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Many companies restrict reference answers to the period of time the individual worked for the company. Questions that will be asked, and maybe answered, would include timeliness, driving record, work record, absentee frequency, moral character and general ability to get along with others.

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Q: 10 questions a trucking company will ask ex employer?
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Can my employer ask me health questions?

You cannot be asked medical questions or health questions if you are applying for a job. Your employer can ask you health questions and can even ask for your medical records, but you do have the right to refuse those requests.

Ask questions if you dont understand?

ask the employer to repeat the question

What questions can a prospective employer legally ask a former employer for a reference check in Virginia?

The only questions that are truly legal are if the employee worked their and what their position was. They can also ask if they are eligible for rehire.

What are most enterviewer ask in an enterview?

Many interviewers ask probing questions that dive into the applicants work ethic and background skills. The main two questions are; what makes the individual a good fit in the company, and why the employer should hire the individual.

What can be asked when a potential employer checks reference?

Answer A potental employer can ask any questions they deem fit

What questions are a prospective employer allowed to ask a previous employer in the state of Texas?

Background checks are unregulated.

Questions you could your employer ask regarding rights and responsibilities in the workplace?


What questions should employer ask when selecting a health insurance broker?

There are many questions that employer should ask when selecting a health insurance broker. The common questions will include amount of premiums to be paid and what the policy covers among others.

What questions can you not ask a previous employer about a previous employee in Florida?

The list of questions that you can ask, or rather that they can answer is much shorter. Did they work there How long When did they leave

What sort of training do you need for a trucking job?

In order to find out what kind of training you must undergo in order to attain a job in the trucking industry you much consult a trucking company and ask them about it or perhaps talk to a person who works in the industry.

What info does an employer find out about previous jobs?

A potential employer may ask one of your former employers questions about your work habits, your punctuality, your honesty, your work ethics, your personality. All things that will help them determine if you are suitable for their company.

Questions an employer ask on an work application?

Describe your skills and qualifications for the position.