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A lot. You really don't want to do that.

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Do ticks have teeth?

Some species of ticks have teeth. The hard ticks from the family Ixodidae have rows of teeth that point backwards. They use them to grip on to the host when they're feeding.

What is the name of a musical clock for counting notes?

A metronome ticks out the timing for music practice.

What causes Motor Ticks in a human?

Motor Ticks in a human are mainly caused by a damage in the brain. This could've been from a recent or not so recent accident, involving the head, such as, you fell down, and hit your head.

Are there ticks in Kodiak Alaska?

Ticks are not native to Alaska. If you have ticks, you brought them with you.

Can Clorox kill ticks?

Bleach itself is a substance known to be harmful. It may kill ticks, but it can damage skin severely. So using a bleach product such as 'Clorox' may do more harm than good. So it is not recommended.

What is a group of ticks called?


What use do ticks have?

ticks have no use

What do deer ticks do?

they go on ticks

Are ticks carnivores?

Are ticks carnivores?

Do ticks jump?

No ticks can only crawl

Parasitism in elephants and ticks?

elephants and ticks

Can ticks fly or walk?

ticks fly

Do dogs get ticks?

Yes, dogs do get ticks.

Do cow get ticks?

I don't see why not. If a cow is grazing or living in a grassy area where ticks may be, I don't see why they CAN'T get ticks. All animals get ticks.

Can bug repellent kill ticks?

no it repels ticks. it does not kill ticks just like it does not kill mosquitoes.

Ticks on people?

Yes, ticks will feed on people.

Are ticks segmented worms?

No, ticks are not segmented worms.

Kill ticks by flushing?

No - ticks are killed by alcohol .

What is the host of ticks?

Usually, ticks go after blood.

What is the name of all 8 ticks?

If you are referring to ticks the ectoparasites, there are 800-900 species of ticks know on this planet.

How do you treat German shepherd if they have ticks?

Gently pull the ticks off the dog with gloves on. If you are concerned the ticks passed a disease to the dog, save the ticks and show the vet to test them

What damage does an ectoparasite do to its host?

Ectoparasites are such creatures as lice, ticks, mites and other parasites that stay on the outside of the dog. Primarily these parasites damage the skin and ear canals, causing inflammation and predisposing to secondary bacterial infections.

Why aren't centipedes and ticks insects?

Ticks are Antropods.Centipedes are Chilopods.

Do ticks lay eggs from their mouths?

are ticks dangerous then spiders

Can snakes carry ticks?

Yes, snakes can carry ticks.

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