (this will disable the airbag\n. \nThere are two torx screws on the back of the steering wheel, turn your wheel to access them & remove. Pull off horn/airbag,easy does it. Disconect the wires on back & place in safe ( Full Answer )

Why on a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo- the turn signals and the hazard lights do not work Everything else does Can't figure out why it just happened?

if its like the late 90's Monte Carlo's . The turn signals get their power through the hazard switch. It will most likely need replace. Early to mid '00's Monte Carlo's and Impalas have hazard switches that are fairly prone to failure, some reports as high as 60% OE failure ratings. The turn sig ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2004 Monte Carlo?

There is no flasher. It is part of the Hazzard switch assembly. Luckily mine went out under warranty. You need to remove most of the dash to get to the part. I think the switch alone was about $70. The Impala's had a recall on this part, but not the Monte Carlos, go figure.

What would cause a 1996 Monte Carlo ls to not have parking lights or dash lights but the brake lights and turn signals work bulbs and fuses are good?

Check your fuses again because the parking lights and dash lights often share the same fuse; that is why they both quit. Answer Parking light fuse is not in the fuse block that's on the right side of the dash - its in the fuse block mounted to the drivers wheel well in the engine compartment. Che ( Full Answer )

Why does only your third brake light work but your other two doesn't along with your turn signals on your 1996 Monte Carlo?

\n. \nCommon problem: Ground gets gummed up in the flasher switch on top of the steering column due to dust and moisture. Spray WD40 or even better NAPA's "Electric Brake and Motor Cleaner" (not oily) into the flasher switch and where the turn signal lever enters the steering column. Work the switc ( Full Answer )

Turn signals inoperative 2001 Audi TT 4 way flashers work turn signal fuse ok where is turn signal flasher What else could be the problem?

Answer . I had same problem went to junk yard and got a hazard switch the turn signal relay is in this hazard switch. Removed radio, released bracket, slid out switch and replaced now works fine. I'm a woman and did this so anyone can do it.. Provide some more details as to how to remove radio t ( Full Answer )

How do you repair the brake lights that do not work at all and the back turn signal that works part of the time on a Chevy Monte Carlo?

Answer . \nSteering column gets gummed up with dust and moisture (yes, believe it or not it affects the brakes due to a cancellation wire that hooks to the turn signal" Spray WD40 or NAPA's "Brake and Electric Motor Cleaner" around the flasher switch and turn signal lever on the steering column. ( Full Answer )

Why would the turn signals and flashers not work on a Mercury Grand Marquis after a jump start if the fuses and circuit breakers seem to be OK?

First check that ALL of your light bulbs are working for the signals. Some models will freeze operation of signals if a bulb is out to let the operator know that one needs to be replaced. Next check the flasher solenoid(s) near the steering column / brake pedal area. They are very cheap to replace. ( Full Answer )

Why would your 02 Monte Carlo speakers stop working?

Car Speakers . \nThe make of car really doesn't matter as far as a speaker is concerned except its size. One of the primary reasons a speaker may stop working is that it could have blown. What this means is that a an electrical surge may have occured somewhere sending too much power through the s ( Full Answer )

Why would the turn signals not work in a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan although you have 4-way flashers and all fuses checked out ok?

Turn Signals DONT work , but 4-ways DO If I understand your question, your 4-way flashers work ["...you have 4-way..."] and "...fuses...OK?" However, the turn signals do not operate at all. Based on what does work, just about all the system except the turn signal selector SWITCH itself. Ther ( Full Answer )

You have to jiggle the turn signal switch on your 95 Chevy Monte Carlo to get the brake lights to work Also either the turn signals work or the brake lights work Why is that?

\n. \n answer \n. \nThe brake lights are wired through the turn signal switch so that when you have the brakes applied and activate your turn signal the brake light goes out and starts flashing. Your turn signal switch is defective and needs to be replaced.\n. \n. \n answer \n. \nIts pr ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher for 2004 chev Monte Carlo?

under the top steering wheel cover is whats called the tun signal malfunction switch. that's what your looking for. its usually at the base of the turn signal operation arm(thing used to turn the signals on) or under the steering wheel on the steering column.

Turn signal not working in 2002 Monte Carlo?

Answer . Check bulb (double filamented smaller for turn signal larger for parking/tailight). Check socket for corrosion. Replace turn signal flasher. or check ur hazard light button i had the same problem

Why are the instrument cluster lights are out The fuse is ok The hazard switch is snug The turn signals work Could it be the dimmer switch?

I would first re-check the fuse...I would replace the one you have in-line...why not?. Secondly, I would check the light switch on the dash. This massive switch has about 16 wires conneted to it. It operates the lighting system completely. Turn it back and forth a bunch of times and see if you get ( Full Answer )

Why don't turn signals work-bulbs work-fuses ok-what's wrong-1997 Dodge Ram 2500 truck?

Lack of Electrical Power in a Circuit What you describe suggests that the problem has something to do with what is called an "open circuit condition." IF the problem is not an open ["burned out"] fuse, then it is probably one or more of the following : A connector in that circuit has become "u ( Full Answer )

How do i replace front Turn signal bulb for 96 Monte Carlo?

open your hood and unscrew the plastic wing-nuts behind your light. pull the whole light assembly out(wires will still be connected) and find the connection behind the light. you should just need to turn it a quarter turn and it will come out. the bulb should be attached to the wire and should just ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't Brake light work on a 95 Monte Carlo but the turn signals do?

Theres this plate at the bottom of your steering colomb, inside it actually, that has the contacts that work all the signals/ brakelights and the like. It apparently wears out after a while. if you fiddle with the turn signal the brake lights will work.you have to take the steeringwheel off and repl ( Full Answer )