05 Saturn ion what does oil life message mean?

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The oil life message means your car hasn't registered the fact that you've had your oil changed.
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How do you change the oil on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Answer . \nYou need a 9/16" box end wrench for the drain plug. The filter requires a special socket to remove the cap. I used to use a 1 1/4" open end wrench until I bought the socket from Snap-On.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

Answer . To locate and change the oil filter: It is on the front-right side of the engine block (about 8 inches from the front of the engine). Molded to the engine block. Black plastic rounded cap with a hex 32 mm or 1 1/4” socket nut on the top. Once removed the filter is inside or might be ( Full Answer )

Where is the oil filter located on a 2006 Saturn Ion 2.2 engine?

Answer . The oil filter is accessed freom the top of the engine. Remove the oil cap then pull up on the big black plastic cover that's over the engine. remove the cover. On your right side down about 4 in from the top of the engine there is a black plastic cap The oil filter is in this cap so you ( Full Answer )

Where is the location of the oil drain plug on a Saturn ION 3?

Answer 1 . I am not familiar with your particular vehicle, but to my knowledge the answer is the same for all internal combustion engines, and is therefore generic.\n. \nThe crankcase oil drain plug is usually located at the low point [bottom] of the OIL PAN which is located on the UNDERSIDE of ( Full Answer )

How do you change the oil in 2006 Saturn ion?

You need a 15 mm wrench for the oil plug and a 32 mm wrench for the cap on the oil filter. You may use a FRAM CH9018 oil filter that comes with new o-ring. Use five quarts of 5W-30 (SF or better) oil. Turn key to accessory or on position. Reset the OIL LIFE by press and releasing the trip/rest butt ( Full Answer )

Oil filter location on a 2005 Saturn Ion?

Front of engine, right side as you're facing engine. It's about a foot down and sits upright in a black case with a spin-on top. You'll need a big socket to remove the top and the old filter will pull out.

Reset Oil life sytem on 05 duramax?

Turn the key to "run" pump the accelerate pedal 3 times within 5 seconds wait 5 seconds light should flash - meaning it is resetting the opil light cycle the key off then on, you're good to go

What type of oil to use in a Saturn Ion?

just call your local Saturn dealership and ask a mechanic If it's a weekday during business hours, otherwise ask here and get a smart aleck answer. Our manual says 5W30

Why does my Saturn ion oil change light stay on?

If you have changed the oil you just need to reset it. Push the trip/odometer button till the change oil is displayed. Then push and hold the trip button till it dings and says oil life reset Turn key off for 10 secs. and your done

Why doesn't the chg oil light turn off from a Saturn ion 2006?

With the key turned on RUN, but the engine off, go down to the oil % with the i button. Then press both buttons to access the menu. Scroll down to the oil life reset. Press the right button until it says acknowledged. Turn off key. This is the oil life reset process. This process is desc ( Full Answer )

Oil filter 2007 Saturn ion?

It is located un the hood. You have to take the top motor cover off doing so, Just remove the oil cap and pull up on the plastic cover. Then look on the right side of the intake manifold just on the edge of it you will see a 32mm Nut.. Unscrew that cap off and it is a drop in oil filter remove and d ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off the change oil soon light in a 2003 Saturn Ion?

1.Press and release the trip/reset button until the OIL LIFE message is displayed. 2.Press and hold the trip/reset button until a chime sounds five times and RESET is displayed in the message center. When the system is reset, the odometer will again be displayed in the message center. 3.Turn the ( Full Answer )

How do you take of the oil filter on 2004 Saturn Ion?

You need a 32mm short well socket (Advanced Auto Parts) and at least a 6 inch extension. Do not use pliers, you will get a hairline crack in the cap and the oil will flow out like melted butter.

How do you reset the oil life indicator on Saturn vue?

It Will Be 1 Of 2 Procedures: Turn the Ign. To run (do not start the engine) press the gas pedal to the floor 3 to 5 times, if that doesn't work look in the fuse box under the hood for a red button that says reset on it press it 1 time then hold down till you hear it beep 5 times.

Why does my 2007 Saturn Ion have yellow oil?

Your oil isn't yellow, its a light brown/gold color as such with almost all new (unused/not dirty) oil. It just looks yellow because of the light.

How do you reset oil light for a 06 Saturn ion?

turn on your key..hold in the milage reset button..keep it held in and roll engine over..keep it held in till it disappears..if that doesnt work..push milage reset button till "oil life" appears..then hold it in for few seconds till it disappears

Is there oil on Saturn?

No. Saturn is made mostly of hydrogen and helium. It does not havethe composition or environment needed for the formation ofpetroleum oil.

How do you change oil on a 2006 Saturn ion?

If it's the same as the '05, then you should be able to drain the oil from the oil pan on the bottom of the vehicle. The filter is in a casing mounted on the engine. It should still be on the left side, and it's right on top. Five bolts maybe?

What does it means when a 2007 Saturn ion power steering message comes on?

Saturn Ion from 03-07 has a electric power steering motor located under the steering wheel. . The solution would be : . 1. Check your fuse boxes for any bad fuses mini fuses inside your car ( panel is next to your right leg on the driver side under the radio) and or your maxi fuse under your hood ( Full Answer )

Oil filter location on a 2004 Saturn ion?

Saturn Ions use a cartridge oil filter. Looking at the engine its to the right, there is a black plactic cylinder about three inches in dyamiter with a plastic bolt head on it. Just use an adjustable wench to remove the black cap. The filter will be attached and it just pops off and the new one will ( Full Answer )

How much oil goes into 2007 Saturn Ion 2.2 L4?

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Drain the oil and replace the filter. Add 4 quarts of the correct weight oil. Start the engine and run for 1 minute. Shut off and wait 30 minutes. Check the oil level and add as necessary to reach the full mark. You now know the capacity. Warning: Do not overfi ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the oil life indicator on a 2008 Saturn Vue?

Turn the key to the "on" position without starting the car. After the dash light test completes (all the lights go off except what should be on) fully press the accelerator pedal to the floor three times. The oil life light should start flashing, indicating that it is reset.

How do you fill the auto trans on a 05 Saturn Ion?

You don't. There is no place for the average consumer to either check the transmission fluid (no dip stick) nor add transmission fluid. A mechanic told me it has to be brought to the dealership. There's no radiator cap either.

How many quarts of oil does Saturn ion take?

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Drain the oil and change the filter. Pour in 4.5 quarts of the correct weight oil and start the engine. Let it run for 1 minute and then shut down. Wait 30 minutes and check the oil level. Add enough oil to reach the full mark on the dip stick. Do not overfill. Y ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the coolant message on 2003 Saturn ion?

If the low coolant message is on and you are certain that the coolant level is up, then you probably have a faulty sensor or sensor connector. The low coolant indicator should turn itself off as soon as the coolant is filled.