03 neon cat replaced all sensors replaced tuneup trans rebuilt no power only 70 miles a full tank any ideas what to do only 37000 miles on car?

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PUT A GAS CAP LOCK ON! ..Someone is stealing your gas
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Why would the catalytic converter have to be replaced 8 times in a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo first at 37000 miles purchased new Service department replaced all possibilities and say they do not know why?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nGenerally, unburned fuel getting into the converter is what damages them. How is it running?, what size engine?\n. \n Question \n. \nWhat did

Your manifold eas just replaced last mo a new alternator and belt the car is still overheating only 81000 miles any help would be appreciated you have a mechanic you hope he is being honest cheryl?

Answer . Overheating is usually a simple problem for a competent mechanic to find and repair. It is usally one of a couple problems: Thermostat, blocked radiator, water pum

Why would a rebuilt 1997 Ford Taurus wagon transmission only last for 35000 miles The car has 134000 miles The rebuilt put in at 110000?

Answer . In most cases, either dirt in the coolant lines or transmition cooler portion of the radiator caused a premature failure, or the torgue converter was failing or d

Tranny rebuilt on a 97 Neon 20K miles ago now theres a leak any ideas why?

Answer . It could be a front seal, in which case you'll need to hae the transmission removed to replace the seal. It could be an axle shaft seal, which isn't quite as bad

Are there only specific Throttle Positioning Sensors compatible with a 2000 Ford Focus SE Wagon or can any brand replace the defected one in the car?

Whatever parts store you go to will look up the part according to year, make, engine, and model of the car. Whatever brand they list that applies to that vehicle will be fine.

You have had your 03 jeep wrang Sahara alligned 2 times and your right front tire 32-1050 bf goodyear all-terrains with only 1000 miles are wearing really bad on the outer edges any ideas.?

have a complete front-end inspection done. It is possibly a worn ball-joint or tie-rod. Take it to a shop that specializes in front ends. . Either the camber spec. is out or

1993 mr2 na has over 200k miles on its engine and the engine keeps squealing you think its the alternator belt but that just got replaced and it only squeals when i accelerate any ideas on how to fix?

many bad mechanics will put belts on tighter than specs or even ignoring specs thinking that a new belt should stretch which is wrong. Take your mr2 back to them, what you are
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My Toyota Highlander check engine light on my car has 37000 miles replaced air filter and PCV valve on 51508 what is the problem with the car?

The "check engine" light is not solely dedicated to the air filter and pcv valve. There are other things that can cause this caution light to illuminate on the dashboard. Assu
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Can you replace only one tire on a car?

Ideally, you should at least replace both front or rear tires simultaneously, but you can get away with only replacing one if the difference between the tires isn't too great.