05 mbz 320 clk oil dipstick?

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The MB 320 engine has NO dipstick! Oil level is monitored and shown on the digital portion of the dash instruments.
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1998 Mbz E 320 - Whenever it rains you get an oil sensor defective message on the dash screen Could it be that a short occurs at the harness because of water leaks causing a short?

Answer . I have a 1999 E430 and I get idiot lights coming on randomly, too. I got one a while back that said the rear tail lights were out after I washed the car. I waited a while and it hasn't come back on since. There were no lights of any kind out.. The oil sensor defective light came on tod ( Full Answer )

Where is the oil dipstick?

Answer . open the hood, look for it, it will likely have a yellow tipped handle with a finger loop in it, it will be on the outside of the engine, front side most likely. If you are looking for a transmission dip stick, you won't find one, because it does not exist.

Where is the oil drain plug on a clk 320?

The best way to drain the oil out of a 320 engine is not through the drain plug. The best way (Same way the Mercedes dealer does it) is by the "Topsider" method.. You need to buy a fluid extractor kit (About $50) which is a nothing more than a hand pump. You stick a small hose (Comes in the kit) in ( Full Answer )

Fuse 28 clk 320?

Fuse panel in trunk and one under hood. They are numbered. Not sure where the 28 is located

How do you change the headlights on a 2000 320 clk?

Open the hood and locate the headlamp covers. Turn them counter clockwise to remove and you will have access to the headlamps. The headlamps are locked in place with a clamp that must be released in order to release the headlamps. Make certain to look at the notch on the lamps before removing. They ( Full Answer )

What size are the speakers in a 1999 Mercedes clk 320?

There are a set of 4"/10.16cm at the rear of the doors The front of the doors there are a set of 6.5"/16.51cm The rear shelf are a set of 6.5"/16.51cm but they are set in spacer rings with the hole being able to handle 7 or mabey 8"

What type of oil is recommended for a clk 320?

I use Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil it is recommended for 5K miles but i still change at 3K.. I do too but go to 5-8K change interval under normal service conditions . Please be aware that Mobil 1 is a synthetic oil as the base oil is made by polymerization of alpha olefins so the molecular chains are rela ( Full Answer )

Where is the motor oil dipstick on clk 55 amg?

there is no oil dipstick. The oil can be checked electronically from the dash computer system. On CLK 320 there is however a dipstick tube and a cap on it and same for the automatic transmission . ZD Mak tools and Samstag tools sell dipsticks for Newer model Mercedes but the dipstick should not be l ( Full Answer )

How do you open the trunk of a clk 320?

Spray into the lock cylinder WD-40. Wait 20 minutes and it opensright up. Because everyone uses the smart key to open the trunk;the mechanical lock cylinder goes without use and humidity causesthe cylinder to seize up.

Clk 320 Mercedes engine diagram?

You can get a CLK 320 Mercedes engine diagram from any Mercedesdealership. You can also purchase them at your local auto partsstore.

What is the oil capacity for 1999 Mercedes Benz clk 320?

UNTIL IT'S FULL why do idiots bother to answer questions in this way " until its full" get a life idiot. Per oil change my Mercedes clk takes 12.8 Quarts of Mobil 1 synthetic fluid. The above answer benefits no one. As a former professional BMW mechanic, I find that type arrogance ridiculous. Man ( Full Answer )

How many spark plugs are in a clk 320?

There are 8 spark plugs. This answer is in error. There may be 8 for the V-8, but I'm seeing 2 plugs per cylinder on the V-6. Three coils, each bank with 2 plug wires out of each one. Total 12 plugs fro the V-6

How do you reset the maintenance service indicator on a 2004 clk 320?

Turn the key to position 2. Scroll to service "b" using the up or down arrow button on the steering wheel. Then press and hold the odometer reset button on the lefthand side of the instrument cluster. The screen will then change and say press button for 3 seconds to reset. At that time release and t ( Full Answer )

Your Mercedes clk 320 convertible top will not go up?

Inspect your trunk. Make sure the area reserved for the roof mechanism is free from obstruction. Make sure the shield is properly in place. If it isn't properly in place a switch inhibits the roof mechanism. Just unhook the shield, pull it out slightly and re-hook the shield. Good luck.

Soft top module location on clk 320?

208 or 209?? usualy driver side rear, under soft top compartment,open soft top till it almost lacthes back but dont let it touch thewindshield frame, open soft top cover and push back of soft top outof the way, remove covers and you will see the module.

How much is a replacement key for 2001 CLK 320?

I just received a new key today for a 1999 C280. it's the shiny metal chromey one that replaces the all black plastic one. The chromey is the only replacement from M.B. now, but works just the same and looks good too. Your key probably falls into this category, providing you use the remote transpond ( Full Answer )

What does Service B mean on a Mercedes clk 320?

B-Service 1. · Function check 2. · Check warning and indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting 3. · Check windshield wiper, windshield washer system, headlamp cleaning system 4. · Check seat belts for damage and proper function 5. · Reset maintenance service counter in i ( Full Answer )

Clk 320 battery dead how do i open the trunk?

1. Use the blade key to open the door. 2. Open the hood of car. 3 under hood there's a jumper stump or plug, it should located next to fuse box. 4. Connect pos cable (+red) and neg to ground. Dont try and start the car. Just let enough charge flow through to open trunk from inside. 5. Then jump star ( Full Answer )

Can you jump start a clk 320?

Yes. The battery's in the trunk under the floor of the trunk. Just lift it up and you will see the battery along with the spare.

How do you set seat positions clk 320?

Seat positions in my CLK are set by using the seat-back-headrest buttons on the inside upper front of the door. After you move the buttons to get the best position for the principal driver press and hold down the green button for a few seconds then press the number 1 button. Other drivers can select ( Full Answer )

Where are battery terminals for 1998 Mercedes Benz clk 320?

Under the hood or in the trunk. If your battery is in the trunk there is a positive terminal under the hood in a plastic box in front of the driver. You can use this terminal to get electrical power to the car, if the battery is dead. You will need to find a metal ground (or negative terminal) anyw ( Full Answer )

How do you open a bonnet on clk 320 that is jamed?

There are so many ways the trunk lid could get jammed the answer to your question is "you have to be there." I would take it to a dealership and have the Mercedes Benz people look at it. I am sure they would know at least what not to do.

How do you program a Mercedes clk 320 smart key?

Take your key to a Mercedes Benz dealership with proof of ownership of the vehicle (the Title or Registration papers) and a picture I.D. (showing who you are) preferably your driver's license. They won't work on the smart key unless they know that you are the owner of the vehicle and can prove you a ( Full Answer )

How much is a service on a Mercedes Benz CLk 320?

Service B at the dealership will set you back over $500.00 including $129.00 for the oil change. The CLK 320 engine holds eight quarts of oil and we use synthetic motor oil of high quality. A number of engine and cabin filters are changed in this service level. Service A is a little less expensive ( Full Answer )

Is 55 Ah battery ok for clk 320?

A 55 Ampere Hour battery is not recommended for your car. The recommended battery is a group 49, with 100AH and proper venting. Other sizes will not fit and incomplete venting is dangerous.

Where is batterie in 2004 clk 320 convertible?

In mine, it's in the trunk. But be careful, the battery keeps certain information current in different locations in your car. If you need to jump your cars' battery there is a positive terminal under the hood. Connect the negative cable to the engine or frame.

How do you reset srs light in Mercedes clk 320 2004?

A frequent question. There are dozens of ways, apparently, depending on the car model and year. So my favorite was is to drive into a Mercedes Benz dealership and ask them to reset the light. Even better, wait until you need an oil change and drive in and ask them to do service "A" on the car. Be ( Full Answer )