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The call was from nw9
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Why is he called that?

The pronoun 'he' takes the place of a noun or a name for a male. The origin of the pronoun 'he' is from Old English.

How do you answer a call in a call center?

You answer a call in a call center just the way management tellsyou to. Each call center service has its own requirements for how acall is to be answered.

Why is he not calling?

Don't worry I've recently had this problem! It should be fine because when I saw him next he stared by explaining he'd lost his phone! Maybe something similar is happening to him:)

When someone calls how do you call back?

If it is a prank call, I usually don't call back. Any how you can limit incoming calls by having a call screening service offered by phone companies.

What is call by value and call by reference?

Call By Value, the standard way of doing things in C and C++, is where a copy of an object is placed in the parameter stack. The called function can access and manipulate that copy at will, but it cannot change the original copy because it has no way of knowing where that original copy is located. ( Full Answer )

Why are the quarks called what they are called?

The quark model was independently proposed by physicists Murray Gell-Man and George Zweig in 1964. Gell-Mann originally named the quark after the sound made by ducks. For some time, he was undecided on an actual spelling for the term he intended to coin, until he found the word quark in James Joyce' ( Full Answer )

What is the ' called?

The ' mark is called an apostrophe. It has four uses:. 1. The apostrophe indicates possessive forms of nouns.. Examples: . "Mary's book, " "The dog's bed". 2. The apostrophe indicates the omission of letters:. Examples: . will not = won't. do not = don't. I am = I'm. 3. The apostrophe ind ( Full Answer )

Who are The Calling?

The Calling is a band that was formed by Alex Band and Aaron Kamin. They have some good songs, too!

What is a call-out?

Call out is the ability of a phone system to make calls outside the office. It is the term use for toll free numbers that have the ability of not only receive inbound calls but to make outbound calls as well.

What is call number books called?

Do you mean 'what are call books called?'. It is 'are' because 'the books' are plural!. Is the answer you are looking for phone books or directories. These contain contact (phone) numbers of residents in a specific place.

What is a call?

A call can refer to a telephone conversation, a social visit, or acry or shout from one person to another. The word call can also refer to a bird's distinctive cry.is

Is it Crank Call or Prank Call?

Prank like a joke! A Crank call is made for the purpose of annoying, upsetting, or threatening someone.

What is this '' called?

ditto mark those are quotation marks you use them when using a quote she said, "i love puppies."

What do you call someone who calls you an idiot?

Ignore them, or say thank you I take that as a compliment then they will freak out but they won't say anything back except you're welcome. Just say "No." and flip 'em the bird. It works! There was this girl who used to do stuff like that to me. I used this system and she stopped bothering me. We ( Full Answer )

What will Call of Duty 9 be called?

since modern warfare 3 bombed they are not going to make another game SO FAR or so they say sorry to all fans out there

What will Call of Duty 8 be called?

There has never been a call of duty 5 so there can not be an Call of Duty 8. What are you a noob who can not learn that call of duty stopped using the numbers. You are as bad as the individuals calling Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare MW4

How do you record call during the call?

• There should be verbal or written consent from the calling party that the call will be recorded prior to the actual conversation. • Your caller should be informed through a default notification message when you start recording and when you have stopped. • During the course of ca ( Full Answer )

What is call abandoned in call center?

We are having a high rate of abandoned calls under 30 seconds. Myquestions are: Are Rona calls considered abandoned? If a call is presented to CSA and they either turnoff their hardtelephone headset light or place them selves on Not Ready are thesecalls considered abandon.

Why did they called Manchester called Manchester?

The name Manchester originates from the Ancient Roman name Mamucium, the name of the Roman fort and settlement, generally thought to be a Latinisation of an original Celtic name (possibly meaning "breast-like hill" from mamm- = "breast"), plus Old English ceaster = "town", which is derived from Lati ( Full Answer )

Why you call it call center?

A call center is called such because it employs people to eithertake or make telephone calls to existing or potential customers.Centers which also use web-based chat, SMS, social media, etc. arereferred to as Contact Centers as they have varying avenues ofinteracting with their customer base

Before they were called Christians what were they called?

Those that believed that Jesus was the messiah where called "Followers of Christ." The church and the term 'christian' didn't originate until after Christ ascended into heaven. (Note the word Christ is found in the word Christian.) Before then, people were either Jews or Gentiles (non-Jews). Jews ( Full Answer )

What is the 8th Call of Duty called?

wait for 2 more months, then google new call of duty game. they make release the title then. 2011 just started so they won't release anything

Will he call?

It depends if he cares about you or not. Don't wait too long. if he doesn't call for a month give up and fine someone better.

What is a side called of a parallelogram called?

The sides of a parallelogram do not have a specific name, like a rectangle, a rhombus, or just about any other polygon. However, we do know that both sides of the parallelo-grams are congruent.

What are call by value and call by reference?

Call by value is where the argument value is copied to the formal parameter, which is then passed to the function. While the function is executing, it can see the copy of the argument, and it can modify it, if desired, but since it is a copy, it cannot modify the original argument. Call by refere ( Full Answer )

Why did they call call of duty call of duty?

The "Call of Duty" was and is a term to describe the need of citizens to defend their own country by rising to the "call" to do so. In other words, it's the need and want to defend yourself and your countrymen.

What is muslim preacher call call?

The Muezzin is a sort of clergyman"s aid who initiates the prayer call from the minarets or watchtowers on the mosques. He is not the same as a minister or Imam, titles vary as there are different Moslem sects.

Which one is correct call you at or call you on?

i believe the man should call first if he does it shows he is serious and he would like to go on another date if you have to step up and call that shows he isn't ready for a relationship

What will the call of duty after mw3 be called?

The Treyarch Developed game to be released in November 2012 has not yet had the name leaked and it normally doesn't happen until spring. Official announcements normally begin during the summer months. There is zero chance of an earlier release date .

What do you do when debt collectors call and call?

The debtor has no legal obligation to speak with a collection agent. If the debtor chooses he or she can remit a "cease and desist" letter to the collection agency asking them to stop contacting them in any manner. Once the collector receives the written notice they cannot continue collection prac ( Full Answer )

Why do I get calls from telemarketers if I am on the do not call list?

there isn't really a "do not call" list. that is an urban myth. you can ask them to put you an the list, and they will say that they will, but thats just a way for them to get out. they will just let some other person call you next time, and deal with your wrath.

How do you call a call from Brazil to India?

you can use calling cards to india by telcan.it is very cheap and best.Looking for a cheap way to call India from Brazil ? And what if, the cheapest way is ironically premium in features and user experience. That's what, Telcan India calling card guarantees to its users. With a call rate as low as ( Full Answer )

What do you call a guy when he calls you baby?

This completely depends on what you think of the man who is calling you that. If he is your boyfriend and you don't mind being called that as a term of endearment, then its entirely acceptable for you to like being called such a thing, and all you need to do is respond to whatever he was saying befo ( Full Answer )

What are the Muslim calls to prayer called?

The Muslim call to prayer is called the adhan, or azan. The call to prayer is repeated five times each day, to coincide with the different locations of the sun and day (like sun up and sundown). The adhan is called out each time by the muezzin in the mosque, which is the Muslim place of worship.

What is ( called?

A ( is called the Left Parenthesis. The opposite, which is a ) is called the Right Parenthesis.