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I'm having the very same problem with mine and have been told it's the catalytic converter that needs to be replaced. Apparently it becomes clogged and the oxygen can't flow through properly. I hope this will at least give you a lead of some sort. Another thing that was mentioned that I am looking into now is a 'map' sensor???? Good luck!!

2015-07-14 16:10:13
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Q: 1989 Plymouth Sundance When you Press the gas its jerking I replaced the fuel filter but still the same problem What else can it be?
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I have a 93 Plymouth Sundance what is the problem when antifreeze isn't circulating into your engine?

Probably a bad head gasket.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on 1992 Plymouth sundance?

Right behind the battery in the engin department... i had a similar problem

If your flasher stays on like a light but doesn't flash what do you need to do in your Plymouth sundance 1994?

The bulb is falty, replace it and it should cure your problem.

Why does the passenger side rear running light go off when the brakes are applied on a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?

There is a ground problem, either with the ground wire or in the socket.

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts afer a couple of cranks- spark plug wires replaced cankshaft sensor and fuel filter replaced?

could be the magnetic pick-up in your distributor, I replaced mine and it solved the problem.

What are possible reasons for screeching noise in 1997 Plymouth voyager sport rally minivan?

Assuming it is screeching in the area of the belt and pulleys, my problem was that the belt tensioner had seized and needed to be replaced. Noise problem was solved.

What would cause a serpantine belt to keep coming off the pulleys on a 92 3.3 liter Plymouth engine?

Had that same problem on my 93 the tensioner wore out. had to have it replaced.

What does it mean when your car is jerking below 60 mph?

There are a couple of reasons why you car is jerking when you are going below 60. It could be the result of a problem with your transmission, or your fuel pump could be going.

Your 2000 Lincoln continental keeps jerking?

Not sure if its the same design, but on my 1998 Continental the jerking was caused originally by a few of the individual coils going out. These are found on my vehicle right on the plug that attaches to the spark plug. That is, one sits right on top of each plug. Replacing these (about $65 each as I recall) was pretty simple. Of course, later on a similar jerking occurred which turned out to be the transmission. Ford replaced it. Hopefully, your problem stems only from the mini-ignition coils.

How do you fix a '96 Plymouth Voyager that stops sporadically while traveling cleaned battery terminals but car now will not start?

i had the same fault with my 1996 dodge Plymouth, 3.3 litre engine. i replaced the crankshaft sensor and viola problem was resolved.

If your car is jerking do you replace all the ignition coils?

You need to find out what is causing the jerking before replacing parts. A scan of the computer can reveal the problem and most auto parts store will do this for free.

What can cause mushy brakes on a Plymouth sundance?

If the pedal firms up after pumping a few times, its probably air in the lines. Bleed the brakes. If this does not solve the problem look for leaks and record your symptoms in detail to tell your mechanic and go see him soon!

1998 Plymouth Voyager clicking in the steering column?

Clicking inside the steering column on the 1998 Plymouth Voyager sounds like a steering pump problem. It could also be that the steering box needs to be replaced. This should be looked at by a reputable mechanic as soon as possible.

Replacing motor mounts on Mitsubishi lancer?

I just replaced my back engine mounts on my 2003 mitsh. lancer. It cost me $214 at a Mitsubishi dealership in Queens, NY. Unfortunately, I had to go to the dealership because no other auto store or shop had the parts. My engine & car was jumping/jerking whenever the car was in reverse or drive. Scary. After I got the back mounts on (because there's two - front and back). Now I have a stuttering/jerking problem but based on diagnostic test it's my coils that have to be replaced.. oh boy :)

How do you fix the pressure problem on a car when the car is jerking while shifting gears?

If it is a transmission problem, the best thing you can do is have the transmission rebuilt. That will fix the problem and prevent any further damage to the transmission.

Why is my 1999 gmc suburban jerking making a loud noise.?

If the 1999 Suburban noise is a sort of loud banging noise, the problem could be that the engine have jumped time. Jumping time would cause the noise and jerking in the engine.

When my car is stopped at the red light it sometimes feels like it's jerking as if it's struggling to stay on It's an automatic Anyone have any ideas on what it might be?

If your car behaves as if it's jerking, the problem could be a slippy transmission.

1999 dodge ram 1500 cutting out and jerking when accelerating?

I had the same problem,it endedup being the spark plug wires

How do you fix a 1999 Plymouth Voyager power window that will not go up or down. The motor seems to be working. What can I do to repair the problem?

The power window regulator is defective. It is a plastic tape that can be easily replaced.

There is not spark to my 1948 Plymouth flat head 6 am replaced plugs coil distributor points etc. what is my problem?

Check the hot wire coming from the distributor and coil to make sure it is not going to ground

Why do the back tires of a Plymouth neon lock up?

You have a brake problem.

Why do you have no spark on Cylinders 2 and 3 on a 1999 Plymouth voyager replaced PCM and same problem?

replaced ignition coil pack, PCM and spark plugs. No signal comes from the computer to fire plugs 2 and 3, but 1 and 4 are firing nicely. The van WILL NOT start, but -- at times -- it tries. Please help. There is possibility that I bought a faulty PCM with the same problem that I had from the original, but I dunno.

Radiator fan in a'92 Plymouth Sundance doesn't come on. Fan runs when connected to the battery and you changed the fan sensor What next?

Run the A/C all the time until you get it fixed. It will run anytime the A/C is on. It has to be a defective thermal switch, or defective wiring, for the fan if the fan itself is good. I had the same problem and it was a simple $11 relay switch that solved the problem

Cold start issues 1997 Plymouth neon. I replaced the fuel pump and wanted to know what could cause the cold start issues i am having. I have a new battery. Could the Fuel Accumulator be the problem?


What does jerking during acceleration means with your 1994 Cutlass Supreme?

Means that it probably needs a tune-up, take it in and let them put it on the engine machine to find the problem instead of throwing parts at the problem.