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1993 ford tempo changed the solenoid it started now it does nothing replaced the battery but it acts as tho there is no battery in it any suggestions?


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make sure the small wire is hook to the post

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Check the 96 Caddys starter solenoid. Also check the wiring between the battery and the solenoid for any breaks or loose connections.

Seized engine? Loose or cooroded battery terminal Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch?

If your '99 Maxima will not start even after you have changed the starter, you might have a dead battery or a bad starter solenoid. You could also have an empty gas tank.

I know you've replaced the battery and starter and that is usually the problem when it clicks. Have you replaced the battery/starter cables? Still sounds like a bad connection. Although it is a bad connection the question is where? The circuit that is failing is the circuit that pulls in the starter solenoid. This would be the circuit that goes through the key switch from the battery and then on to the starter solenoid. The actual problem is probably a high resistance in the somewhat old key switch preventing the 'full' current from going through to the starter solenoid. Never fear though there is a 'clicky starter fix' (search words) that is available on several sites including ebay. How it functions is to provide a high current relay that is activated by the key switch circuit and transfers power directly from the battery to the starter solenoid to provide full current thereby fixing the problem since the relay does not need 'full' current to activate. This actually works pretty well and if you understand the wiring of the key switch circuit and wiring of relays, you can do this yourself for a minimal cost (for the relay)

Solenoid could be installed incorrectly. Could be electrical connection on the solenoid. Did you re-connect the battery? Could be a bad starter motor...or a stuck starter motor. Sometimes a light tap or two on the starter motor (not the solenoid) with a hammer will free it up.

usually this means that your solenoid needs to be changed

Check your alternator and your connections form the battery to the Starter. You may just have a bad connection If that does not work, your solenoid on your starter has gone bad, a new solenoid or starter may be needed. Check the start switch on the clutch pedal if so equiped.

Yes, All you have to do is visit a watch shop or Go to Myers, DJ ect to get it cleaned or replaced. Hope this helps you :)

You have something on that is pulling power from the battery. Can be any light on the car. Dome, curtsey, under hood, trunk, glove box, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

The problem lies in the starter solenoid/relay system and sounds like the relay is faulty or a wire is disconnected. Follow the positive cable (usually red) from the battery - the other end should be connected to the solenoid/starter.

You will need a second battery in series with the first battery to produce the 24 volts DC. To keep it charged the series connection will have to be manually changed to a parallel connection.

If the starter is "clicking" then check the battery to make sure that is has enough juice to turn the starter. If the battery is good. It could be your starter solenoid is bad. Most of these are built into the starter nowadays. You will have to have the starter changed. I am betting on the battery especially if it is older. Another culprit could be your alternator failing to charge your battery.

There are few things that can cause a car to not have any spark. The spark plugs may need to be replaced, the cables may need to be replaced, the battery could be drained or the starter may need to be changed.

changed battery in 2000 chrystler sebring and now will not idle

== == Having the battery disconnected will affect the on board computer, and you should also check the starter circuit, for a problem that MAY have drained the battery in th first place. You need a professional mechanic.

Starter solenoid hides in behind Master Fuse housing at the back of the Battery case. On my bike the fuse housing was changed somewhat after market so I am not sure how hard it will be to get to yours.

Assuming it started and ran before you changed the battery, and changing the battery actually is when the problem began, the starter relay wire has been left off and needs to be connected at the battery terminal. I would need more information to diagnose it further.

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