04 Cadillac sedan right side makes tapping sound?

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bad wheel bearing.
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What would cause a loud knocking sound under the front left side of your car when making a right turn especially when coming out of a driveway?

most likely a broken shock absorber or a shock absorber leveling spring it is most likely the CV joints and there is no such thing as a shock leveling spring. Aren't CV joints sort of notorious for making a sound on the side opposite of the direction you're turning? I would have joints and bo ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the driver side mirror on a 1994 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

hey, I'm not sure if this will help but i have a 1991 Cadi deville and it looks like you have to remove the door panal and unbolt the mirror and dissconect it, it should be the same, on pretty much all cars you have to remove the door panal to get to the mirror and it looks like Cadillac hasn't chan ( Full Answer )

How do you change the right front hub bearing on a 1995 Cadillac sedan deville?

Pretty easy job, there are a few videos on youtube that show howit's done. Just did both mine on my 1994 Deville and one on my 2004Seville. It is almost a must to have a compressor and impact gunbut can be done without. Hardest part I had was making sure theaxle was unstuck from the hub, had to back ( Full Answer )

What is it that makes an Isuzu Trooper to continuously make a tapping and annoying sound?

This was diagnosed by my dealer (1993 Trooper) as relating to the tension on the timing chain. After they adjusted the chain, the tapping noise would disappear but would come back a yeat later or two. I also noted that the sound seems to intensify if I am low on oil. timing chain replacement is some ( Full Answer )

What cause a pinging or tapping sound under the valve covers of a Cadillac Brougham?

engine ping engine pinging can be caused by several different problems.here is a list of things to check. low octane fule.use higher octane fule. ignition parts .replace spark plugs,ignition wires,distributor cap andignition rotor.check ignition coil. egr valve not working properly.check diaphragm ( Full Answer )

Why is your 95 cavalier making a loud tapping sound?

If oil is at capacity and within matainence tolerance,id suspect in this order:. A: timing chain assembly (loose chain or broken tensioner). B: valvetrain (callapsing lifter,loose or worn rocker arm). C: engine not operating at specified temp ( bad thermastat,cooling sys problem)

Where is the battery on a 2000 cadillac Sedan deville?

Answer . the battery for the 2000 deville is usually behind the back seat *EDIT* To be more clear it is UNDERNEATH the back seat not behind it. Lift the portion that you actually sit on and you will find it.

What is making a tapping sound when the 2002 Buick engine is cold?

Answer . Not to worry it is the valves in the engine tapping because there is not enough oil pressure yet for the fluid lifters to take up the slack in the valve train, that is why it goes away after a few minutes and also why you should always let your engine warm up before driving.. Answer ( Full Answer )

What might cause a rubbing sound coming from the front passenger side wheel when making a right turn?

Answer . It could just be the wheel rubbing the inside of the wheel well. Turn the wheel all the way to one side and see if you can see tire rub marks on anything.. I had that same problem with my dakota, and it took me about a week to figure out it was actually the heat shield above the muffler ( Full Answer )

How do I change right side low beam headlight bulb 2001 Cadillac DTS?

Read the manual, it's in there. Take off big plastic shroud. Remove the whole headlight lens by removing three bolts. Two are near the top and one is down low (use extension on rachet wrench). Light wont just come out, it is in place with an alignment pin. You need to pull with hands, no tool, could ( Full Answer )

How do you replace side mirror on 1991 cadillac deville sedan?

Answer . If the mirror is cracked , just go to a glass place and they can sell you another one that will fit over the old one for about $10.00. You just use silicone to attach it. Otherwise you will need to take the door panel off.

Why 1995 cadillac sedan deville hesitation?

is the check engine light on? if not then i would start with a tune-up (spark plugs & wires fuel filter air filter pcv valve), i believe that's a Distributor less ingition system so no cap or rotor. also a throttle body service is probably needed. good luck!

91 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - no heat?

You might also notice that the passenger side air is slightly warmer than the drivers side. Try to flush the heater core, it might be clogged.

How do you remove the right side rear backing plate of a 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?

remove wheel. remove brake drum. remove brakes. disconnect brake fluid line. remove parking brake cable from backing plate. remove four bolts attaching backing plate to axle housing. remove wheel. remove brake drum. remove brakes. disconnect brake fluid line. remove parking brake cable fro ( Full Answer )

Why do my Ford explorer front brakes releases on the driver side right before coming to a complete stop then the abs makes a sound then the car stops but on ice it much harder?

It sounds like a Brake Sensor is bad. You can take it to The Dealer or NAPA or anywhere that can run a Diagnostics check on it and it should confirm this or show another prossible cause. If you want to do the work yourself then you can go somehwere like AutoZone and they can probably run the diagnos ( Full Answer )

My 1995 Mazda millenia is making a grinding as I increase the speed the noise increases Sounds as is coming from the front right side. I had the brakes an rotors replaced and it still hasn't went?

Brake calipers will sometimes not pull back from the rotors as they should and will make noise as the brake shoes literally rub the rotors continuously. This can happen even after changing both brakes and rotors. The contact points where the brake shoes slide back and forth on the caliper should be ( Full Answer )

Your Cadillac sedan deville will not start?

02 cadillac deville wont crank or start the entire dashboard illuminates and everything work when the switch is on seems like it wants to crank but doesnt. I had a problem for years with my 1991 Caddy and kept changing starters for a while. My problem was that I wasn't getting a good read on the ( Full Answer )

Why won't 1996 cadillac sedan deville start battery is good no turn over no clicking sound?

do your car still receive power even without it starting if it does its not your alternator if it dont have juice either its your alternator and your starter solenoid u may want to take it to a mechanic to get it replaced or you can try to do it your self let me remind u that your starter and altern ( Full Answer )

You get no heat out of right side 2001 SLS Cadillac?

what i am assuming is being talked about is that when you go to turn on the heat in a Seville, heat will only be produced out of one side of vents. there are a number of valves in a Seville which control wether the air that is coming out of the vents in hot or cold. in a Seville there are a pair of ( Full Answer )

What causes Bathtub taps make a screeching sound?

Depending on what kind of sound you're talking about, all of the taps in my house make a noise. I think that we found out that it was caused by our water pipes vibrating or something...?

Your 1999 jag xj8 engine makes a tapping sound sometimes?

Could be tensioners cracking, or one maybe loose. Better do more research and get someones head under the hood! It's most likely the hydraulic lifters. Over time the oil leaves deposits on lifter surfaces and it make them gummy. Sinthetic, mineral and additive oils will all do it. Short runs don't ( Full Answer )

Can you make a right turn on the right side of the right lane?

you make a right turn by looking in the mirror and look over the right shoulderyou use your right indicator make sure the road is clear move to the centre of the road then no cars coming towards you you move your car and turn right to the space your about to go into

How do you change the oil in a 2000 cadillac sedan?

This can be done on the floor, but it is easyer if you raise the car. 1. remove the oil cap and place on the hood latch. 2. place drain pan under the drain plug on the oil pan (10 quart size or larger). 3. remove drain plug and let oil drain into pan until dripping. 4. replace drain plug in pan and ( Full Answer )