1843 44 caliber Navy revolver engraved by WL Ormsby New York serial number a14510 serial in its original box how much is it worth?

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The Navy revolver was not .44 caliber (it was.36 caliber), and was not made in 1843. Without seeing the gun, will tell you it is likely you have a reproduction of the Colt revolver made in Italy by Pietta. You will need a hands on appraisal by an experienced dealer or collector. Modern day reproductions are in the $200 range, depending on condition. PS- Ormsby invented the machine that performed roll engraving. While he was an engraver, his actual engraving was for printing plates for bank notes. Not guns. We have been asked about a revolver with THAT serial number at least 5 times, reinforcing the belief that it is a reproduction.
a good $50 and a couple gs
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What is the age and value of an S and W revolver 44 special serial number 15687?

If the gun is actually a S&W made gun, it is possible to get an accurate, free estimate by providing a picture of it, checking in at the smith-wessonforum.com. Answer There are about 100 models of S&W revolvers and many of them are available in .44 Special. There are also a lot of cheap knock- ( Full Answer )

What is the value of an Iver Johnson 44 caliber rifle serial number 84172?

It's not actually a rifle, it's a shotgun. It fires a .44 XL shot, which is basically a .44 casing with a paper pouch with 8 shot in it. I had my grandpa's looked at in the Cabela's gun library and they said that even though they stopped making it around 1920 it's still only worth $250-$400 dependin ( Full Answer )

Where is the serial number engraved on a gun?

Answer . It is stamped, not engraved. On any firearm made or sold in the US after December 31, 1968, it must be on the receiver. Earlier firearms sometimes had it marked on other parts and in the days when each part was hand-fitted at the factory, many had the serial number on several parts.

How much is a blackpowder pistol engaged by W L Ormsby on May 16th 1843 with the serial no 75901 worth?

There are only two possibilities: Either you have an original 1st generation Colt Navy 1851 or 1861 or Army 1860 in perfect mint brand new condition (otherwise that line would have been faded away), then you should reckon with at least USD 8,000 (and in that case you are a reputed collector and ough ( Full Answer )

How much is a Colt Peacemaker 22 caliber serial number G72679 worth?

Depends. Current market trends show anywhere from a low of $400.00 to a high of $900.00 based on the original equipment you have such as extra grips, the original box with paperwork, extra cylinder and the relative "cleanness" of the firearm itself. Take it to a reputable dealer in your area. But r ( Full Answer )

Colt navy 1851 Serial 28181 all matching numb excelent condition Do anyone know history and what year manufactured it has trigger guard of iron and stock of ivory rich engraved by W L Ormsby New York?

ol timers such as yours are collectable. however, price is based on condition overall.. I believe your revolver was made about 1854. based on information you provided, and condition is real good, I would say you have a high price gun. suggest you pick up a copy of: bluebookinc.com the book contains ( Full Answer )

1843 Colt Black Powder Pistol engraved by W L Ormsby on May 16 1843 sailboats on cylinder how much is it worth?

my sister called me tonight and her husbands father was handed down this beutiful pistol i live 600 miles away she has no internet they would like to know how much it is worth there are markings that we can not figure it out may 16 1843 it also has this sequence of numbers A8445 also has this sequen ( Full Answer )

What is a Winchester 73 44 caliber worth octagon barrel serial 101572A?

The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.. Bert H.

Where can I find information about 22 caliber Harrington and Richardson revolver serial number S23054?

Start at your local library. Well, that's one place to go - check a copy of the "Blue Book of Gun Values" by Steve Fjestad - look under the Harrington & Richardson Inc. identification section. You'll need to determine model. With that "S" prefix it could be a pre 1940 Hinged frame, 9 shot Single Act ( Full Answer )

What is a Browning Auto light 20 grade 1 serial number 14893 new in original box never fired worth. It has a 7Z or 2 in addition to the serial number?

Your serial number is missing a letter and/or a letter/number preceding or above the 14893. This information is needed to determine the year of manufacture. Near mint guns and original box will command an extra premium.. Value depends on the year of manufacture and if there are handling marks or we ( Full Answer )

What year is a Browning Auto light 20 gauge serial number 7z 14893 and What is it worth mint new still in original box never fired?

This gun was made in 1967. Value is difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Auto 5's with poly-chokes, compensators and recoil pads (other than Mag 12's) will reduce value.. If truly m ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a navy arms co 44. caliber pistol black powder serial number 219060?

It depends greatly on the maker, model and condition The Blue book value places them at $95 to $175 in top condition, (again dependant on maker and condition) I find they sell a bit higher at the on line auctions with the case colored steel frame. The brass frames sell for around the $110 mark. You ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 44 cal revolver with serial number 62523 made in Italy?

Depending on model {1860 colt, 1858 Remington etc} and condition, values can range from $100 up. The best way to determine actual value is to search the on-line auctions, such as gun broker and auction arms or even proxibid, enter your details in the search and see what is selling and for how much. ( Full Answer )

How much is a 36 cal model navy 1851 worth made by euroarms Brescia Italy on the barrel it has the words engaged 16 may 1843 on it along with a big sail boat and the serial number is 17171?

I have one too. Looking a the auctions online i saw one identical to yours with the boat scene on the revolver go for $177.77 but they have ranged from $130.00 to $200.00 depending on condition. Some colt parts will interchange just in case you decide not to sell it. It was actually manufactured in ( Full Answer )

1843 44 caliper navy revolver a 14510 how much its worth?

The firearms section of Answers.com is full of questions by peopleasking what their firearm is worth. In pretty much every case theanswer is the same. None of us can assign a meaningful value toyour firearm without actually being able to inspect it, assess itscondition, and determine if it remains o ( Full Answer )

Black Powder Pistol engraved by W L Ormsby on May 16 1843 sailboats on cylinder how much is it worth?

With any colt of that age and also that it is engraved along with who has done the engraving,you would be much better served to have your firearm appraised by a pro.especially one who deal,s with the older models such as yours.I would also write to the colt factory and get a letter from them stating ( Full Answer )

What is a 22 caliber serial number 2073856 worth?

The value of a firearm is based on the exact make, model, and condition. You gave us none of those. The serial number does NOT indicate make or model, or even the type of firearm- yours could be a rifle, pistol, or revolver. Please repost you question listing ALL marking on the gun, it's general con ( Full Answer )

How much is a 22 caliber liberty 21 short revolver with serial number 42450 worth?

Unfortunately, this is not easy to answer. Liberty is not a brand name, but a model name. A model name that was used by several companies spanning over 60 yrs, and several nations. The majority of these were very inexpensive firearms, generally grouped under the term "suicide special". Values may ra ( Full Answer )

What kind of 22 caliber revolver has serial number 218970?

It is impossible to answer your question. You should understand that a serial number is NOT unique to only one gun in the world- if it were, it would be a number that ran into the trillions. A serial number-BY ITSELF- rarely communicates any information on the gun it is on. Sorry.

What is a cva revolver with serial number b52937 worth?

A CVA Revolver with the serial number b52937 could be worth anything. But with your discription it is hard to put a price on it. How much it is worth depends on the condition it is in. It could range from nothing to a couple thousand.

What year is your navy arms co revolver with serial number 13490?

If you know the brand, or who made your Navy arms co revolver, they would be able to tell you what year it is. There isn't anything on the internet with serial number 13490. You may also be able to take it to a gun shop and they may be able to tell you.