04 subaru legacy making a weird sound like truck tires when gas pedal is released makes a whistle sound like jet plane landing?

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To answer the "When gas pedal is released makes a whistle sound like jet plane landing" question, do you have the turbo model? If so, its the unused air pressure built up by the turbo while you were accelerating.
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How can you inexpensively make a truck sound like it has more power than it does?

You want to start with at least a 2" system. At the motor, you want a set of headers, followed by high-flow Cats. If you car is pre-emission, then just go with dual exhaust and glasspacks; they get louder as they get older. if you have anything stock, forget exhaust sound. At the end, put a tip that ( Full Answer )

2000 Maxima makes a whirring sound eminatind from the rear speed makes the sound higher in pitch and frequency it sounds like I have snow tires on it starts at 25mph to be noticeable?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI have a 2001 Maxima and it did the same thing, I had to have the rear struts and new strut mounts put on. The struts are what keeps the rear aligned. When you go to have your Maxima aligned, the diagnostics shows there is no adjustments for the rear. The dealership will te ( Full Answer )

Your 1989 tbird sc idels at 3000 RPM and make a awful noise when shut down sounds like a jet landing?

Idle control problem. . Hi there,\nYour problem is most likely your IAC, (Idle Air Control.) It's mounted directly to the throttle body with a wire conector plugged into it, and attaches with two fasteners. I have a 1993 3.8 T-bird LX, they both use the same part for idle control. When mine went ( Full Answer )

What sound does a whistle make?

We all heard a whistle before, but when you are writing something and you want to type or write a whistle sound, it gets you thinking. If I were writing it i would put, WHEWWW, or, PHEWWWWWW. NO A whistle sound makes the sound Whistle

Why does Subaru make high pitched whistle sound after turn the engine off?

I had the same problem for a while. At first we thought it was my A/C compressor clutch going bad. After a complete search we found out that it was actually my alternator belt tensioner that was bad. This is an easy fix, and only costs about $150 (includes labor costs)

Why is my cat making weird sounds?

There are lots of reasons for a Cat to Meow, but if you think that, you are spending some time with your cat and feeding her properly, and still she is making weird sounds then read the following:\n. \n. \n1) Ignore her vocal blackmail\n. \nThis is the most important thing to do. It's also the mo ( Full Answer )

How do you play like a stone with out a wah wah pedal and still make it sound the same?

That's a good question, he uses a wah-wah during the receding parts of his notes...but you wont get the exact same sound as he does it without a wah-wah. but the best thing you can do to get it close is to do bend and while you're bending the end of the note close it in with a whammy. buy a wah wah ( Full Answer )

How do you make your voice sound like a chipmunk?

Ultimately, by practicing over and over again. However, as a quick means, you may find a helium balloon, poke a hole in it and inhale the helium. This will make your voice high pitched, for a brief time. __________________ Inhaling helium is a dangerous and possibly life threatening stunt. ( Full Answer )

Why does my 93 subaru impreza sound like a truck when it runs?

Might be a blown EGR valve. Exhaust Gas Recirculator valves mix fuel and exhaust with the purpose of fully burning fuel that may be unburned in the exhaust. They are pressure driven and there is a diaphragm in them that can break.

Why my computer is making a weird noise it sounds like somthing is caught in the fan?

Either the fan is dieing and it isn't spinning properly any longer, or a wire has dropped down and is periodically hitting the fan, causing it to make the odd noise.. it stopped but idk what it was. The fan may have resumed working again or the wire may have shifted. Keep an ear open for the noise ( Full Answer )

How do you make your voice sound like Mario?

go find video of Mario talking fing a simple catch frase like 'yeah haha' or 'mama mia' and make your vioce the same tone as Mario get the accadent and try to perfect the frase you have chosin TIP: DO NOT DO COMPLETE SENTENCES Mario never does

What makes the whistling sound in my mouth?

Oscillations set up in small resonant void spaces in / near your mouth, set up by the movement of air.. Or you have swallowed a mosquito or small bird.

How does a whistle make sounds?

Air travels through the whistle rubbing against the sides of the whistle than being forced out of the smaller opening at the front. The friction of air against the sides of the whistle is what makes the noise.

How does soundgarden make their guitars sound like that?

Soundgardens sound is due to a number of tunings and effects they used. Black Hole Sun uses the Leslie Effect and they use other normal effects like distortion and wah. They use a number of different guitar tunings. Off the top of mine head i can think of a few. EAGDBE DADGBE DGDGBE C ( Full Answer )

How can i make my voice sound like a guys?

You got to make it deep. If you think you got it call one of your friends from a payphone or some other phone and she if they know its you. If they think you sound like a guy then you it.

What sound does a jet aircraft make?

Depends on the aircraft. For example, an F-18 kind of sounds likehowl or moan that starts off low and get high until you here theabove mentioned noise. The F-15 has a very annoying, high pitched,squeel after it has started but not when it is flying.

How do you make yourself sound like a chipmunk?

you record your voice on a computer while talking really slow and pronouncing everything more than you normally would. then you find something on Google to speed it up.

Why does the body make weird sounds?

Well, Your body makes weird sounds depending on how it fells and what it wants. An example is when your hungry your stomach will make a growling sound stating that it wants food. Your body also gives you hits like if you start to sweat it means that your body is having a hard time keeping up with th ( Full Answer )

Which instrument makes a whistle sound?

A whistle or call is a simple aerophone, an instrument which produces sound from a stream of forced air. It may be mouth-operated, or powered by air pressure, steam, or other means. Whistles vary in size from a small slide whistle or nose flute type to a large multi-piped church organ.

What does the noise that a bat makes sound like?

It is unlikely that you will hear bat vocalizations because their chirps have a higher pitch than humans can hear i.e., greater than 20,000 Hz. You might hear their wings flapping. Listen to the link below to hear what the (probably pitch-shifted) vocalizations of Mexican Free-tailed bats sound li ( Full Answer )

How do you make a guitar sound like a violin?

Volume swells. you can either use a volume pedal, or just the volume knob of your guitar. check Yngwie Malmsteens Echo Etude on youtube for a good example of using the volume knob of your guitar.

Can you make a piano sound like a harpsichord?

I'm sorry, the answer is no. The piano sounds are created by a hammer striking a string. The harpsichord strings are plucked by a plectrum so the sound fades away quicker. Even though they are pitched the same, the strings are put together differently. The best advice I can give is to avoid using th ( Full Answer )

What is that weird sound you make when you yawn?

This is a funny question that I just had to take a stab at! :) I do not think it is actually the yawn that makes the noise, but most people stretch when they yawn. This is known as pandiculation. This is just a guess but when you stretch it tightens the vocal chords similar to the strings on a gu ( Full Answer )

Why does a whistle makes a high sound?

it has a less of a room to vibrate so you get a high pitch, and when you have more of a room to vibrate, then you get a lower pitch!

What makes an e sound like an a?

If the word is of French or Spanish origin, the letter e has a kind of a sound. Examples: resume, with an accent on the final e (what you give to a potential employer that shows your past work history, qualifications, etc.) The words cafe and Jose also have an a sound.

How do you make my amp sound like kiss?

Bass 12 o clock, middle little before 1 o clock, treble 2 o clock. Plus gain depends, just mess with it till it sounds right. Have fun, and rock out!

Why is there a whistling sound when you step on the gas pedal in your car?

You don't say what type of car the inquiry is about, so here are a few general answers. If you have a turbo-diesel, and there is a whistle starting about 1700 rpm, then you are probably hearing the turbo spinning up as exhaust gas pressure rises. Alternatively, you could have a leak on the air pipes ( Full Answer )

What bird sounds like a penny whistle?

The red-breasted nuthatch is a bird that sounds like a pennywhistle. It is a small songbird found in the western andnorthwestern parts of the United States as well as in Alaska andCanada.

How can you make a guitar sound like an ukulele?

Play further up the fret board so that the notes are higher. The bottom 4 strings of a guitar are tuned the same as a baritone uke, but it is the deeper end of the instrument. Otherwise, there is the re-entrant tuning to deal with. You could just get an ukulele, they can come very cheap.

Do geese make a sound like cluck?

In general geese making honking noises, but they are capable of making a wide variety of other soundss - some of which may be described by some as cluck-like.

How can you make the sound louder on the tin whistle?

When the sound on a tin whistle is low it means either the mouthpiece needs a tighten or your not blowing hard enough. P.S. Don't blow too hard or might just blow the ear off your listeners!!!!

Does a dog whistle make a sound?

Yes it does. The reason it doesn't seem like it is that dogs hear in a widerrange than humans, and dog whistles are pitched so high that wecan't hear them.