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Mufflers and Tailpipes

Mufflers and tailpipes are components of an exhaust system. The tailpipes guide the exhaust away from the engine and into the muffler. The muffler reduces the noise coming from the engine through the tailpipe.

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What can cause white smoke from the exhaust?

Here are the best answers compiled from s.com contributors: It often means that you are burning antifreeze. You asked if it needs antifreeze, have you noticed any leaking out of the reservoir tank while you are running it? Sometimes when the head gasket goes it will produce a passage for the antifreeze to pass from the capillaries into the combustion chamber. It is easy to check if you have an air compressor. Remove one of the rear sparkplugs and the radiator cap. Fill...
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What is exhaust tech system in automobile?

Exhaust tec means TORQUE EXPANSION CHAMBER it increases power and mileage of automobile ...
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How do you silence a loud exhaust noise?

Silencing a Loud Exhaust Exhaust systems are very resistant to temporary fixes due to their heat and locale. If there is a hole in the exhaust have it patched or replaced, If the muffler no longer quiets the engine Replace it, If your header is leaking Get a new gasket and install it, Nothing else will work for more than a short time. An exhaust leak is an automatic fail on emissions testing, and carbon monoxide from the leak is dangerous. When replacing...
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What causes a car to throw white smoke while driving it?

White smoke is coolant entering the combustion chamber. You have a blown head gasket. STOP driving this car immediately or you will destroy this engine. The head gasket must be replaced. ...
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Why do tail pipes on pickup trucks come out to the side and not the rear?

shorter pipes mean less cost to manuf. = mo profit. And it looks sporty. My truck's tailpipe is bent 90 degrees with the tip extending another 12-14 inches out behind the right rear tire. The pipe would be the perfect length without that last bend and if it exited straight out of the vehicle's rear. Truck tailpipes exit the side because when towing a trailer rear facing pipes can cause exhaust fumes to enter the passenger compartment by hitting the trailer and...
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What causes a car to backfire?

usually late ignition timing could cause this or an excessive amount of fuel in the exhaust system. answer backfire can be caused by choke not shutting off completely, also could have a bad distributor cap, bad spark plugs, bad ignition condensor, bad plug leads, or to much fuel getting to carburetor system Consider getting yourself a service manual as it contains many troubleshooting for your car. Comes very handy sometimes. Can also be caused by crossed spark plug wires meaning they are not connected in...
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What could cause a sudden drop in gas mileage?

If you mileage has dropped dramaticly in a short span of time there is one very probable answer. The thermostat to you engines cooling system may have puller through into the engine itself, or simply be in need of a replacement. With no thermostat the coolant is constantly circulating the engine. It is supposed to only do this at a higher temperature but if the engine is constantly cold it will be running a rich mixture of fuel, causeing the mileage...
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Will bad rings cause blue smoke from exhaust?

Stuck or broken oil rings can cause blue smoke.
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Scooter engine making loud noise?

If a scooter engine is louder than normal if could indicate one of several problems. You should check the oil level straight away, especially if it is a two stroke engine, as lack of oil, especially two stroke can cause major damage to the engine, and if the engine is running dry it would definitely be louder than normal, and could seize if you continue to use it.The most likely cause of the noise is the exhaust. If a hole has...
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What would cause white smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

If you are having a lot of white smoke all the time the car runs then check for coolant mixing in with the oil,look for water in the oil when you check the oil or milky brown oil. This produces a white "steam" that is very thick to come out of the exhaust. If your engine temp. gauge is very high and over heats you probably have a blown head gasket. If it has a bluish tint look it may...
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What does blue smoke from the exhaust mean?

Well unfortunately you can count on it meaning you'll have to get your wallet ready for a workout. Blue smoke could indicate a few different things I guess. However it is my own experiences that tell me what is happening is your motor oil is leaking past your piston rings and getting into the engine cylinder and mixing with your fuel and ultimately burning along with the gas. That leakage is getting compressed with the gasoline in the combustion chamber and the...
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How do you remove muffler on John Deere stx38?

I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to replace my front axle and I need to remove the muffler to get to the axle bolt. Please help. I recently replaced the front axle on my STX38 so I took off the muffler as well. The muffler's heat shield needs to come off first, I think there's just two bolts holding that in place on the front of it. If I remember correctly, there were 4 bolts total securing the muffler. There are...
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How can you make a single exhaust into a dual exhaust if there is not room to run pipes on both sides of the car?

If there is not enough room for dual exh. because of transmission cross member. Do as I did . Take out cross member weld thick piece of metal about 9" long where exh. will be then cut a notch in cross member for exhaust. IT works wonderful! ...
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Why would gas come out of the exhaust pipe?

Don't want to doubt you, but I'd definitely check to make sure it feels lightly oily or even soak some a few drops into a paper towel and see if it ignited (careful of course). Assume it's not running rough / missing occasional firings, right? This can also be caused by a defective fuel pressure regulator. (Ford Ranger) ...
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How long should an exhaust pipe last?

With in 3-4 years, if you drive long periods of time you will get more time out of it because you will dry up the water in the pipe and it will not rust out as fast. ...
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How do you convert a 1988 Caprice Classic from single exhaust to a 'true' dual exhaust?

The only main problem you are going to have is there is no dual exhaust cross member available as far as I know, but a good custom pipe bender at a muffler shop can pancake the driverside pipe. Which means they square off the pipe where it won't hang below the crossmember's nonexistant hump. If you run dual after market converters it should pass emmissions. If you want the look of duals, go to Big Al's muffler and break. They do cat-back...
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What might cause white smoke from the exhaust after having a head gasket repair done?

Having a CRACKED head will make WHITE smoke IF U didn't have the head MAGNA-FLUXED. White smoke is steam. if it doesnt quit after awhile Id say that there is a leak in the head gasket between one of the coolent passages and a cylinder. this will let water into the cylinder which is turned into steam during combustion then exausted out the tail pipe. just to clear up something: Magnafluxing will not prevent cracks, it is a process used to detect...
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Why would a car burn oil when it does not leak or blow blue smoke?

More details would be helpful. However if your car is using too much oil it has to be either going on the ground or thru the engine. Please try to clarify and give more details for instance how much oil is it using? Has the car sit for a long time? Is there any sign of oil on the engine itself? Is there any signs of oil underneath the car look well at the underside of the floor board? , EzForJesus It...
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Can anything other than a blown head gasket cause white smoke to come from the exhaust?

Intake manifold or it's gasket, cracked head or block are other possible causes.White smoke may seem evident if you do short drives and moisture is built up in the exhaust from not getting hot enough. The only common head gasket on the Taurus (FORD) is their 3.8 motor. It usually surfaces between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. ...
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Why would white smoke come from the exhaust of a car when it was restarted after overheating?

This means that water is passing through your exhaust system which usually means that either a head gasket went bad or crack or warped head. Answer Did you repair the car first? Because if not your engine is probably hurtin' (blown head gasket or warped head). The most common leak in a blown head gasket is the anti-freeze. White smoke is anti-freeze burning (or boiling) and you probably noticed you're losing anti-freeze from the reservoir. Also check your oil for overfilling and a greenish...
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Will driving with a blown head gasket damage the car?

Although rare, if it overheats the block could crack. If the coolant and oil mix (keep an eye on the oil condition), it could wipe out the bottom end of the engine. If the cylinder fills with coolant enough and the piston tries to compress the liquid, it could do damage to several parts including twisting the crankshaft. It would be smart to not drive it, but I guess life is all about risks and opportunity costs. More Information: I was driving home...
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Why when you push the accelerator would your car blow a lot of smoke?

White smoke = Coolant leak, head gasket is the likely culprit. Blue smoke = Engine burning oil. Black smoke = Engine running too rich, wasting fuel. ...
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Why does your exhaust backfire?

Spark plug wires are installed incorrectly, or the enigne is out of time. Too much fule that is not being combusted in the engine. Fuel gets into the hot exhaust, then ignites. ...
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What is considered loud exhaust in Michigan?

93 decibels is pretty much standard when dealing with aftermarket exhuaust requirements. Some states are higher but none are lower. ...