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k, boost the car, than disconnect the black/negative terminal, if the car still runs than its the battery, if it stalls/stops after a little while its the alternator, and if its neither of thoes things it could be a short in the electrical system.

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If a 1993 Ford Probe gets fire and fuel but just turns over and doesn't start what could be the problem?

It could be flooded It could be flooded

My 93 probe has the fuel cut out switch on and refuses to start. how do I fix it?

are you sure its fuel cut out? my probe would not start traced problem to electronics inside distributor had failed [common fault on probe]

What could be wrong with a 1993 acura integra gsr after replacing a the fuel pump and filter and the car still doesn't start what could be the problem?

no spark our timing belt snap our jumped timing

2000 alero wont start unless jumped what could be issue has new battery?

Test battery with a load tester. If battery passes you have a problem with connections or cables.

If Ford probe 93 wont start but the starter works good could be a mass air flow sensor the problem?

it could be anything from that basic discription....start with the big 3. Air, Fuel, Spark...this is the basic mechanics of gas engines and life blood. do some basic testing to see if you have those three and you will get a better idea where the problem is to start making your autozone parts guesses

The engine turn over but wont start what could be the problem?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

What is the problem of nissan elgrand it does not start while switch on is ok?

The problem with the Nissan Elgrand if it does not start when the switch is on could be a mechanical problem.

What might the problem be if a 2003 mountaineer makes a clicking sound and won't start however once jumped it starts right up?

the battery

96 f150 clicks once won't start starts when jumped at solenoid?

Answer 1 - Vehicle Will Start When "Jumped"There could be several causes, but based on "...clicks once won't start starts when jumped.." suggests that there is something wrong within the cables or terminal clamps or connectors [corrosion inside that can't be observed] between the battery and solenoid, OR possibly a defective solenoid.

Your 1997 mercury tracer ran hot and will now not start what could be the problem?

my 1997 mercury tracer ran hot and now will not start what could be the problem?

What could be wrong with a 2001 jetta that's getting fuel and spark but wont start?

Timing belt may have jumped.

I have a peugeot 306 cabriolet the car had no power to the it no key in ignition it just made a loud bang what could the problem be car will turn over but wont start?

Check to ensure it hasn't jumped time. Have a ASE certified mechanic check this...

Can i use a probe start lamp with a pulse start ballast?


Why my Hyundai won't start when ignition is on to start?

There are several reasons why a Hyundai will not start with the ignition is on. There could be a problem with the battery or starter. There may also be a problem with the wiring.

If my car won't start and the lights are not coming on but it can be jumped off what may be my problem?

The battery is dieing down and you should go and get a new battery or get your battery charged

If the timing has jumped will the car start?

no the car will not start timing has to be set again

What could be a good narrative hook for the outsiders book?

The start when Ponyboy gets jumped and it shows all the differences between the greasers and socs.

2001sebring convertible with 2.7 car will not start. What could the problem be?

Contact a mechanic, this problem could be originating from a variety of problems with the car.

95 ford probe the overdrive blue light on the dash will NOT go off or re-set open start?

What can be the problem with the overdrive light flashing on and off?

Why is sterility and infertility a problem?

It is only a problem if you are trying to start a family. If not it could possibly be considered a bonus.

Your probe does not start when it is raining new distributor new cap have no spark even if the car is in the garage does nots start after it stops raining dries than you can start the car?

my 97 ford probe GT does not start sorry for the mistakes

Why would a dodge ram 1500 not start with new fuel filter and pump and new coil with a good spark?

You could have clogged fuel injectors or the timimg chain could have jumped

Actions that start with the letter j?

Jumped jig jerked

Why wouldn't a 1989 Ford Probe start with a new battery?

The old battery was bad it could cause a power surge and plow the main fuse.

Why won't our 92 dodge shadow start it will if jumped?

your alternator need replaced most likely or it could be your starter If the car continues to run after you jump start it and just won't start when you shut it off, try a new battery.