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1921 d silver dollar worth?


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In average condition the coin is worth $15-20.


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1921 was the last year for Morgans, so 1922 is a Peace dollar. It's worth about $27.

Mint state Morgans dated 1921 issued from the Denver Mint are very common with retail prices of $30.00-40.00

Are you sure that's not a D? The New Orleans mint stopped making coins after 1909. Now a 1921-D Morgan is one of the most common dates for silver dollars, currently worth about $21.

A 1978-D Eisenhower dollar has no silver in it and is only face value.

The US did not mint a dollar coin in 1968, therefore you don't have a 1968-D silver dollar.

How much is a 1968 kennedy silver half dollar worth

Of all the Morgan dollars, the 1921 coins are the highest mintage most common. Regardless of mintmarks, values for circulated coins are $31.00-$40.00.

These coins contain no silver and are worth only face value.

Sorry no O mint in 1921,it's a D or S. The 1921 date is so common even in mint state the buy value is below $40.00.

Please check your coin again. 1921-dated Peace dollars were only struck at Philadelphia. If your coin has a "D" above the "DO" in "DOLLAR" and the eagle's wings are outstretched, you have a Morgan dollar rather than a Peace dollar. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1921 Morgan silver dollar?"

In 1921 two different dollars were made both dated 1921. The most common is a Morgan dollar, some do have D or S mintmarks on the back of the coin just above the word DOLLAR. The other coin is a PEACE dollar that has this word on the back of the coin and will NOT have any mintmarks.

There is no "series D silver dollar" (a coin) so I assume you're referring to a silver certificate. See the Related Question for more information.

PCGS shows a retail price of about $1300, although that may be a bit on the high side.

If it has a D mintmark, it isn't proof nor is it silver. It is only worth $1 unless uncirculated and in mint packaging then it could be worth perhaps a dollar more.

the 1977 dollar has Dwight d Eisenhower on it and is worth 5.00 to 6.00 dollars

If it has 3 clearly repunched mintmark images, it will be worth about $30 in circulated condition.

It's worth about $10 due to its silver content.

If there is one, it's on the back above the letters DO in the word dollar.No mint mark = PhiladelphiaS = San FranciscoD = Denver (1921 coins only)

You can't. The Carson City mint only operated from 1870 to 1893. 1921 silver dollars were minted at Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S).

If there is no mintmark it was made a Philadelphia. D means Denver and S means San Francisco.

No US one dollar coins were made in 1943, post new question.

US Silver Dollars - 1921 - There were four separate coins minted for 1921 -The Morgan Silver Dollar - (Morgans were minted from 1878-1921 with a break between 1904 and 1921) The 1921 S - San Fransisco - D Denver and Philadelphia (no mint mark) 1921 was also the first year of the Peace Dollar 1921-1935 The first year 1921 was struck as High Relief - the 1921 was only minted at Philadelphia @ a little over 1 million coins- fairly low - these coins in ultra mint condition fetch a bundle - there is one variety with a matte finish - 10 minted - sometimes hard to tell- it is valued in excess of 250,000 US.

I have a 1921s Morgan silver dollar that appeads to have a slanted D between the first and second star below the E on the left side of the coin.

1921 is the only year Morgan dollars were struck at the Denver Mint. No other dates could have a "D" mintmark. All 1921-D Morgan's have a tiny or "micro" mintmark.

For the series of Morgan dollars 1921 is the most common highest mintage year. Assuming the coin is circulated and depending on grade a 1921-D retails at $16.00-$25.00

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