03 navigator air suspension not working took it to a shop they told you one air bag is blown will that cause the entire system not to work?

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I'm not sure how the systems work, but if it is sort of similar to brakes, there is a one master control (air compressor) that pumps directly into all the air bags, and a release mechanism to let air out again. If one bag is blown, ALL the air would escape through that hole, meaning no other bags will inflate either.

But this is just a guess based on what they told you.
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there can be many different problems but it could be a bad relay switch to check it get on the floor on the passenger side and check to see if the air suspension relay switch

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If your air suspension is not working at all you may have a costly situation on your hands. Just the compressor alone can be hundreds of dollars. You may want to check to see
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What can cause air bags suspension blow out?

Your question is incomplete. Did they blow out while driving or has been leaking(as in everytime you drive it it has to air up) and now they have gotten to rotted to hold air.