1999 Saab 93 spark plug wire?

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It doesn't have them, the red part on top of the spark plugs is called Direct Ignition. It replaces coil and cables in the ignition system!


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Q: 1999 Saab 93 spark plug wire?
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What is a plug boot for a Chevy Tracker 1999?

That is the rubber boot that is on the end of the spark plug wire that goes onto the spark plug.

Change spark plug wire 1999 mercedes-benz C230 Kompressor?

Changing the spark plug wires in your 1999 Mercedes-Benz is quite simple. The spark plug wires simply lift off. The new spark plug wires can be pushed onto the spark plug. It is best to change one wire at a time.

Spark plugs located on a 1999 s10?

Between the cylinder head the spark plug wire.

What does it mean if your car jumps after getting a tuneup?

Spark plug wire not connected to spark plug? Spark plug wire connected to Wrong spark plug? Vacuum line disconnected? Bad spark plug or wire?

What would cause one spark plug wire to arc to the engine at the spark plug boot?

bad spark plug wire.

How do you remove a spark plug when the wire came out the spark plug?

If you mean that the wire came out of the boot, then pull the boot off of the spark plug and use a spark plug socket to remove the spark plug.

What is the most common cause for a po300 on a 1999 3.8 camaro?

Could be a bad spark plug, a bad spark plug wire or a bad fuel injector.

What is a spark plug boot?

The rubber end on the spark plug wire.

How do you replace spark plugs on 1999 Town and country?

Mark and remove plug wires. Remove spark plugs and install new plugs. Reattach plug wire to correct plug.

Can a vehicle start with a broken spark plug wire?

no it can not start with a broken spark plug wire unless you fix it

How do you change wire?

Spark Plug Wires? Remove them 1 at a time from the spark plug to the distributor or the ION pack, remove and replace the spark plug, add the new spark plug wire from the newly added spark plug to the distributor or ION pack.

Where are the 1cyl spark plug wire and 4cyl spark plug wire located on the coil of 1999 sable 3.0 dohc engine with dis?

I would like a diagram showing the firing order on the dis coil of a 1999 Chevy suburban with a v8 with dohc engine

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