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1998 eclipse crankshaft positioning sensor location?


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August 26, 2008 11:25PM

i am going through this problem with my eclipse.i have a 98 eclipse gst turbo and the dreaded crankwalk happened. well i ordered what i thought was the correct motor that would fit in . a 99 gst motor. well it is suppose to be a 99 gst motor. on the 98 motor the censor is located right behind the harmonic balancer. it has 2 bolts going into the motor and 3 wires. the wires come out on the back side of the motor close to the firewall. now i cant find out what year my motor i just bought is because everyone and there momma is telling me the censor is in the exact place as a 98. well people i got screwed it sounds like. DO NOT CALL DISCOUNT AUTO SALAVAGE IN AUBURNDALE FL. THE NUMBER IS IF U WOULD LIKE TO CALL THEM AND MESS WITH THERE HEADS IS 8639650083 AND PLEASE SPEAK TO CRAIG. THANK YOU