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Try a different mechanic. Finding the leak should be easy if they have a sniffer. (leak sensing tool)

2006-07-19 19:05:46
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my oven will not turn on, even thought the pilot is on and lite. so please if you have an idea please send me an answer on this email,?

If the pilot is lit and it still won't turn on, then there is a big problem and you should contact a mechanic.

Hi i have a vauxhall vivaro van the problem i have with it is that the off side indicators turn on and off as they please can you help?

loose connection somewhere-->take to mechanic

1999 mustang the car starts and moves fine but when I get to a stop then step on the gass to the end the car jerks of a few times before it moves please what could be the problem?

The problem could be a mechanical problem it is important to take it to the mechanic to have it checked.

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Why doesn't my truck acclerate?

well being a mechanic and having this problem myself, my solution was PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN?! if this does not work please e-mail me and will give you a free MOTon your vehicle at my garage. glad to be of service!

Is it safe to drive if car is burning oil and how can I fix it I just got it and for the first few days it was fine now it is burning oil quickly please help?

no you could lock the engine have a mechanic check the problem

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Call your mechanic or dealer? NEXT question

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It is located in Indonesia. Please be more descriptive.

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How do you fix transmission starts out fine goes out within mile?

PLEASE get an answer from an ASE certified mechanic.

Please HELP - I have a automatic 4-cylinder. 1997 Mazda 626 LX. It is at a mechanic garage He's not able to reset the timing but the car seems to run well How to reset that timing?

If your mechanic can't reset the timing, then they're not much of a mechanic, try another mechanic and make sure they're a certified ASE mechanic.

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Why your car has a grinding noise when you turn left?

First, be aware that this could be a very dangerous situation. While it is impossible to diagnose the problem from such little information, there is a fair chance that you have a faulty wheel bearing. Please have a mechanic check your car right away.

How to Choose a Leather Cleaner That Is Suitable for Leather Jackets?

Leather Cleaner Can Help You Maintain the Sheen of the Leather JacketsThe leather jackets seen in this video feature a beautiful sheen that is easy to maintain with a leather cleaner that is especially designed to clean leather jacket exteriors. Here are some suggestions that can help you find a suitable leather cleaner that can be used to clean the leather jackets seen in this video.Look For a Multipurpose Leather Cleaner That Can Be Used On Many Leather Surfaces:Many of the leather jackets seen in this video feature many leather surfaces that vary in texture and color. An easy way to clean the surfaces of these jackets is to purchase a multipurpose leather cleaner that can be used to clean practically any leather surface. Using these leather cleaners is worthwhile because they feature leather conditioning agents that can be used to maintain a leather jacket's sheen without reducing the jacket's suppleness.Look For Liquid Leather Cleaners That Are Easy to Pour:It is a good idea to purchase liquid leather cleaners that are easy to pour because it can help you avoid leather cleaners that can be difficult to apply on many of the leather jackets seen in this video.Look For a Leather Cleaner That Is Heat Resistant:Many cleaning experts recommend using a leather cleaner that is heat resistant. This is understable because it can help you find leather cleaners that will not melt or streak while you are using them. This benefit can be valuable if you are cleaning the jackets seen in this video because it can help you avoid leather cleaning products that leave unwanted film on the jackets' surfaces.For More Ideas, Please Visit a Leather Clothing Retailer:Most leather clothing retailers in your area have experience helping customers find leather cleaners that can be used to clean the jackets seen in this video efficiently. As a result, please visit one of these retailers for more ideas and suggestions that can help you find a leather cleaner that can be used to clean a leather jacket efficiently.