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Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector? Spark plug wires? Coil pack? Dirty injector?

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97 gtp 134000 smokes only when idels for more than few min?

Probably valve stem seals.

How do you fix a high idle in a 95 cavalier when started idels at about 1000-1500 then when driven a block goes down to normal?

Could be a Throttle Position Sensor.

Why does your 89 Chevrolet idels in park but stalls when driven?

because it is not warmed up enough to stay running or you have the idle speed down too low and it not running at the right rpm to get the transmission up to speed

I have a 1990 Isuzu pick up. It idels but when i shift into 1st it will cut off when I let off the gas. What would cause this?

The engine has a serious ignition or injection problem needing repair

1997 ford probe dies when you give it gas and idels really ruff 2.0 motor?

I unplugged air censor under hood on top right side engine flat black box to see if that was the problem and it was

86 suzuki samurai idels fast after warm will not adjust lower how do I correct this sitiuation?

i hate to tell you this but the stock carbs are just junk. you are better off just to go after market. weber or sidedraft. It will fix all your problems. $300 fix.

1999 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 and after it gets hot for say 2 hours the engine will not accelarate It idels fine but wont rev up you have replace the fuel injectors plugs and there is 55 lbs of fuel?

check the catalytic converter.Sounds like it is possibly plugged.

On a 1997 grand prix gt 3800 engine it idels fine but if you put your foot on the gas pedal it dies replaced the MAF sensor but think it might be the fuel pressure regulator any ideas if not?

Change the fuel filter before you go any further.

Your 2004 lancer idels funny and if you take your foot off the gas it dies what is going on?

have you checked your spark plugs? Orrrr... vacuum leaks, computer connections, wiring, fault codes, CTS-coolant temp. sensor, valve timing, etc. Bring it to a garage.

You got in a front end crash with your 1998 Honda civic and now everytime you start the car and hit the gas all the lights flash and the rpm gauge and tach go crazy and it idels rough what could it be?

the lights playing up something with the engine take it to the mechanic

1990 laser rs rpms are to high went idels and drives 2000-4000 rpms as a result it has loss of power because it cant shift right recommended to changed iac motor and engine comp but it did not fix?

Sounds like mass air sensor is out. is it burnung exsess fuel? if so sensor is bad. Also check knock sensor on side of block. for some reason the threads losen and will back out on it's own. This will cause rough and high idle and bad shift points. Hope this helps.

After you drain your oil how much do you put in it?

drain your oil and replace your filter... after that you fill up the oil while constantly cheking the level on the dip stick... once it shows that it is full on the dip stick place the cover back, start car, wait till it idels out... then shut off... after that chek oil level, add if needed, and tahts it buddy!!!! (ima a certified tech)

Put a rebuilt long block in 2001 Dodge 318 engine new tune up not missing but idels rough and goes dead when you put it in reverse?

it could be many things but i know my dads truck was doing this and i adjusted the TV (throttle valve) cable that runs to the tranny and it started to smarten up then i checked the plug wires and such and it was number 1 and 4 wires were in the wrong places after he had the cap rotor plugs wires done at a shop so id recomend checking those things the tv cables are simple to adjust just google it and it should come up with something and check your timing is correct it might be dying because it cant keep up rpms when you drop it into gear

Are the mass air flow and the throttle position sensors hard to change.1989 Jeep Laredo on a cold start it idles fine but as it warms up the rpms will go to 2000rpm.let cool off its does same thing.?

if it idels high most likely it will be your air flow massenser and there not hard to install just when you install this make sure you desconect the battery for 30 min.this will reset your computer leave the battery disconected for about 30 min.this should take care of the problemAnswernot hard to replace if you know how to adjust them i would check the choke before the others

Your 1995 ford f-150 6 cly idels good but when you step on the gas it misses bad and no power but at low speed its good the gas milage is real bad and it sounds like its sucking air real bad?

"My" 1995 F-150 Idles. Maybe "your" F150 has a vacuum leak, causing it to idel instead. This condition would cause it to suck for sure. Try looking for a hose off someplace, and maybe a cracked or otherwise broken fitting. If you can get someone else to help, try locating the leak by sound while the other person operates the throttle.

Why would your 99 Ford Ranger 5 speed repetitivly rev up to 3000 rpms while you are idling at a stop light with your foot off the gas and then suddenly drop back down to normal?

Might have something to do with the timeing. I have a 1991 ranger that would drop down to 500 RMP from 1.5K when idleing before i lost my timeing.Answerreplace tps ford had a tsb about this sorry to complicate things, i have had my ranger for 4 years 3/12 of which have been speant trying to figure out something similar, it only happens in warm weather, usually at high altitudes it does not do it, it only gets worse. i have run into only a couple people on-line to have the same problem. i have change tps iac and just replaced mass air flow sensor, only have 20 miles with it on but hopefully that was the could be the air flow silinoid remove the silinoid and clog the hole with your finger and see if it idels down . its located by the tpsI had the same problem with my 2000 Ford Ranger revving to about 3000 rpm for no reason and then dropping back down to normal. The problem was the idle air control valve was bad. You can get a new one at any autoparts store for about $50 and that completely fixed the problem. In fact it actually runs better now and idles at a lower rpm.

1998 Ford Wind Star with check engine light on barely idels and frequently cuts off please help?

You really need to find out what the trouble code is that is stored for the check engine light to give you are starting point. Until you do that, you are going to be guessing at your problem. The only thing that you may be able to look for without scanning the system, that I can think of, is a vacuum leak. Look around the top part of the engine for a vacuum hose that may swollen and fallen off, or may be split or broken. That commonly happens with W/stars. Another thing that commonly happens is idle air control valves stick, but I wouldn't replace it without having proper diagnostics run. Be sure to read through the "Related Questions" below.

Was Woodrow Wilson a democrat?

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03 blaster it won't Idel unless you unplug the thing above the carb the throttle cable goes into a 2wire plug then it idels way too high any answers would be great thanks?

That little unit above the carb that the throttle cable goes thru is in place as a kill switch if the carb gets stuck wide open. By bypassing that unit (I believe is is called T.O.R.S. unit) your motor wont shut off, but you are also stuck wide open. Either the needle in your carborator could be bent, or most likely it has something to do with your Throttle cable. The cable and rust on the inside over time and can cause the cable to get stuck or the cable may be frayed. (As mine was) With the bike off, Take the air filter hose off of the carborator, but leave the carb attached to the motor. Hit the throttle a couple times and see if the needle inside the carb gets stuck up. If it does it is probably your cable, if you can't find any fraying, you may be able to get some WD40 or some other lubricant to soak down inside the cable housing to free up the cable. I just got a new throttle and the kit bypassed the TORS unit on my bike, and now I am hving problems with an exptremely touchy trottle, so if you end up getting new cables, make sure they work with the TORS unit, hoped this helped. And good riding!

Help your 1992 Mazda MPV idels great but starts missing upon exeleration?

I would start by checking for a cracked or worn distributor cap. Check the spark plug wires and the plugs themselves. What it sounds like right off the bat is that it's missing which leads me to believe it's a spark related issue. I would generally start by doing a visual inspection of the distributor system, pull the cap, look for obvious cracks or wear on the contact point for the Rotor. I would then check all the spark plugs for oil or water on them. Generally though if it's the spark plugs themselves the issue would clear up after driving a few miles unless the build up on the plug was excessive. If all that checks out then I would check to ensure spark is getting from the distributor to the ends of the plug wires. You can do this by pulling the wire off of the spark plug and holding it close to a grounded bolt on the vehicle. Be careful though if it arcs it will sting. The other thing it could be is that your timing is off. Now generally the timing is computer controlled unless you have recently replaced or adjusted the timing. The timing is adjusted by loosing the two nuts on the distributor and rotating it. But I would not do that unless you have a Timing Light and know what you're doing. Timing can be difficult to set. All the pertinent information should be on a sticker under the hood of the car. It should say what the spark plug gap and timing should be set at. Michael

Your 1989 tbird sc idels at 3000 RPM and make a awful noise when shut down sounds like a jet landing?

Hi there, Your problem is most likely your IAC, (Idle Air Control.) It's mounted directly to the throttle body with a wire conector plugged into it, and attaches with two fasteners. I have a 1993 3.8 T-bird LX, they both use the same part for idle control. When mine went bad, the car would start fine and immedatley go up to 2000 RPM and hold there, and then the noise started, very disturbing. Your description of a jet eninge is pretty close, and it will make that sound as the engine turns off. The IAC has a bellows in it that pulls or pushes the valve onto or off of the valve seat to control the flow of by pass air at idle. This is how your cars computer maintains your idle. When the throttle blade is closed at idle, this valve can pull in some air to raise it, or restrict air to lower the idle. What has happend is the bellows has worn out and has a hole it, so the air rushes in and cannot be controlled to maintain the correct idle. The sound is the air cavitating the bellows, and is then amplified by the air intake tube that connects from the air box to the throttle body. Just replace the IAC, and everything will return to normal. Look on the net for Ford replacement parts and shop the price around until you find what you want. Hope you have success in fixing this one yourself and saving on the cost of having it installed at a dealer, ouch. NOTE: To remove, Unplug the wire connector,loosen the two fasteners atop the IAC, should be 8mm or 10mm, I'm going off memory here. Pull the IAC off the throttle body by lifting up. Clean the gasket surface if the old gasket sticks on there. Put new gasket, (included with part purchase), under the new IAC. Re-install the two fasteners and hand tighten. Plug in the wire connector, and your done. Now start your car and listen to the sweet sound of a super coupe at the correct idle. Good job, you saved yourself a bundle on that repair, and your car is fixed.