03 golf loses acceleration while drivingcar will coast for a few seconds then come back to normalfeels like im not getting fuel for a minute?

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A friend of had an 04 GTI. He had the same problem and it came to be the coil pack on top of the engine.
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What causes a 1999 Cougar with a V6 engine to cut off briefly while cruising then turn itself back on a few seconds later?

Same problem, you need a new alternator. Period. Some will try to say it's other stuff, but you will just spend a fortune till you get a new alternator.See if your lights pulse at night, if they do and they will you need one.If you have a friend who knows cars or you think you are good at changing p ( Full Answer )

Your 1995 Berretta automatic feels like it is slipping when you hit about 40-60 miles per hour It only starts after about 10 minutes of driving and it constantly slips back for a few seconds and then continues at speed Is this a transmittion problem?

Answer . I dealt with this with a 91 Beretta last year. First off, is your check engine light on? If so it may be shooting a code for a "knock sensor" or what not.\n. \nIf this is the same problem as mine, it was an issue with the coil pack and the ignition module located directly under the coil ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if a 1991 Buick Park Avenue stalls while driving but starts back up after a few minutes if you already replaced the fuel filter and coil?

Answer . Spark plugs, plug wires, air cleaner, PCV valve, EGR valve, loose or cracked vaccuum hoses (vaccuum leak). A little tip - whenever I've bought a ussed car (and I've bought a few) the FIRST thing I've invested in is a Haynes Manual or the like. They've been a lifesaver!\n. \n. \n. \ ( Full Answer )

Why does1992 23l ranger xlt hesitate and miss about half the time only when accelerating esp on a grade check engine light comes on and goes off after a few seconds longest duration 2-3 minutes?

Answer . \nThat pesky "check engine" light is trying to let you know that the computer has found a problem with the engine.Go to your local auto parts store and they should be able to "read" the codes in the computer and tell you where the problem is.It wouldn't hurt to do a complete tune up als ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the Airbag Light for a 03 i have it on while im driving and its getting annoying at times?

If you have an airbag warning light on you need to have it serviced immediately. That is telling you that your airbag system is malfunctioning and may mean if you were to get into an accident, your airbags wont deploy to literally save your life. If you ever have a airbag warning light, or abs/brake ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1992 Bonneville SSE stall while driving and start back up a few Minutes later and the car has a new fuel pump?

Check computer for codes. It's not uncommon to get a bad fuel pump. I had the same problem with my 92 SE. It wound up being the ignition module under the coil pack. Common knowledge is that if the module is bad, the engine will not start at all but if memory serves me correctly, my mechanic who dia ( Full Answer )

Your 86 Mazda 323 cuts out then dies while driving then you must hold down accelerator for a couple of minutes to start Is this a bad fuel filter or pump?

Answer . This could be one of several problems. First, I am assuming that you have already done a full tune-up and replaced the fuel filter. Second, you can check the fuel pressure at the fuel filter outlet, normal is 40 PSIG, max is about 80 PSIG. Third it could be faulty fuel injectors (eit ( Full Answer )

Why does your red battery light come on while you are drive down the road comes and goes out in a few seconds?

I had the same problem with my 2006 BRV, the light came on whenever I went on the highway and accelerated. I went to the dealer and they said it was a software issue, they reprogrammed something and I haven't seen the red light since. If the battery light comes on occasionally during acceleration o ( Full Answer )

What causes recurrent head rushes which last a few seconds every few minutes while I am upright or sitting Have had this for about a week now and it is not just after I get up which I know is normal?


What could be wrong with an inground pool light that won't stay on .comes on then goes out after a few minutes...then comes back on again?

There is a short. Disconnect all wiring to this light immediately. Do not go into pool until this is light is PERMENANTELY DISCONNECTED.. Turning off the circuit breaker is not enough if there are ever children (under 21) around. Tapeing the switch is not enough for the same reason.. Contact an el ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1975 Chevy 350 idle fine for a few minutes but when taken driving runs fine when accelerating but sounds like it is trying to die when the at low RPM's?

Sounds like you have a fuel related problem. Most likely too high of a mixture of gas compared to air. When you are accelerating the extra gas is needed to speed up but when you slow down to lower rpm`s the extra is choking out the carb. Check your tailpipe and see if there is a strong smell of gas ( Full Answer )

1990 maxima loses power while driving like it is not getting fuel. what would cause this?

The first and easy thing to check is that the fuel filler cap is breathing properly. Do this by stageing the fault condition (go driving) then pull over and open the fuel filler cap- see if you notice a vaccum breaking with a great rush of air. filler caps when working properly have a tinny breather ( Full Answer )

Why would your 98 TJ 4.0 crank like its not getting fuel for a few seconds before starting it then runs fine if you immediately shut it off it will start right back up fuel pump or?

You have a fuel pressure bleed down problem. You could have a fuel pump allowing the fuel to all return to the tank, or you could have a leaking fuel injector. To diagnose you need a fuel pressure gauge and a way to isolate the front and rear half of the fuel system to see which end has the leak dow ( Full Answer )

1999 Astro engine turns off while running lose power to brakes and steering not violent just turns off sometimes starts right back up other times it take a few minutes before it will start?

It would sound as if you have major carbon build up in the fuel injectors or intake manifold, I would suggest changing the injectors or to keep it cheap get a can of carb cleaner and remove the injectors and let them soak in the carb cleaner at least over night. As for the intake manifold spray the ( Full Answer )

Your Honda accord dies not very often but everynow and then while im driving all the needles go down and the radio shuts off but in like a second it comes back on and you just keep driving as if nothi?

You definitely have an electrical problem. It could be as simple as a bad connection to the battery terminal (try tightening the terminals), or it could be that the alternator or battery needs replacing. You definitely want to get this looked at since it's not safe to drive with this problem.

What if the girl that says she likes you a lot text back like every 8 minutes and only a few words?

Well it depends, ask yourself 'did i give her a reason to be upset?' Just because she likes you doesn't mean she can't be mad at you. If yes then, there is your problem right there. If no, then she is probably playing hard to get. You said she liked you but you never said you liked her back, she pro ( Full Answer )

What does that mean if the guy you like looks at you until you look back and locks eyes with you for a few seconds a few times?

Probably he's wondering who you are and if you are nice or not. If he's looking to abuse a woman for sex, he will pick on the girls in tiny miniskirts, and later on throw her out like rubbish. If the lady is decent and polite and nice and he locks eyes, he's wondering if she's worth knowing for he ( Full Answer )

Why will a car start and run for a few minutes then loses power to the engine like you stopped giving it gas dies and will not start again after about 10 minutes you can start the car again?

i can start the car, and it runs for a few meters, dies out like im giving it no gas. then it will not restart. after sitting about 10 minutes or so, it will start again and is drivable for a few more meters, then dies again to have the whole process rinse and repeat itself . it also makes a loud ra ( Full Answer )

How much did the owner lose if a woman walks into a store and steals 100 out of the register and comes back 5 minutes later and buys 70 worth of groceries and gets 30 in change?

Scenario 1: The woman paid with the $100 she stole If the woman paid with the $100 she stole, the ownerlost $100. The woman bought $70 of groceries with his money andthen received $30 in change. Work the question out step by step: First, the woman takes $100 dollars from the register. The owner ( Full Answer )