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I believe the starter solenoid is on the same circuit. A failed starter is most likely the problem.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-03 23:22:39
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Q: 1999 dodge stratus keeps blowing fuel pump fuse replaced fuel pump no luck?
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Your 1999 dodge stratus keeps blowing the ignition fuse?

If it blows when trying to crank, the starter has failed.

Why does a 1995 Dodge Stratus ES cigarette lighter keep blowing the fuse when it has been replaced twice?

I assume you mean the fuse keeps blowing? It's certainly possible for the lighter element itself to go bad as well as the socket you plug it into. Also, there are often other circuits that use the same fuse.

Your 2001 2.7 dodge stratus keeps blowing starter fuses?

You have a ground wire that isn't grounded causing a shortage therefore blowing the fuse....I would start with the ground wire that is connected directly to the starter itself

Dodge stratus won't crank and it keeps blowing the pcm fuse also when trying to crank?

could the pcm fuse be blowing because of a short in the air conditioning switch I have seen the starter be the cause of a blown pcm fuse.

Your 1998 Dodge Stratus will not start but power is working?

there is a fuse under the hood for "fuel ingtion system" # 20 amp change that im searching why my car keeps blowing the same fuse

Fuse keeps blowing when replaced?

There is an overcurrent situation in the circuit, could be a wire shorted to ground.

Wiring Diagram for a 1996 Dodge avenger?

i have a 96 dodge avenger 2.5 and it keeps blowing my ignition switch. any idea why?

When replaced the bulb keeps blowing out on left turn back signal is the fuse bad?

Check or replace the socket

Why tail light keeps blowing fuses on Dodge neon 1997?

Faulty tail lights - causing a short.

Why a 1995 dodge neon fuel pump fuse keeps blowing?

Failed pump, or wiring shorted to ground.

2005 Dodge caravan keeps blowing fuses?

dont run it so hard dont run it so hard

Fuse keeps blowing for ignition need wiring schmatic for ignition and starter for 1997 dodge stratus 24 engine or for an answer as to why you have this problem?

You will need to replace your starter, this happened with my car a couple days ago, I brought it into the shop, got the starter replaced and the fuse does not blow anymore. It happens because the starter draws to many Amps of electricity due to age, amount of use etc.

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