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see question above. Sounds like what mine was doing, replace the distributor cap & rotor. I'm not certain at all, but I've been doing some research. Does your PGM-FI indicator light up on your dash board after a few minutes of driving? If so, it would be related to the main relay. Apparently over time the main relays become un-soldered due to heat and stop responding properly.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-05 04:36:04
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Q: 1989 Honda prelude si fi is sputtering and chokes down and backfires new plugs and plug wires and fuel filter replaced fuel pump does hum when ignition is turned car runs fine for 15-20 mins help?
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What is the ignition timing on a 1999 Honda prelude?


My Honda Prelude start but wont stay running?

check ignition

Why would the fan and radio not work most of the time in a 1988 Honda Prelude?

I just went through that exact problem with my 88 prelude, it was the ignition cylinder.

How do you know which wire is positive and which is negative on the electronic ignition coil for a 90 Prelude?


What could cause a no spark condition in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

bad ignition coil, bad plugs. bad plug wires, bad ignition control module........

Speedometer of a 1991 prelude is it a cable or pulsing Does it use speed sensor and where are they?

I have a 1990 prelude that is in the dealership as I write this to have the speed sensor replaced. I have just been told that it is on the transmition. It is a sensor.

Why do the ABS and FWS lights come on when brakes have been replaced and sensors cleaned on a Honda prelude 1996?

Have the ABS computer checked. I have a 94 prelude and had the same thing happen. Have the ABS computer checked. I have a 94 prelude and had the same thing happen.

What does the main relay control on a 1989 Honda prelude?

The main relay is what sends power to the fuel pump and ignition.

Will a 98 prelude motor and transmission fit in a 92 prelude?

If you are replacing a H22 engine with a later H22 variant it can be done but requires other items to be replaced. Research research research, check the car forums.

How do you fix rear blinkers on 88 prelude AWS but the front blinkers work and already replaced fuses?

Make sure the bulbs are good.

How do you reset the brake lamp light on a 92 Prelude after you've replaced the bulb?

If it still doesn't burn, check the ground of the light assy.

What could cause your 1994 Honda Prelude to not get spark from the coil?

Either the coil is bad or the ignition control module is bad.I would think the coil is faulty.

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1994 Honda Prelude - Standard Transmission The beeper continues to beep when the key is removed from the ignition and the car doors are shut How can you resolve this problem?

lightly pound under the ignition on the steering column and it will click. the key receiver sticks on these models. i have the same problem

Where is the fuel relay on a 89 prelude?

It should be under the dash and takes 5 mins to swap out, matushita RZ-XXXX it is called the "main relay" which does both the fuel pump and ignition. Assuming this is fuel injected. Just replaced mine in my 86 Si and it fixed problems with the pump not coming on all the time when starting. $70 from the dealer.

Will an 87 prelude 2.0 fit in an 89 prelude 2.0 SI?

?timing marks for 2.0 prelude 89

My 1989 prelude SI FI will not start in the mornings until you keep trying?

A 1989 Prelude SI FI that will not start in the mornings until you keep trying could mean that your air filter needs to be replaced. A dirty air filter could result in starting problems.

98 Honda Prelude error code P1491?

Code P1491 Means: EGR Valve Lift Insufficient Detected EGR Valve needs to be replaced

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