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you can try adding "lucas engine oil additive: but pretty much all that is happing is the lifters are little noisy until the oil circulates thru engine and lifters, basically not much you can do about it

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:01:19
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Q: 1990 Mazda 323 noisy lifters for a minute after cold starting it in the mornings Oil was changed once since I had it. Oil change did not cure the problem What can I do?
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What is the problem with the no 1 lifters tapping in Chevy small blocks usually the result of?

Worn valve train starting with the camshaft lobes.

What if your 1998 5.0L Chevy pick up knocks when starting?

if it is a steady tick it may be your lifters,if it goes away it could be that your truck needs a tune up,if not chances are your lifters are not operating and you should get it fixed or your problem will get worse.

No oil not getting to lifters?

Insufficient oil or problem with pump.

Would the lifters be the cause of your knock in your 2 2 liter 1994 cavalier?

Lifters dont really knock, they chatter. You may have a bigger problem.

The lifters were replaced what can cause a 2001 Chevy Malibu to tick very loudly all the time?

Rods and Rocker arms were the problem with my Malibu after changing lifters

Why does my Nissan 300ZX have a loud squealling noise on startup in the mornings?

Did you get an answer to this questiosn about the loud squeal in the mornings? I have the same problem, and thought it was just a loose belt - but no.

Does mornings run affect any health or heart problem?

Does morning run affect any health or heart problem

Reoccurring starting problem on 98 Mercury mystique not getting fuel changed pump worked okay now problem reoccurred What is causing this problem?

I had the same problem with a 98 contour, It was the fuel pressure regulator.

Can the fuel filter cause your explorer not to start?

I don't know about the Explorer but I had an experience with a Ford Mustang. I changed about everything I could think of related to the non-starting problem. Then I discovered there was a filter in the gas tank. Changed it and the problem disappeared!

What is the problem if you have loud pinging or tapping noise when car is turned on?

Lack of oil lubrication to the valve lifters.

What would cause a ticking sound on a 1996 Honda Passport?

i have that problem. i was told it was the lifters, but it's a pricey job. that's the best i can do for you. i believe you have to remove the head gasket in order to get to them. -NEW ANSWER- I HAVE THAT PROBLEM ALSO... MY MECHANIC TOLD ME THAT THAT SOUND IS THE LIFTERS, BUT WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS DOING IS THE LIFTERS ARE TAPPING AGAINST THE DIPSTICK IN THE CRANKSHAFT. HE TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY, IT IS AN ANNOYING SOUND BUT IT'S NOT DOING ANY INTERNAL DAMAGE TO THE MOTOR... IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET RID OF THAT SOUND, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE TO OPEN THE HEAD, AND HAVE THE LIFTERS REPLACED. The Crankshaft is nowhere near the lifers. It's the rockers slapping against the lifters that you hear. Not much of a problem if you don't mind the noise, just keep an eye on your oil pressure.

Ticking sound Dodge ram?

Dodge Rams are known for their ticking due to "noisy lifters". This problem has been ID'd by some individuals as Dodge's use of cheap Chinese made lifters for their 5.7s. To get rid of this you would actually need to replace the lifters with after market lifters. Now if you're referring to a tapping+fluttering sound when you accelerate then you will most likely need to check on your valves.

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