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One or more cylinders on that bank are burning oil, possibly a cracked piston, worn or stuck ring or it could even be a valve guide seal, although they generally act a little different. Pull the spark plugs on that side of the engine ONE AT A TIME (so you don't get the plug wires mixed up) and examine the plug for oil. If you see one plug that's black and wet, it's probably the one that's causing the problem. You should have some more signs here. White smoke sounds like water vapor so are you adding radiator water now and then? A leaking head or intake manifod gasket could put a little water in the system. You will have white smoke until the engine is warned up but it should be gone after warmup. If there is a cross over pipe on the exhausts look for a clogged catconvertor.

2006-07-27 22:23:38
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Q: 1985 Chevrolet Scottsdale it has a 305 engine with dual exhaust when you get on the gas white smoke comes from the driver side pipe What would the problem be?
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