06 Nissan Altima When I start my car I let the car sit until it warms up but lately when the bar goes half way like it normally does the words ICY appear What does that mean?

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The word ICY means that temperatures outside are near or below freezing. Its a warning for possible icy conditions on the road. Its a feature that comes with your trip computer along with the temperature gauge.
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Why would there be a squealing sound when turning until your car warms up?

Answer Your belt is probably loose. Your steering pump labors and stresses the belt and squeals when the belt is loose. You should have less than 3/4 inch play up and down on your belt when properly tightened. http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?UseCase=S001&UserAction=viewSimpleDiagInfo&Param ( Full Answer )

On a 1995 Nissan Altima GXE why would the engine turn over but the car does not start?

This is a problems with the Starter. I have a similar problems and resplace the starter and it fixed the problems. Car is old, recommend go to junkyard and but use Starter. Answer why not check to see if there is gas delivered to the fuel injectors, see if the electrical system is delivering to t ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with a 1983 Lincoln Town Car that starts then almost dies for about 5 minutes and once it warms up it runs until you try to put it in drive or reverse and then it will die?

Answer . \ni have changed the sparkplugs the wires and the airfilter my car still feals like its missings and when i takeoff form 0mpr its popps and tings and vibrates really bad then smooths out then will start shaking bad out of knowwere till i take my foot off the gas and reapply, loss of pow ( Full Answer )

Why would the alarm go off and the car not start on a 1999 Nissan Altima?

That's because you need to disarm the car alarm if you dont have the remote. To do this on the driver side there should be a fuse box. Open it, look for a little black button. Press it 5 times not too fast or to slow. After you've done this, you should hear the alarm beep twice and the little red se ( Full Answer )

2000 ranger oil pressure is 0 pressure when started then after car warms up it goes up to normal have changed oil and still does same thing also noticed oil leak in back about same time?

Answer . Change the filter and use a Motorcraft filter. Make sure the old filter gasket has not stuck to the mounting surface. If it still does this after changing filter, then it could be a faulty oil pressure sending unit, or another more serious problem such as a clogged oil pump screen. Do n ( Full Answer )

Why does my car smell like fuel when it is warming up?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nyou have a small fuel leak on the line on top of the engine or the intake. Check it soon ... it can be dangerous.\n. \n. \n. \nhttp://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?UseCase=S001&UserAction=viewSimpleDiagInfo&Parameters=info

Your 1987 Mazda rx-7 doesn't like to start up after you turn it off if you let the car sit for a couple of days it will start up fine when its cold.how can I fix it so it starts every time?

Answer . Keep in mind, this is a sports car, not a sedan, and it is picky about being properly warmed up. Be sure you warm it up fully before shutting it off. Shutting down a partly warmed engine is likely to flood it. You can test this by reading up on de-flooding techniques and when it doesn't wa ( Full Answer )

When backing up car on left was sitting still when car that was going out of stall was half way out of parking stall car on left rolled back and hit passenger wheel well who is at fault?

Answer . It sounds like the other vehicle was at fault for improper backing, but each state is different and some are no-fault states. Still, if you were in the roadway or parking lot ailse, then you are considered to have right of way. It is incumbent on the other vehicle to make sure the pat ( Full Answer )

Car runs fine until it warms up?

Answer . I think you dont have to drive the car right now because the cooling system might be the probleme causing the engine to be overheated and slow down the combution , i think u should check the radiator

Car wont move until it warms up?

This isn't a good thing. Althou the tranny could last a long time more, it sounds like your tranny is telling you that its on it last leg. You can try by replacing the tranny fluid filter, but this could also make the problems worse. It may be more cost effective to install a remote starter feature, ( Full Answer )

Why will a car not start after sitting a while?

More information is needed, such as, the year, make and model. Is it when the car is cold or hot,rainy or dry weather, gas tank full or half full. The are to many possibilities.

Is there a proper way to sit in the car?

yes. in the seat with your back and shoulder to the seat. You are not supposed to lean forward or be slightly turned especially if you have lumbar seats. You should fit snugly. The seat belt could damage your kidneys, liver, and your neck if you get into a car accident and you are not properly sea ( Full Answer )

How to start car that has sit awhile?

make sure battery is charged, make sure it has good fuel in the tank, replace fuel filter. maybe new spark plugs and spark plug wires. and then try to turn it on. tell me if it turned on, if no we can discuss it more.

In a 1994 Nissan Altima why would the speedometer go up but the car not move?

The 1994 Nissan Altima can travel through time. It is staying in the same space, but it is travelling through time, and the speedometer is showing you the speed at which it is travelling through time. Since you can't travel with it, make sure you lock the doors, because if it travels unlocked to s ( Full Answer )

Why does your 2006 Lincoln ls make squealing noise when you start the car but goes away when car warms up?

It's the belt beginning to wear out and/or the idler pully. The reason it squeaks to begin with is the rubber belt is cool and in a hardened state. The cracks are causing it slip quit a bit and slip off of the pulleys, that's where you get the squealing noise from. As a temporary solution you could ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when your car doesn't heat up sitting still?

The car's thermostat is bad and not working. Most likely the thermostat is stuck open. Thermostats are heat sensitive valves that open and close. If stuck in the open position the car never warms up. If stuck in the closed position it will over heat. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/cooling-system8. ( Full Answer )

Car hard to start after sitting?

Need to know the year, make and model and how long it has been sitting to help you with that one.

Why does your 1993 town car run rough until it is warmed up?

i had the same problem ; first my air filter was torn , when i replaced it my car ran better but still not right then i bought CRC mass airflow cleaner and cleaned the mass airflow sensor and now it runs perfect

1983 380 SL hard to start when warmed up new coil plugs wires cap and rotor car sits overnight starts fine?

It could be a couple of things that would make your car do that.... firstly, did you have this problem prior to installing all those ignition items? If you didn't have that problem, I would think it would be the coil. Did you also replace the spark plugs? It's also important to use factory MB parts ( Full Answer )

Is it best to warm up your cold car engine by driving or letting it idle?

It's best just to drive your vehicle and let all the drive components (engine, transmission, and differential) warm up together. I totally agree. Start it up, put on your seat belt, and drive away slowly. Anyone who tells you different is living in the past when that was necessary.

Are 1997 Nissan Altima good cars?

Yes. You could get over 200000 miles easy. They were reliable cars but like any other car if you are buying used it all depends on how well it was taking care of by the previous owners.