Founded in 1810, Peugeot is a brand of vehicles from France which started off manufacturing bicycle. It produced its first vehicle in 1891, and has a big auto manufacturing plant in Sochaux, France.

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Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
Peugeot 307

Where is the brake light switch on a peugeot 307cc?

It's below the glove box passenger side. Remove piece of carpet held by 3 clips. look for a connector with some white wires. Just twist the body of switch and pull it out.

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Where is the thermostat valve on Peugeot expert van?

Follow the top hose from the radiator that goes to the engine, the first thing the hose connects to next to the engine is the thermostat housing, two bolts take them off and wala! there is the thermostat.

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
Peugeot 406

How does one fit a Peugeot headlight?

on the peugeot 205 the headlight can be fitted / removed as follows; lift the bonnet the headlight assembly is held in place by 2 springs on the sides unclip each spring there is a slotted grub screw above the lamp that adjusts the angle of the lamp slacken off this screw (counter clockwise) you will find that the connecting rod is fitted using a small ball joint. unclip the ball joint and the lamp will then release. the wiring connections to each bulb are a simple spade type push fit.

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What size battery for a Peugeot Speedfight Moped?

a standard size scotor batter will work u can get one from almost anny scotor or scotor shop


Peugeot 206CC petrol fuel pump relay location?

The fuel pump relay should be under the ECU unit,if you look to left of engine bay top of inner wing you should see it.Some are held on by 10mm nut and some push on.

Apparently these are not interchangable and that's from experience.

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How do you remove the radiator on a Peugeot 406?

Pug 406 rad is the easiest to change that I've ever done...

drain the coolant

remove top and bottom hose clips and the thin hoseremove sensor multi plug

remove hoses

flick up clips at top of rad

lift it out!! that's it !!

replace in reverse order making sure the bottom locating pin rubber grommets are in place.

it really is that simple ..


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If the windscreen does not have a chassis number what does dat mean?

nothing as the windscreen could have been changed for many reasons.

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How to change speedometer wire on your Peugeot 205 GTI -88?

Not a horrendously hard thing to do. firstly look at the instrument binnacle, you should see a screw on the side, unscrew this. then binnacle will be able to be pulled off after this (it will be stiff!) you should now see the bare instruments screwed to the dash. unscrew them (should be a screw in each corner on the white bit (4 in total?) this done pull the binnacle forward (again it will be stiff but be brutal, it will come. you will see the speedo cable clipped to the back of the instrument panel. simply unclip it. heres the trick to make it easy. get a roll of duct tape and tape the new cable to the old one, this means when you pull the old cable out the new one follows it so you don't have to mess about with it so much. next pop the bonnet open. look at the bulkhead. you should see the speedo cable come through it (held in place with a rubber ball). simply pull the cable hard and the ball will pop out. keep pulling until the new cable comes through. look at the gearbox (passenger side) and follow the old calbe down to there. you should see its held in with a rubber pin. pull the rubber pin out with some pliers. the old calbe will now come out entirely. bin the old cable, it has served it useful purpose and may now rest in peace! plug the new cable into where the old one was, may need a bit of twisting to get it to fit. replace the rubber pin. reassemble your dashboard! job's a goodun! remember to try to shield your new cable from the exhaust manifold as much as possible. the heat from it will kill your new cable fairly fast otherwise (its a pug design fault, the car was designed to be left hand drive so the left hand drive models dont have this problem!


Where is Peugeot headquarters?


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What are car stereo wiring color codes for a Peugeot?

PEUGEOT do not use colour codes in their diagrams. they mark their cables with individual codes normally a number or a number + a letter such as 1 or 1a. direct earth connections are marked M then a numeric code tacked on. direct earths are the only cables that are easily identified from their colour they are alway green with a yellow stripe.

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How do you reset the service indicator for a golf mk4?

If it's a MKIV Golf.

* Turn on ignition.
* Hold down Right trip button and continue to do so whilst turning off ignition.
* Still with Right trip button held down turn ignition back on.
* Release Right trip button.
* With ignition still on turn Left trip button to the Right and release.
* Turn off ignition.


How many reverse lights does a Peugot 307 have?

ONE so ive searched out!


Where is the radiator fan temperature switch on a peugeot 406 p reg 2.1 diesel?

I had similar problem locating. I found it on my 1996 LX DT 406. Follow the main water hose from the top of the radiator until it meets the engine. There are two sensors just upstraem of the maniold and one dowmstream on my model. I just disconnected each one until the fans kicked in. It was the RH one upstream of the manifold on mine - but it may be different on a 2.1.

Note that these sensors are not switches but thermistors that feedback actual temperature to the central computer.

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What is the spark plug gap on a Peugeot 206 1.1 2000?

This website should answer your question. It lists a lot of Peugeots and yours should be there. Go to . :)

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How to set the correct time on a 2000 Peugeot 106?

(Assumes LCD clock/odometer)

Switch ignition on. Do not start car Hold down the right hand stalk in the instrument cluster (the one that adjusts lighting level when lights are on). Clock hours will start flashing. Set hours by pressing button repeatedly Wait a few seconds, clock minutes will start flashing Set minutes the same way. Wait a few seconds. Clock will revert to normal operation.

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How do you fix loose door trim on a 106?


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How do you change a radiator in a Peugeot 306 TD?

306 1.9 td 1998 R reg.

Ok, so I did mine today and what a pig it was! After much scratching about I think this is the easiest way.

1 Drain system from bottom of rad, should be a drain off there.

2 Remove trim behind bonnet latch, should be one bolt and 4 plastic re-usable clips.

3 Remove air intake on rhs, bolt is 10mm and a little fiddly to get to but makes it much easier later on.

4 Remove expansion tank cap and then the tank itself, including bracket which is held on with 3 torx bolts.

5 Assuming the handbrake is already on, remove driverside front wheel.

6 Remove wheel arch liner, its in 2 bits and is held on with plastic clips which again can be re-used if removed carefully.

7 Remove screen wash bottle, unscrew neck from under bonnet first, then two 10mm nuts hold tank in place. Undo wire connection from motor and remove the clear piping to the washer jets, marking their positions as one is front and the other is rear!

8 Now you should be able to get to the bottom hose which is held on by two clips, very important as they keep hose from touching cam belt!! It travels from the back of the engine block to the bottom connection on the rad. Dont remove it from the rad yet.

9 In the engine bay remove the other hoses from the rad, should be easy enough with a set of pump pliers. I found it best to completely remove the top hose.

10 Now the rad should have just the bottom hose connected. It should be possible to remove the rad with it connected, but two pairs of hands make it much easier, one removing the rad and the other feeding the hose out of the wheel arch.

11 With the rad removed you should be able to remove the bottom hose relatively easily, but take care. You will find an O ring inside, which is likely to be damaged. I actually picked up two from Euro car Parts incase I damaged one.

12 Inside the bottom hose you will see it has a slit which lines up with a lug in the rad itself. It makes things much easier if you use some vaseline or baby oil around the O ring now as it needs firm pressure to locate it properly.

13 To be sure of it not leaking I now blanked off the other outlets and filled the rad with water. First time the O ring had not seated properly so it was worth checking!

14 Now, as usual to a Haynes manual refitting was the reverse of removal! The hardest bit is getting the hose back through the hole in the bulkhead, the rest is just a matter of reconnecting everything you removed.

15 The last thing I did was refill the system. I did not use a "header tank", I simply raised the filler tank above the enging block and filled it that way, running the engine as I filled. A quick run around the block to warm the engine up, all that was needed was a little extra top up and to ensure water was running without air a few squeezes of the top hose seemed to do the trick.

Like I said, this is what I found to be the best way of doing it, and yes my car does have aircon too. You may get away without removing the air intake but it really makes things so much easier.


What other alloy wheels fit Peugeot 106?

Almost all Peugeot passenger cars have the same bolt pattern and similar offset, so you can use fit your alloys on other models.

Also Citroen has the same bolt pattern and similar offsets.

Before you do something, it is always a good idea to check the wheel specs of the vehicle.

Tip:Bolt pattern has to match and offset has to be similar.

Peugeot 406

How can i change the headlight lens on a peugeot 407?

i have dropted the bulb into the headlight and i want to remove the lens to get it out any ideas thanks

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Peugeot 106 faulty fuel gauge?

i hove probliem in my 106 peugeot that the engen cant restart easy mean i have to wait till the engen get colder to start again wat do u thing the problem is? i have done service in 2 months time(i v changed tj ful filter......airefilter..pest....) i hove probliem in my 106 peugeot that the engen cant restart easy mean i have to wait till the engen get colder to start again wat do u thing the problem is? i have done service in 2 months time(i v changed tj ful filter......airefilter..pest....)

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How often should you service a 1996 Peugeot 106?

If its a diesel then it should be serviced every 8000 miles not too sure on petrol.

peugeot 106 1999 handbook says every 10,000 miles or yearly

just bought a petrol 106 1.1 independence (if that's how you spell it) and it spot on smooth hell and apparently according to the log book they had it seen to every 5000 but the guy i bought it off worked for a dealer and said that's not needed 10,000 he sed

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What is Diesel additive?

Diesel additive cleans the injectors, therefore the engine is cleaner, giving a better performance.

Peugeot 106
Peugeot 306

Is it easy to break into a Peugeot 107?

as with any car the weakest point is the windows so i would say yes but every car is easy to break in to

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Chevy Silverado
Peugeot 106

What is the headlight beam settings for a Peugeot 106 2000?

if you mean the switch that adjusts the headlights inside the vehicle - 0 is for 1/2 people in front seats - is for 3 people, 1 is for 5 people, 2 is for 5 people and max load, 3 is for driver and max load

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If you lost the key for a Peugeot 106 how can you remove the lock without having to break into the car in order to get a new key made?

check your insurance policy you might be covered for loss of keys if so let them deal with it

use the vin number situated on the dashboard take that to a peugeot dealership and the should make you a key up that day.easy


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