03 neon cat replaced all sensors replaced tuneup trans rebuilt no power only 70 miles a full tank any ideas what to do only 37000 miles on car?

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PUT A GAS CAP LOCK ON! ..Someone is stealing your gas
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Why would the catalytic converter have to be replaced 8 times in a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo first at 37000 miles purchased new Service department replaced all possibilities and say they do not know why?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nGenerally, unburned fuel getting into the converter is what damages them. How is it running?, what size engine?\n. \n Question \n. \nWhat did the dealer say is "wrong" with the converters they are replacing?\n. \n. \n-->You can easily damage your catalytic converte (MORE)

Your manifold eas just replaced last mo a new alternator and belt the car is still overheating only 81000 miles any help would be appreciated you have a mechanic you hope he is being honest cheryl?

Answer . Overheating is usually a simple problem for a competent mechanic to find and repair. It is usally one of a couple problems: Thermostat, blocked radiator, water pump, temperature "riser" or the timing is waaaay off. The car wouldn't be running very well if it's the timing, so I doubt that (MORE)

What makes the engine run hot when It has been flushed 2 times and thermostat replaced twice only has 50000 miles?

Answer LOOK For The obvious Lincoln LS are notorius for air in the system bleed all the air and I think you will be rid of your problem . Also, the water pump could easily cause an engine to start running hot. Water pumps don't necessarily go completely bad all at once. It could be just starting (MORE)

Why would a rebuilt 1997 Ford Taurus wagon transmission only last for 35000 miles The car has 134000 miles The rebuilt put in at 110000?

Answer . In most cases, either dirt in the coolant lines or transmition cooler portion of the radiator caused a premature failure, or the torgue converter was failing or dirty and not replaced when the transmition was rebuilt are the causes. In some rare occastions, the rebuild was not done prop (MORE)

Tranny rebuilt on a 97 Neon 20K miles ago now theres a leak any ideas why?

Answer . It could be a front seal, in which case you'll need to hae the transmission removed to replace the seal. It could be an axle shaft seal, which isn't quite as bad but requres that the leaking half-shaft be removed to replace the seal. It could be a coolant line, which should be quite eas (MORE)

Are there only specific Throttle Positioning Sensors compatible with a 2000 Ford Focus SE Wagon or can any brand replace the defected one in the car?

Whatever parts store you go to will look up the part according to year, make, engine, and model of the car. Whatever brand they list that applies to that vehicle will be fine. Most electronic parts are only made by a handful of companies, and they just put in different boxes according to who is goin (MORE)

Map sensor voltage low on neon 96how do you get the voltage to the correct level sensor has been replaced but car still running rough?

Answer . \nCheck voltage between pins 1 and 4 with the key on and engine not running. You should have 4 to 5 volts. With then engine idling, it should drop to 1.5 to 2.1 volts.\n. \nTest PCM terminal 36 for same results. If different, check wiring/connectors.\n. \nTest for MAP sensor ground at (MORE)

96 aspire with a man trans the bracket that holds the clutch and brake pedal broke you replaced it and 1500 miles later the new one broke also the clutch pushes down easy enough any ideas?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nSimilar thing happened on my 94 Aspire. The bracket is made of several pieces of sheet steel, put together with spot welds. Every time you push the clutch the steel flexes. After so many times of pushing the clutch, the spot weld snaps from metal fatigue. I'm betting t (MORE)

Think may have put petrol in diesel Ford Mondeo would it have driven 20 miles home Tank was only quarter full and filled up to top with petrol Its a brand new work car?

My wife has just done this and the car is currently with Ford. Initially they will remove the fuel tank, drain the fuel, flush the pipes and replace the filter. The cost - £357. After that they will test the car, wait an hour and test again. If there are problems it will need a new pump, seals an (MORE)

After how many miles do you replace plugs wires in 03 echo?

I normally change them when I replace my plugs. heres a informative link that could help you out too. http://www.autotap.com/sparkplugs/ppc_spark_plugs_replace.html Toyota echos do not have spark plug wires they have coils which do not need to be replaced unless they have broke one of the nice thi (MORE)

You have had your 03 jeep wrang Sahara alligned 2 times and your right front tire 32-1050 bf goodyear all-terrains with only 1000 miles are wearing really bad on the outer edges any ideas.?

have a complete front-end inspection done. It is possibly a worn ball-joint or tie-rod. Take it to a shop that specializes in front ends. . Either the camber spec. is out or the toe spec. is out. probably the camber if its only the r/f. Try another alignment shop that will actually let you watch an (MORE)

How do you you replace a brake light on a 99' Plymouth Neon only one side works the other doesn't light up at when braking or signaling at all?

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon, but I'm sure the application is the same. Go to the auto parts store and buy a brake light bulb. Then open the trunk and on the side it's out twist and pull out the light (it's hidden behind the trunk carpeting in mine, just pull the corner back). The bulb should pull strai (MORE)

A 95 Neon with 160000 miles clutch won't disengage. Is it worth it to replace the clutch on such an old car?

If it's still running good, no leaks or problems, and if the body is OK not all banged up and/or rusty, go ahead and replace the clutch. You probably will not be able to find a dependable car for what the clutch will cost.. If it's still running good, no leaks or problems, and if the body is OK not (MORE)

1993 mr2 na has over 200k miles on its engine and the engine keeps squealing you think its the alternator belt but that just got replaced and it only squeals when i accelerate any ideas on how to fix?

many bad mechanics will put belts on tighter than specs or even ignoring specs thinking that a new belt should stretch which is wrong. Take your mr2 back to them, what you are hearing is the bearings in your alternator screaming bloody murder and from now on only take your mr2 to someone who is expe (MORE)

Why does your 2001 Mazda Millenia S with the Miller Cycle engine and only 51k miles need coil pack replacements?

heat seems to be one of the weak points of the millenia cop system. generally, the right bank coils go first. also, oil in the wells can cause the coils to short out and die. my personal favorite is all the dummies who change their spark plugs, and put iridiums in there. even tho the gap is WAAA (MORE)

Can you replace only one tire on a car?

Ideally, you should at least replace both front or rear tires simultaneously, but you can get away with only replacing one if the difference between the tires isn't too great.

How many miles before replacing an Honda car engine?

It depends on how well it has been taken care of and the kind of wear and tear it was subjected to. A car used primarily for long commutes will generally last longer than one used for short trips locally. The starts and stops, and the repeated hard acceleration that short trips see, will be harder o (MORE)

Replaced motor car studder around 60 and 70 mile hr 95 beretta?

check your bell housing mounting bolts. they might be loose, it might also be your wheel bearings or your tires have flat spots, or they are not properly balanced. to a motor speed doesn't matter, it matters from the tranny back. if it was the motor it would occur at the same RPM in every gear, or i (MORE)

If 1995 jeep Cherokee limited had new tires installed and one size smaller on rear vehicile was driven20 miles Tires have all been replaced Vehicile has bad front vibration Any ideas?

First, you should have the same sized tires on all four wheels. You probably already know this and I wonder why you decided to use different size tires on front and back. . This combination of tires may be accentuating an already existing problem with your tie rods or suspension. When you start mes (MORE)

Does anyone have any ideas What is wrong Replaced timing belt in 1994 ford escort 1000 miles later quite running it had jumped time I realigned marks wouldn't start 0 compression in all 4 cylinders?

You've realigned the marks, but did you check which piston stroke? The marks will align in two instances, top dead center on the compression stroke, and top dead center of the exhaust stroke. I'd bet money that you've aligned the timing marks to TDC exhaust stroke. That would explain 0 compression i (MORE)

Why did your car battery exploded with only 3000 miles on it?

Exploding Automotive Batteries Auto batteries are usually of the Lead-Acid type and thus generate explosive gasses [Hydrogen (H 2 ) and sometimes Hydrogen-sulphide (H 2 S?)]. These gasses accumulate in the head-space in the battery, and are emitted from the battery at the vent openings. Any kind o (MORE)

Why do you only get 190 miles to a tank of gas in 96 Chevy blazer?

I have a "1999" Chevy Blazer that went from 280-320 to a full tank of gas to around 180-200 to a full tank. I've replaced everything since 2007 and the only thing I can find is the change in gas. %10 percent "Ethanol" is killing my Blazer. The only other thing it might be is the "Torque Converter So (MORE)

How many miles can you get on a full tank of gas in a 03' Honda civic?

A manual transmission car will get 32 city & 38 highway. And automatic car will get 29 city 38 highway. The tank capacity is 13.2 gallons. Realistically you can use 12 gallons of that fuel before needing to refuel. So driving all highway you should be able to go 456 miles on a tank of fuel.