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It probably needs a new motor.

2006-09-11 01:44:19
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What is the interior of Mexico like?

The interior of Mexico consists of a high, mostly rugged region.

What were the Spanish troops looking for in Mexico?

He was looking to secure the interior of Mexico for colonization

Were can i get a New Mexico drivers license study manual online that's printable?

Where can i find my drivers licence practice test for new mexico

Name four culture regions of mexico?

Four cultural regions of Mexico are Northern Mexico, Southern Mexico, the Yucatan, and the Central Interior.

Can a Mexican with a drivers license in Mexico drive in California?

Of course not...Mexicans r bad drivers

What are six important culture regions of Mexico?

Greater Mexico City, Central Interior, Oil Coast, Southern Mexico, Northern Mexico, and The Yucatan.

Can you leave US with a drivers license?

to Mexico by land

What is the population of Mexicos central interior?

The central interior of Mexico (also known as Centrosur) is composed by the states of Cuernavaca, Mexico and Federal District, where Mexico City is located. The total population of such region would be of some 25,246,764 people.

What are the four cultural regions in Mexico?

Greater Mexico City, Central Interior, Oil Coast and The Yucatan

Are New Mexico drivers licenses in compliance with the federal real id act?

No, New Mexico drivers licenses are not yet in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act.

What are six of Mexico's cultural regions?

Greater Mexico City, Central Interior, Oil Coast, Southern Mexico, Northern Mexico, and The Yucatan.

How far is the ocean from Monterrey Mexico?

Monterey, Mexico, is in the mountains in the interior of Mexico and not on the coast. The nearest ocean is the Atlantic (in the form of the Gulf of Mexico) about 180 miles to the East.

Do you need a passport to walk to Mexico from Texas?

It is advisable to have a passport but a citizen of Mexico or the USA can do this with a drivers license.

Interior of Mexico between the sierra madres?

sierra las noobs

Can you enter the US from Mexico with birth certificate and Drivers license?

Your birth certificate will not help you. You can enter the US from Mexico with an "enhanced" US drivers license, but only if you are traveling by sea or land, not by air.

Where can one find auto insurance for Mexico drivers?

Information on insurance for Mexico drivers would be found on any insurance company offering international car insurance, 'Esurance' company for instance.

What is the English translation for Ciudad de Mexico?

City of Mexico

What is Tu eres de Mexico in English?

It means, You are from Mexico.

What does Mi viaje a Mexico mean in English?

My trip to Mexico

How old do you have to be to get a drivers permit in New Mexico?

You have to be 15 years old

Can you drink alcohol in the USA with a Mexico Drivers License?

No. You need you passport.

What are the states included in the Interior West?

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.

What is the best English school in Mexico?

Berlitz Co. qualifies as such. It is one of the most respected English-learning schools in Mexico.

Do the interior and the coasts of Antarctica usually have about the same temperatures?

No. Antarctica is the size of USA and Mexico, combined. The coastal areas are generally warmer than the interior.

Fly direct from mvancouver to Mexico with only a drivers license?

No. You need a passport.