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Have the "Throttle Position Sensor" checked. I don't think this is a component that you can easily check yourself with a meter. I had an '87 Dakota V6 that stalled just as you described. Replacing the throttle position sensor solved the problem. If you know how to retrieve error codes*, a faulty throttle position sensor should show up as code 23. * cycle the ignition switch from On to Off, and then On again within 5 seconds. The "check engine" light will flash the codes. Eight flashes / pause / eight flashes = the start of the test. After the two eights any stored error codes are flashed. You're looking for a two / pause / three flash sequence. When all errors have been reported the light will flash "55" (five flashes / pause / five flashes) to signal the end of the test. The '87 model is the first year of the Dakota and also the only year to have a carburetor, therefore there is no throttle position sensor (TPS). Throttle position sensors are a component of fuel injection systems. I'd take a look for any loose or disconnected vacuum hoses first. I'd then check timing and the rest of your ignition system. Then check your carburetor idle setting to make sure it's not set too low. Unfortunately there are quite a few possible causes for your problem. Get yourself a FACTORY service manual not a Hayne's or Chilton (there is a huge difference). Go through the diagnostic flow charts to try and norrow down your problem. Good luck and don't get too frustrated!

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