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ive had the same problem i took the relay apart then put it back to get there and it worked fine or you might want to replace it if that dosent work. Had same problem. Turned out cover safety switch was bad. Switch is operated by first bolt forward of the pin on driver's side rear. Replaced and everything is now fine.

Had the same problem, there is also another safety switch that is located on your rear windshield wiper. If the wiper is not all of the way up in its home seated position then the rear window will not go down. If you move the windshield wiper up past the plastic holder and try to move the window down from the key hole in the gate it should work. you will just have to adjust the switch so that the wiper depresses the switch when it is home. Also your console switch might have a bunch of corrosion inside of it not allowing the contacts to touch. you can either replace the switch or clean it out.

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Q: 1988 4runner rear window wont work at consol or rear window motor works and clicking noise at relay behind drivers seat?
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