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hi there i had this problem with my 1988 van, the window would work when the door was open but not with the door closed, i found that the main power wire in the rubber water proof seal, where the door opens. the power cable had gotton old and hardened i removed this wire inside the van to the switch in the door and replaced it with another wire of the same thickness after doing that it worked fine and i have had no problems since. it is possible that if it does not work with door open or closed then the window motor itself is siezed and needs to be replaced or refurbished hope this helps you nate

2007-02-13 13:42:16
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The method of repair for a 307's electric window depends on what the problem is. First check that electric power is reaching the circuitry, and the motor itself when the buttons are pressed. This will allow the repairer to know whether the motor should be replaced, or the circuitry needs troubleshooting.

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Sounds like you have a frozen caliper

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