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A sending unit ONLY tells you how much gas you have it will not prevent your car from running. Could be the coil pack??????????????? When does it happen, when cold, hot, at any given time when it feels like it????? Like I said, maybe the coil pack might be it when it gets hot. Check for spark when it happens by pulling the coil wire and laying it very close to the coil and have someone turn it over and see if you have a bright blue spark, if you have spark there try checking the spark at the plugs by taking an extra spark plug and laying it on the engine and see it has spark. If you have spark at the coil but a weak spark at the plug it could be a distributor problem. Heck it might be a fuel filter, some may laugh reading this part, but I have seen when a filter plugs up and after sitting the dirt backs up and it will run till the filter plugs up again. This happens from rusty fuel tanks.

i would check the a.i.c. or the throttle sensor, and it wouldn't hurt to replace the fuel filter and add some injector cleaner, oh and make sure a bail of hay is not in your air filter.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-10 08:46:06
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Q: 1993 Dodge Colt with 1.5 engine that dies at lights and sometimes will start back up and sometimes not Mechanic says fuel sending unit what else could it be?
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