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Probably a bad head gasket.

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Q: I have a 93 Plymouth Sundance what is the problem when antifreeze isn't circulating into your engine?
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Where is the fuel pump relay located on 1992 Plymouth sundance?

Right behind the battery in the engin department... i had a similar problem

If your flasher stays on like a light but doesn't flash what do you need to do in your Plymouth sundance 1994?

The bulb is falty, replace it and it should cure your problem.

Why does the passenger side rear running light go off when the brakes are applied on a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?

There is a ground problem, either with the ground wire or in the socket.

What if a 97 Plymouth Breeze has black oil in antifreeze overflow but runs great?

Probably a head gasket problem or a cracked head. Sorry for the bad news.

Why does antifreeze leak onto the ground of my 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

I had this same problem with my 96 Voyager. It ended up being the timing cover which is expensive if you have a shop do it but to do it your self saves you about $400!

What is the problem with not using antifreeze on your car?

If it gets cold enough the coolant will freeze and crack the block if there is no antifreeze.

What can cause mushy brakes on a Plymouth sundance?

If the pedal firms up after pumping a few times, its probably air in the lines. Bleed the brakes. If this does not solve the problem look for leaks and record your symptoms in detail to tell your mechanic and go see him soon!

Why does antifreeze become brown solid?

You may have a head gasket problem or a cracked head, engine oil is mixing with the antifreeze.

What happens if you accidentally pour antifreeze where your engine oil goes?

you have a big problem

Radiator fan in a'92 Plymouth Sundance doesn't come on. Fan runs when connected to the battery and you changed the fan sensor What next?

Run the A/C all the time until you get it fixed. It will run anytime the A/C is on. It has to be a defective thermal switch, or defective wiring, for the fan if the fan itself is good. I had the same problem and it was a simple $11 relay switch that solved the problem

Why do the back tires of a Plymouth neon lock up?

You have a brake problem.

What would cause antifreeze to disappear in a Oldsmobile 1989 cutlass calias?

if it smells like antifreeze inside the cockpit then your problem is the heatercore, since you can't see it.

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