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In Bebo
dear sirim using airtel sim..by mistake i block my sim..i need help..its showing me pukcode how i can get this code..my no is 09972221244..plz mail me to mohammed.thabzil@rediffmail.com.
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Why was the UN formed?

Pretty much to prevent another world war. Also to stop Germany from rising to that much power again.

What is a block?

A block is a substantial, often cuboid, piece of a substance, suchas a block of ice, a group of properties, or, figuratively, thehuman head.

What is the purpose of the UN?

UN is the United Nation. The United Nation is a young but established International Organization that in my opinion do the following: - Set Standards for the Global States to follow - Provide a channel for Mediation for International Matters - Make Decision and do something that might be difficu ( Full Answer )

What are blocks?

It all depends on the context: Building materials: They are like large bricks and are usually made out of concrete instead of clay. Prisons and jails: A block is an area of cells for housing similar types of inmates. Schedules: They are random sized, larger units of time. Self-defense: Blocks c ( Full Answer )

Where is the headquarters of the UN?

The United Nations, or "UN", headquarters is located in New York City, New York. Even though it is located in New York, it is considered "International Territory".. For more info go to:: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Headquarters . (Copy and paste the address into your address bar) ( Full Answer )

What is the UN organization?

The united nations is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues..

Why did the UN form?

The United Nations was formed in 1945 after the end of the SecondWorld War. It was formed so that future conflicts won't result inanother war. Usually the United Nations hosts meetings in the UNbuilding located in New York. The UN also tries to help with healthissues around the world and economic pr ( Full Answer )

Un block Bebo?

you can't - once your blocked - your blocked ! or contact bebo support !

Who is in the UN?

Country: Date of Joining: Afghanistan - Nov 19, 1946 Albania - Dec 14, 1955 Algeria - Oct 8, 1962 Andorra - July 28, 1993 Angola - Dec 1, 1976 Antigua and Barbuda - Nov 11, 1981 Argentina - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member) Armenia - March 2, 1992 Australia - Nov 1, 1945 ( Full Answer )

What UN does?

Founded in 1945, succeeding WWII to replace the League of Nations, prevent war and allow for international talks, the UN has since established itself as a platform for global issues to be decided upon. The aims and objectives of the United Nations to facilitate cooperation in international law, in ( Full Answer )

What un is?

This question may refer to the UN, which is the abbreviation for the United Nations, a diplomatic organization with offices in New York; it is made up of member countries from all over the world. Or it may be asking about the prefix "un," which means "not" and begins a number of English words like u ( Full Answer )

Who are in the UN?

A. Afghanistan (19 November 1946) . Albania (14 December 1955) . Algeria (8 October 1962) . Andorra (28 July 1993) . Angola (1 December 1976) . Antigua and Barbuda (11 November 1981) . Argentina (24 October 1945) . Armenia (2 March 1992) . Australia (1 November 1945) . Austria (14 December ( Full Answer )

When do you use 'un' or 'une' in French?

it is dependant on the gender of the word, look up the word in the dictionary and it should indicate whether it is feminine or masculine, un is for masculine, une is for feminine Il y a quelques regles qui peuvent aider un peu - par example, les mots se terminant en "eur" ou "tion" sont en g ( Full Answer )

Where was the UN?

this is the main office of UN: United Nations United Nations New York, NY 10017 NY Tel. 212-963-1234 Fax 212-963-3133

How do you un-block someone on WikiAnswers?

Only supervisors can unblock someone, but users are blocked for a reason and are rarely unblocked. The user themselves can email Wikianswers if they believe they have been unfairly blocked.

What is the name of the song that goes Uns uns uns baby?

It is the song I am going to write in the future based off of my name!! Sincerely, Unser Ahmed a.k.a Uns Uns Baby I searched the web to find the answer to this question and i became disappointed with the results. I said whatever and decided to look up some Bloodhound Gang and sure enough ( Full Answer )

How do you not get blocked?

Throw the ball higher up in the air to make a bigger arc. Get taller. Jump higher. Be faster and dodge around the defender and then shoot. Pretty simple.

How do you un block apps on facebook?

Go to privaci settings and go to blocked apps and it has a botton called "un- block app" press that.....hope this helps

Where does the UN get its finances?

The United Nations receives its annual funding from the govern­ments of its 192 member states. How much each member nation contributes is based on the member's ability to pay. Factors such as national income, population and level of debt are considered when calculating a nation's contribution. ( Full Answer )

How is an action taken by UN security council blocked?

It can't be - the permanent five members of the Security Council have the power to SC resolutions proposed by others but if it is adopted by the UNSC it is binding on all member states of the UN. If a state does not comply, it could be let off simply by the UN not willing to go to the 'next stage' ( Full Answer )

Who are the enemies of the UN?

The unfree world... [/sarcasm] But seriously, the UN has no 'enemies' as such. If we look at who opposes the UN, then typical candidates would be North Korea and Iran, who ignore its resolutions, or members such as the P5 who oppose reform that would aid the UN in completing its duties.

What has the UN helped with?

The United Nations, UN, is an international organization. Theorganization has assisted globally to curb hunger, improve drinkingwater, and assist refugees.

How do you get un-tired?

Being sleep deprived is hard to fix. You need at least 8 hours of sleep to give your body time to rest, but if you're wanting a simpler fix coffee and the healthy energy shots are a good source to turn to, Of course they don't give you enough energy to last the whole day but they'll do for awhile..

Where do you have un?

The main office of the United Nations is in New York. It also has offices in Geneva.

Un peuple un but une foi?

one people, one goal, one faith (this is the motto of Senegal and Mali, both in West Africa)

Which was the forerunner of the un?

"Which" implies a choice of answers. What are the choices? Do you mean "What was the forerunner of the UN?" If so, you are probably looking for 'the League of Nations'.

What is un sandwich?

this is a sandwich, that is a slice of something between two slices of bread.

Why do you have a un?

Un/une in French serves the same purpose as a/an in English. It is to indicate that there is one of a particular object. "Un" is used for masculine nouns, such as "Un chat" (a cat), whilst "Une" is used for feminine nouns, such as "Une télévision" (a teevision). In English it is not the ( Full Answer )

Is UN an NGO?

It's more of an international organization. It's a multilateral organization comprised of the world's governments.

What does un or une mean?

Un is a masculine article and une is a feminine article. They both mean one, or a. Example: un chat: a cat

What are UN MDGs?

The UN MDGs are a group of goals that the UN set in 1999 and they are trying to meet them by 2015 these are the goals- To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger To achieve universal primary education To promote gender equality and empower women To reduce child mortality To improve maternal health To ( Full Answer )

How powerful is the UN?

The UN itself is not powerful at all but some members of the Security Council are. The others just talk a lot.

How to be un-Hacked?

if hacked on a companies game, contact the company and ask to be reimbursed with new sh*t if hacked through the internet into your computer, contact the authorities and find the guy.

What was the un and why was it created?

the United Nations still exists, and it was created after world war II, to prevent another war like that, and promote global well being...

Who are members of un?

Vijayalashmi Pandit as the president of UN General assembly , Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Dr.Radhakrishnan as Chairmen of UNESCO ; Rajkumari Amrit Kaur as Chairperson of WHO ; Sri V.R.Sen as president of FAO

Why do the UN have permanent members of the UN?

This question is not clear. Depending on how you view it, every member is permanent, since they do not have to renew their membership, or none are, since they can withdraw whenever they want. I wonder whether you meant "why are some members of the UN Security Council permanent". The answer to that ( Full Answer )

Is it un or une for gloves in French?

It is neither, it's actually "des gants" if you have any other trouble you could always check with "Google Translate" * but remember never to translate your whole project using it as your teachers will be able to tell!

How do you un-recommend an answer?

As of August 2013, there does not seem to be a way to unrecommend an answer on most answer websites. You can always post another answer and explain that you no longer agree with the previous answer that you had recommended.

What are the statistics of the UN?

The United Nations collects a huge number of statistics. It mightbe best to visit their web site at un.org. You can learn aboutmember states and the most frequently asked questions on the mainpage. To get access to statistics or any other specific topic youcan use the search field in the upper right ( Full Answer )