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It's worth about $12.00 just for the silver.

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What is the value of a 1957 US proof half dollar?

You have a Franklin half dollar - a 1957 proof coin is worth around $25.00.

What is the value of a 1957 silver dollar?

There was no silver dollar in the US made in 1957. It might be a half dollar. These are usually worth about $10-15.

How much is 1957 half dollar worth?

The 1957 Franklin half dollar is a very common high mintage coin of the series, most are valued for the silver at about $15.00.

How much is walking 1957 liberty silver half dollar worth?

The last year for the Walking Liberty halves was 1947. A half dollar dated 1957 is a Franklin half. Please look at the coin again and post new question.

What does a half dollar look like?

a half dollar looks like a dollar cut in half

What is a Half-Dollar?

a half dollar is a us coin that is half a dollar so 50 cents it is bigger than a quarter

What is the value of a 1957 Franklin half dollar with mint mark d?

If the coin shows any wear, value is for the silver at about $6.00

1979 liberty half dollar?

A US half dollar with a date of 1979 is a Kennedy half dollar not a liberty half dollar. The coin has no silver and is only face value.

Is a silver dollar the same as a half dollar?

No, a silver dollar does not equal a half dollar. Instead, in the USA it equals a full dollar.

What fraction of 1 is one half dollar?

1/2 or 0.5 of a dollar is half a dollar

What is the value of an American 1957 half dollar?

Currently about $6-$8 for and average grade coin. Better grades command higher prices.

How many cents are in a half of dollar?

Half a dollar is fifty cents.

How much is a half dollar?

a half dollar would be 50 cents

Who is the president on the front of the half-dollar?

John F. Kennedy is currently on the obverse of the half dollar.

What coin doubles in value when half is deducted?

I can think of several, although only one is still made today Half dollar ("half dollar" - "half" = "dollar") Half cent Half dime Half eagle That was simple.

Was the barber design the only 1898 half dollar?

The Barber Half Dollar was the only half dollar minted by the US Treasury from 1892 through 1915. This coin was followed by the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

How large should a half dollar be?

A U.S. half dollar has a diameter of 30.6mm.

What is 3 fourth of a Dollar?

1 and 1 half of half of a dollar ... TROLOLOLO!

What does one half dollar mean?

1 half dollar is 50 cents.

When did they start Franklin half dollar?

The Franklin half dollar was introduced in 1948.

When was Bridgeport Half Dollar created?

Bridgeport Half Dollar was created in 1936.

Which coin has a greater circumference a dollar or half dollar?

Currently a half dollar has a greater circumference than circulating dollar coins. Older dollar coins will have a greater circumference than half dollars though.

How much is a 1969s proof half dollar worth?

A 1969-S proof half dollar - aka - Kennedy Half Dollar is worth: $7.00.

How many quarters in a half -dollar?

Two quarters equal one half dollar.

Who is on the 1926 half-dollar?

If you mean the 1926 commemorative half dollar,It's Presidents Coolidge & Washington.

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