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one thing that you should really know about the firebirds are the fact that they have no grille so there really is no air flow to the engine. They are alreadym notorios for being too hot. What most of these cars rely on is what's called an air dam which is located under your car. This device is aerodynamically designed to re-direct air flow up into the engine to help cool it of. This might be what your problem is. At least that's what was going on with my friends 1988 firebird trans am GTA. Mine is a 1984 abd is equipped with a ram air which sucks it from the top. You should check it out.

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What size engine is in a 5.2 liter 1995 firebird?

There was no 5.2 liter engine in a 1995 Firebird

Will a 1996 firebird windshield fit a 1995 firebird?

Yes it should.

Can a 2000 firebird front bumper be put on a 1995 firebird?


Will a passenger door from a 1997 firebird fit on a 1995 firebird?


Will a 1995 Pontiac firebird 3.4L run without the egr valve?

can you clean a egr valve on a 1995 pontiac firebird with a 3.,4 litre motor

Were is the transmission for a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

its bolted to the motor

What are the size of the speakers in a 1995 firebird?

8in speackers

What type of refrigerant does your 1995 firebird use?


Where is the starter on 1995 firebird?

its under the car on the passenger side

How much horsepower in a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

275 with the V8

What is the speaker sizes in 1995 firebird?


Why is your 1995 Dodge Caravan overheating?

get a new radiator.

Where is the rear window defroster switch on 1995 firebird?

there isn't one

Will 1995 firebird t-tops fit 1997?


Is there any other car that you can use the seatbelts out of for your 1995 firebird?


Where is the IAT sensor in a 1995 V6 3.4lt firebird?

You can find the 1995 Pontiac Firebird 3.4 liter engine IAT sensor on the back of your engine. The IAT sensor will be a few inches above the transmission.

Can 18 inch rims fit a 1995 firebird with out modifications?

The 1995 Pontiac Firebird can be fitted with 18x8-inch wheels granted they are designed for this application. A tire size that will work on these wheels are 275/40/18.

How much mpg does a 19 96 firebird get?

My 1995 Firebird gets close to 25-35 MPG so yours should get something like that.

What type of engine is in a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula?

Chevy 350 LT1

How much horsepower does a 1995 Pontiac firebird with a 3.4l engine have?

160 hp

What is the hp in a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula?

300 horse if it's a V8.

Where is located the amplifier of 1995 firebird?

just behind right rear armrest

Where is the fuse box on a 1995 Pontiac firebird?

under the hood on the drivers side.

Gs300 1995 155k on clock is overheating?

Check thermostat first

Why is my 1995 225 HP mercury outboard overheating?

change your thermostat

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