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I have a 98 ex that did the same thing, and it was a broken cover on the strut. It broke off around the top of the mount and the tube was just rattling free around the strut inside the spring. This was on the front driver side. The rear pax side strut is also leaking, so I will be replacing that one as well. Not looking forward to pulling the springs again. (when we puchased this vehicle, it had springs that were all lowered 1.5 inches, probably leading to the strut failure. I replaced all the springs and should have done struts at the same time. Had we only known we would not have purchased an altered vehicle. Buyer beware!!) Good luck. I had the same problem, and it turned out it was a sway bar link. I really noticed it over bumpy roads. There is also a recall on some years - check with dealer for applicability to your vehicle. The recall states a rattling noise when going over bumps is caused by the upper mounting bolts on the front struts.

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Q: 1998 Honda CRV Lx noticed a rattling sound under the front driver's side Could this be the struts It only rattles when you go over a bump in the road?
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