07 Impala SS where are the 8-speakers?

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2 tweeters, 2 in the front doors and 2 6X9's in the back.
The extra 2 speakers are just 2-way speakers in the 6x9's, instead of the rear being just the woofers, they have a mid-range included in the Bose option
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Which is faster 2005 impala SS or a 2006 impala SS?

Both are quite fast, but i believe the 2006 would be faster than the 2005.\n. \n2005 Impala specifications,\n. \nHorsepower (hp @ rpm): 240@5200\nTorque (lb-ft @ rpm):\n280

What year was the Impala ss made?

The Chevrolet Impala SS, or the Impala Super Sport, was introducedto the public in 1961. It was in production until 1969.

What is an impala ss?

a impala ss is a super sport version of a Chevy impala. rival to the ls which is the luxury sport. a impala is a Chevy and usually the impala ss is a 8 cylinder which is rival

What is the difrance between a impala and impala ss?

SS of course = Super Sport In 2006+ , the SS gets you a lot, Including V8, different Transmission/Suspension, 18 Inch Rims, etc... I'm not sure how different other years
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Is a lambo faster then a impala ss?

If its a SusanEngineerMobile than yes it will beat any lambo genie any day. If its not a susanengineermobile impala ss then no, it stands no chance against a lambo whatsoever.
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What is the average MPG of the Impala SS?

EPA estimations are 18 MPG in cities and 28 MPG for highways. However, you can pretty safely expect slightly lower values in reality, around 15 MPG in cities and 23 MPG on hig