10 reasons why the chicken crossed the road?

1. He was sleepwalking 2. he was sick of the communism on his side so he crossed the road on Americas behalf 3. Every time you ask these question another chicken crosses the road. 4. WHY CANT HE!!!!!!!! 5. He saw another chicken which he wanted to chat to 6. let sleeping chickens lie 7. there was food on the other side 8. He was addicted 9. He was feeling self conscious and under pier pressure 10. He was losing weight and exercising Possible answers: he was a bum and had no home OR he thought the grass was greener on the other side OR to get to the other side other possible answers: chickens are girls not HE'S so get it rite. SHE wanted to and u dont mess with chickens if its their special time of month. NEVER EVER DO IT OR ELES YOU WILL DIE. SHE wanted to b different all the other chickens were getting drunk. maybe SHE never crossed the road have you ever thought about that noooooooooooooo you havent so just leave the poor chicken alone ok?! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!