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if both fans quit working, it could be as simple as the relay fuse going out. have your mechanic check these fuses.

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Q: What do you do when both fans stop working in a 1995 Monte Carlo?
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Do both fan suppose to turn on when the car is hot 1995 Monte Carlo z34?

no, only 1 fan usually runs unless the air is on and then both fans run.

Did the 87 Chevy Monte Carlo have a column shifter or floor shifter?

Both. The Monte Carlo SS had a floor shifter (what I own), but the regular monte's had column shift

Where was the Chevrolet Monte Carlo made?

Made in both the U.S. and Canada yet discontinued in 2007.

Can you use an alternator off of a 1996 Monte Carlo on a 1997 Monte Carlo?

YES. assuming both motors are the same size. as for swapping between a 3.1 and a 3.4L, i couldn't tell you. Dave

Will an intake from a 93 caprice fit a 86 Monte Carlo if they both have 305 v8's?

Not likely since the 93 Caprice 305 was fuel-injected and the 86 Monte Carlo 305 was carbureted

Will a 3400 out of a 95 Monte Carlo fit in a 96 where there was a 3100?

The 3400 is a new version of the 3100; therefore, everything needs to be identical. Both Monte Carlos were interchangeable.

How much should it cost to repair both Tie rods for a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo?

It can cost between $50 and $250 to repair both Tie rods on a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. It will depends on where the parts are bought, the brand of the parts bought, and if there are any labor charges to make the repair.

I have a 1995 Monte Carlo 3.4l both tail lights work fuses are good bulbs are good but passenger brake light does not work what could cause this?

Bad ground at the bulb or sometimes just corrosion in the terminal.

Oil type and capacity Chevy Monte Carlo?

3.4 and 3.8 both use 10w30 and hold 4.3 quarts

What do you do if both of your headlights in your 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo stop working?

If both stopped at same time check the fuse box. Its marked on back of panel. 80% sure its a fuse. If u change it n it pops again u hav a wire groundin out somewhere

Can you put a 4.3L motor out of a 1985 Monte Carlo in a 1991 Chevy S10 Blazer?

both vin numbers the 8th letter is Z

What do you do to fold down the seat in a 2001 Monte Carlo Ls?

there are pull straps on both sides of the seat that you pull and that section will pull down.

I have a 2001 Monte Carlo with a bad motor and i have a 2002 Monte Carlo with a good motor will the motor out of the 2002 fit in a 2001?

yes by all means you can assuming they are both the same. meaning if they are both v6 or v8. if they are you can pull the bad one out and drop the new one right in. it is more complicated to switch from a v6 to an v8 or visa versa but it can be done as well.

Give more information about arabian horse used in the movie flicka 3 country pride?

Bentley in Flicka 3 and Monte Carlo in Moondance Alexander might be the same horse because : -Moondance Alexander and Flicka 3 were both directed by Michael Damian -They're both about the same shade of grey -Were both said to be a hanoverian (Flicka 3 "Stephanie Myers riding Bentley, an 8 year old hanoverian gelding". Moondance Alexander "Monte Carlo is an 11 year old hanoverian with a championship pedigree") -Both Bentley and Monte Carlo were used in jumping scenes and they were absolutely perfect. Hope I helped ...

Is the 1996 3.1 eng enterchangable with the 3.4 eng out of a 1995 Monte Carlo both have auto trany?

It should, the plugs for ecm are the same, you will have to take the ecm(located on passenger side fender) along to keep things tight(no check engine light)

Will a 69 Chevelle rear end fit a 71 Monte Carlo?

yes it should, measure from inside hub to inside hub on both vehicles and you will have your answer.

Why is ABS light on and traction off in 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

Problem with the ABS. The Traction Control is off because it uses the ABS to control traction. As this is part of the TC system it has also shut down. Have the problem with the ABS repaired by a professional and both will start working again.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Monte Carlo?

The turn signal flasher on a 2001 Monte Carlo is behind the hazard button on the instrument panel. You have to take out the instrument panel bezel to access it. I found this out through a Haynes repair manual for that car. I have to replace mine and did some research. The turn signals and hazard lights are both tied into the same flasher. Hope this helps.

What is the tire pressure for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

There is a decal on the driver's door post.jd Note: Depends what kind of tires you are running. Consult either or both your psi stamp on your tires and your tire shop.

Where is the coolant and oxygen sensor on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS located and how do you change it?

the coolant sensor is in the radiator on the passanger side the oxygen sensor is in the exhaust system on the manifold and the pipes and sometimes both

Can you use a battery from a 1997 INTREPID in a 1995 monty Carlo?

If it fits in the battery compartment and can be secured, and the battery posts are both the same orientation then it will work.

What kind of antifreeze do you use in your 1999 Monte Carlo the green purple or orange?

the car uses "Dex-Cool", which is usaully orange. most retailers have a green kind that's good for both. CHECK LABEL!!!!

What are the symptoms of coil failure in a Monte Carlo?

well the motor will be sluggish. i had the same problem i changed all 3 for less than a $100 and i also changed the plug wires as well. your problem could be the wires . but for $130 to $150 change both.

Which car is faster a 1984 Camaro z-28 or a 1986 Monte Carlo ss?

if both cars are stock, the camaro may have a better chance of winning, but both cars are heavy so yeah a race might work that question is imposssible to answer with the information given....may i suggest a race

What causes both cooling fans to stop working on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

the thermostat will make both fans become idle if it is not opening. this happened to me on my 95 3.1 lumina