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your truck will not go anywhere if the transmission is in neutral, it shouldn't if you are on level ground, by putting the transfer case in neutral you are putting the transmission in neutral which is not a gear

2008-10-27 16:32:14
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Q: 1991 Dodge Dakota vehicle will only drive if transfer case is engaged in 2H 4H 4L If the transfer case is shifted into neutral the truck will not move Rear axle engages for sure?
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Is a 97 jimmy 4x4 elect or vacuum?

both, front engages by vacuum, transfer case is electronicaly shifted

1996 4Runner ATP light?

The A/T P (automatic transmission park) indicator on the dash normally illuminates when the vehicle may be in danger of drifting, due to the transfer case being shifted into neutral. This (drift) can happen even when the transmission is in park - since the transfer case effectively disconnects the upper drivetrain, when shifted out-of-gear. If the transfer case is properly shifted in H or L ranges (not neutral) and the indicator is illuminated, then there may be an adjustment needed in linkages or switch positions or even a malfunction in the circuit, such as a bad switch (i.e neutral safety, transfer indicator) or in the other associated electrical components. The Toyota A340F transmission manual contains troubleshooting procedures for determining such malfunctions, including the false indication of an A/T P lamp, (visible on the dash combination meter).

What could the problem be if a 95 Monte Carlo needs to be shifted into neutral before it will start?

Neutral safety switch defective or out of adjustment.

Engine doesn't idle back at a stop until transmission is shifted into neutral?

Check the egr valve.

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When we have this problem, we turn the ignition off and shift into neutral, restart the engine and it can then be shifted into drive or reverse.

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The Neutral Safety switch This is a part found on all cars with automatic transmissions. It prevents the starter from engaging if the transmission is in any gear other than 'Park' or 'Neutral'. It also turns on the back-up lights when the transmission is shifted into "reverse". It can get out of adjustment or fail.

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