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1946 stahly razor does not wind up as it is supposed to?


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2008-07-02 14:06:42
2008-07-02 14:06:42

This may be a very late answer to this question as I do not know when it was posted. I was the owner of the Stahly razor company until I shut it down about 1978. I still have a number of razors in their original box that still work. The head of the razor has stuck to the foam holding it down in the box, so they need to be cleaned up, but they do work. I have men's models made from aluminum (after we could not get brass) and also women's models that are pink and chrome (the pink is a special surface painted on the handle.) If interested, I would sell these razors in "as is" condition in the original sealed boxes. Ken Booster Indianapolis, IN


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