05 Saturn ion what does oil life message mean?

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The oil life message means your car hasn't registered the fact that you've had your oil changed.
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How do you change the oil on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Answer . \nYou need a 9/16" box end wrench for the drain plug. The filter requires a special socket to remove the cap. I used to use a 1 1/4" open end wrench until I bought

How do you change the oil in 2006 Saturn ion?

You need a 15 mm wrench for the oil plug and a 32 mm wrench for the cap on the oil filter. You may use a FRAM CH9018 oil filter that comes with new o-ring. Use five quarts of

What type of oil to use in a Saturn Ion?

just call your local Saturn dealership and ask a mechanic If it's a weekday during business hours, otherwise ask here and get a smart aleck answer. Our manual says 5W30

Oil filter 2007 Saturn ion?

It is located un the hood. You have to take the top motor cover off doing so, Just remove the oil cap and pull up on the plastic cover. Then look on the right side of the inta

How do you change oil on a 2006 Saturn ion?

If it's the same as the '05, then you should be able to drain the oil from the oil pan on the bottom of the vehicle. The filter is in a casing mounted on the engine. It should

What does it means when a 2007 Saturn ion power steering message comes on?

Saturn Ion from 03-07 has a electric power steering motor located under the steering wheel. . The solution would be : . 1. Check your fuse boxes for any bad fuses mini fuses
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How do you fill the auto trans on a 05 Saturn Ion?

You don't. There is no place for the average consumer to either check the transmission fluid (no dip stick) nor add transmission fluid. A mechanic told me it has to be brou