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Bad strut or strut mount? Check for loose undercarriage components


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possible missing anti rattle clip on brakes....had same concern on 02 front brakes

could be an infection coming and a sign of the first stage of a cold coming

If its a ka thunk sound even on small bumps,Its most likely your STRUT MOUNTS.

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To control speed in parking lots and other populated driving places.

Could be a bad strut or shock No I have disconnected both rear shocks and knocking noise is still there whilst driving. Seems to be coming from rear. When stationary I can bounce rear of car up and down and hear noise with handbrake on but not with handbrake off. Any ideas?

I would guess sway bar bushings or strutts. what vehicle and constantly or only on bumps?

Sounds like a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury product if so advise more info and we can go through it.

Depends on the terrain you are driving in if roads are bumpy are potholed it has to be higher than if the roads are smooth with no bumps.

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Awfully low to the ground. I would consider driving slowly on speed bumps and dips in the road if your car is hoisted to that height.

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If its a motor knock it will do that while sitting/reving engine not just driving. If it's only while driving try different things to check it out. Does it do it over bumps?(parking lot speed bumps are a good test track) Maybe only when cornering? Try pushing up & down on the truck while its sitting and see if it does it. Does it shake also?

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