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1996 Ford Ranger have a DPFE SENSOR?


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YES - lists a DPFE sensor for all available engines on a 1996 Ford Ranger


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P1401 is DPFE sensor circuit high, check out this tutorial to replace the sensor on your Ford

On the 4.0 L - OHV engine , the DPFE sensor is on the drivers side of the engine , mounted below the idle air control valve

According to - YES !

Ford is the only American car company that uses a DPFE sensor. GM dpfe sensor are built into the EGR.

Where is the DPFE sensor located in a 1999 Ford Exployer? I had my oil changed yesterday and was told that the hose connected to this sensor is off.

where is the DPFE sensor located on a 2002 ford crown victoria?

The DPFE sensor is on the drivers side of the engine , on the drivers side of the upper " plastic " intake manifold on your 1996 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter EFI , V6 engine . It is rectangular shaped , approximately 3 inches long with wings on the end for attaching , approximately 1 and 3/4 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick . It has 2 small diameter hoses running to it and an electrical connection

P1405 Ford - DPFE Sensor Circuit Upstream HoseProbably caused by Faulty DPFE sensor (EGR pressure sensor), or a plugged EGR tube

This engine has no turbine or turbo. Although the 1996 Ford Ranger does not have a turbine or turbo, it does have a turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor. It is located inside the automatic transmission.

P1401 - Differential Pressure Feedback EGR sensor ( DPFE ) circuit high voltage detected

P0401 means no flow at the dpfe sensor. Usually a bad sensor. or bad hoses from egr ports to dpfe.

I believe it is on the side of the throttle body

Where is the ford ranger 2004 revcounter sensor conected

AnswerThe DPFE sensor is located next to the EGR vacuum regulator. The DPFE sensor is a rectangular box shaped sensor, held on by 2 nuts. It has two exhaust lines going to the EGR tube. This sensor is on 1996 and later models. joedi (edit: changed 1997 to 1996) joker_102877

On the ( 4.0 liter EFI , V6 engine ) the DPFE is on the upper intake manifold on the drivers side of the engine

Yes, it does have EGR. The EGR Valve is located on the driver's side of the intake manifold. It also uses a DPFE sensor as well.

On my 1995 Ford Explorer with the 4.0 liter OHV engine the DPFE sensor ( differential / or delta pressure feedback Egr sensor ) is located on the upper intake manifold on the drivers side of the engine

Have 1996 ranger4wd front abs sensor frozen on spindle any suggestions

There are several possible causes of a Ford code 1405. Some of the causes could be DPFE sensor harness short, plugged EGR tube, and or a faulty DPFE.

where is the fusible link on a 1996 ford ranger xlt

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I had the DPFE sensor changed on my Ford Explorer . As far as I know it is used to control the amount the Exhaust Gas Recirculation ( EGR ) valve opens

The code P1400 reads "DPFE Sensor Voltage Low" (Ford, Mazda). Often it's caused by a bad DPFE sensor or clogged EGR passages. DPFE stands for (Differential Pressure Feedback EGRI) I would clean the EGR valve which cost nothing. If that does not cure the problem, you may need to replace the DPFE sensor, which does cost, and it may not fix the problem. If you want to be sure you replace the correct part, then visit your local Ford dealer. dpfe stands for delta pressure not differential.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but on a 1988 Ford Ranger there might be ( 1 ) oxygen sensor ( upstream sensor )

( # 17 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 1996 Ford Ranger

where is the shift solenoid on a 1996 ford ranger 4x4 with a 4.0 v6

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