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It means it's not real. a copy and or fake.


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whats the value of a 1795 silver dollar.

1896 is a common date for Morgan dollars, a typical Mint State coin is $48.00-$55.00

In general $25.00-$35.00, but it also depends on the condition of the coin and if it has any mintmarks. Look at it again and post new question with more info. Mintmarks are on the reverse above the letters DO in dollar.

List for this coin in MS-60 is $50.00.

The U.S. has never used an M mint mark. You're looking at the monogram of the designer, G. T. Morgan - the reason these are normally called Morgan dollars. See the Related Question for more information.

The only dollar coins issued in 1980 were made of cupro-nickel, not silver. They're only worth face value.

kinds of strange how it would have a smooth edge as the Morgan dollars came with readed edges and you would have to be more specific with this "wide strip". If its whats called a die crack then that can increase the value of the coin maybe 50% or more.

In circulated condition, $5 to $10 depending on the degree of wear.

First you must determine if the reverse is upside down. All US coins are struck as "coin turned" meaning the reverse is upside down from the obverse. lay the coin flat on a table with the obverse up, turn it from left to right. If the eagle is upside down this is normal. If it's not, you have whats called a "Rotated Die" error that must be seen for an assessment of value. In general, the 1890 Philadelphia issued Morgan (no mintmark) is considered common. Circulated coins run from $30.00-$40.00 depending on the grade of the coin.

50 cents, contains no silver, and is one of the most common half dollars in circulation.

A hundredth of a dollar is exactly ONE PENNY.

whats the requierments of opening a dollar account

It contains 1 ounce of gold, as stated on the reverse side. The current retail price for these coins is around $1100.

The coin is whats called silver bullion and is worth whatever the price or silver is. As of 8/31/08 its worth about $14. Maybe $15 or $16 due to those coins being a little more then, what are called, regular silver rounds

the scientific name for a sand dollar is ''Clypeaster subdepressus''

At the moment: about 1.47 dollar for a euro.

Half Dollar: Eagle also John F. Kennedy

Look up: Whats is currency US dollar to pesos.

No U.S. silver dollars are dated 1830 because none were made. Look at the coin for a .999 fine, one ounce marking. It may be whats called a "Silver Round" that's an ounce of silver made to resemble a coin. The value would be just for the silver.

The difference is in the 'S' mint mark which is found on the left side of the coin just above her shoulder. The Type 1 dollar's 'S' is like a blob - it is not well defined and is somewhat fat. On the other hand, the 'S' on the Type 2 dollar is more clearly defined and is clearly an 'S'. The Type 2 dollar is much more scarce than the Type 1 dollar.

10-25$ if it is 25 it is uncirculated if 10 not so good Could be $12, could be $2500. Depends on the condition and the signatures.

Whats the value of a 1935g one dollar bill with blue writing on it

If you have sensitive skin you might want to go with silver but if you dont and want to go with whats cheaper sterling silver is what you should choose.

I have a 2002 Genesis I and I have to hit the reverse button a couple times to get it into gear. If the light is flashing it is on in reverse that is why you don't have power i n reverse

Retail is $200 to $600 depending on condition.

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